EA to release unlicensed wrestling game

Electronic Arts is in jeopardy of losing its WCW license, but it will release an unlicensed wrestling game this fall.


During a recent analysts and investors breakfast, Electronic Arts executives confirmed that the company will release its Sony PlayStation 2 wrestling game this year. However, the game will ship without the official WCW license and will not include the wrestlers from that organization.

"You won't see a WCW-licensed wrestling product, but you will see a wrestling product from us," Larry Probst, chairman and CEO of Electronic Arts, told investors. "It is being developed by a studio in Japan, which is responsible for most of the best-selling wrestling games from THQ. It will be a nonlicensed product, but we think it will be fun and great."

WCW was recently bought out by its primary competitor, the WWF. Electronic Arts is currently taking a "wait and see" approach in regard to the WCW license, as specific details regarding the buyout deal have not been solidified. Electronic Arts spokespersons were not available for further comment.



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