ECTS 2001: First look: Mech Platoon

We have the first screenshots from one of the first real-time strategy games for the GBA.

Kemco has released new screenshots from and info on Mech Platoon for the Game Boy Advance. Mech Platoon is one of the first real-time strategy games for the platform, and it takes place in the distant future. The player's mission is to land on a planet, build a base there, and develop it into a military powerhouse. Highly developed nations are fighting against each other in order to control valuable natural resources on five different planets. The battles are fought with machine soldiers called mechs. Kemco has high hopes for one particular feature called "recycling." After battles, the mech platoon commanders collect the wreckage in order to recycle it and use it to build their own secret weapons. At the same time, players have to mine for resources, protect convoys, raid the enemy, and proof themselves to be the ultimate leader in mech warfare.

Mech Platoon is scheduled for a worldwide release in November 2001 on the Game Boy Advance.

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