EA Assaults the PlayStation

Electronic Arts has shipped its PlayStation wrestling game, WCW Backstage Assault.

Electronic Arts has announced the release of WCW Backstage Assault for the Sony PlayStation. All of the free-for-all action in Backstage Assault takes place in interactive out-of-the-ring environments. Players can bounce off rubber tires as if they were ropes in the parking garage level or perform aerial moves by jumping off the top of lockers in the bathroom area. Players can choose from 62 different WCW wrestlers to battle through seven different environments and a total of 16 rooms. Modes of play include exhibition, hard-core gauntlet, and the hard-core challenge.

The PlayStation and Nintendo 64 versions of WCW Backstage Assault were developed by Kodiak Interactive. The Nintendo 64 version will be released on December 12.

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WCW Backstage Assault

WCW Backstage Assault



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