Earth 2150: Lost Souls revealed

Strategy First announces that it will publish the third installment in the Earth 2150 real-time strategy series. First screens inside.

Strategy First has announced many games this week, not the least of which is Earth 2150: Lost Souls. The game will use the same Reality Pump-developed game engine that has powered Earth 2150 ; its sequel, Earth 2150 ; Earth 2150 ; and the upcoming Earth 2150 .

Earth 2150: Lost Souls provides another perspective on the cataclysm that, in the series' fiction, wracks the Earth in the year 2150. The Moon Project detailed how the Lunar Corporation helped much of the planet's population escape to Mars, but many were left behind. Lost Souls takes place as those who remained on Earth fight stubbornly to gather together enough resources to escape the pending disaster.

Earth 2150: Lost Souls is scheduled for this September. We'll have more on the game in the near future.

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Earth 2150: Lost Souls

Earth 2150: Lost Souls