ECTS 2001: New media: Batman: Vengeance

Check out new screenshots from the PS2 version of Batman: Vengeance.

Ubi Soft has been showing the latest version of Batman: Vengeance at ECTS 2001 in London. The new screenshots demonstrate that the game is nearing completion. Batman: Vengeance is based on the animated series The New Batman Adventures from Warner Bros and DC Comics, and it will feature many of Batman's popular villains such as Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and naturally, the Joker. The version we played recently was already very stable and seemed feature-complete, with all the weapons, puzzles, and enemies already included. In this 3D action-adventure, it's the player's task to foil the Joker's evil plans. The game starts out with players finding a tied-up woman lying next to a bomb. After saving her, players find a note stating that her son is being threatened. Batman then sets off with his allies to uncover the truth about the kidnapping and get rid of Gotham City's villains once and for all.

Batman: Vengeance is due out in October, courtesy of Ubi Soft. We'll have more information when it becomes available.

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