EA Releases its PS2 F1 Racer

F1 Championship Season 2000 arrives on Sony's next-generation platform.

EA Sports has shipped F1 Champoinship Season 2000 for the Sony PlayStation 2. Among its features is a four-player split-screen mode for use with the PlayStation 2 Multitap adapter and the ability to race with up to 22 players in a turn-based time-trial mode that includes every driver from the 2000 season.

"We have created the most detailed and visually stunning Formula 1 game to date," said John Rostron, executive producer for F1 Championship Season. "Every track has been accurately re-created, including individually modeled tire walls and sponsor holdings reflecting each race of the 2000 season. Each car has been designed by an ex-Formula 1 designer and is accurate down to the smallest detail. The damage model enables spectacular crashes - you can even see the carbon fiber where the paint has been rubbed away or exposed during a collision."

The game, which retails for US$49.95, also features on-board camera images and prerace introductions by real-life TV presenters such as ITV's Jim Rosenthal, Jean-Louis Moncet, Kai Ebel, and Ivan Cappelli.

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