E3 2014: Madden NFL 15 Will Have a New Emphasis on Defense

We get our first look at EA's next entry in their long-running football series.

“Defense is nearly half the game.” What a way to start the presentation for the next edition of Madden NFL Football. It's easy to joke about that mindset, but defense has been a sore spot in virtual football since its inception. There's a new emphasis on defensive controls and camera angles this time around so maybe, just maybe, we'll no longer run to the kitchen for a snack when its our turn to play defense. We'll see. Details are sketchy, but at leas they're saying the right thing now. Oh, and as is always the case in Madden, they've tinkered with the presentation to appear even more like the real thing. We'll see how things pan out in August.

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The one thing I want from Madden won't ever happen. I want to see David Boston type bust eating themselves out of the league, problem players who can't get through their off field issues and players that are multi sport stars that have to choose a sport after the draft. Imagine that a football player chooses basketball and automatically shows up in the nba live draft if you have both games that could be cool. Or you could have a two sport star across both games but can't play every game due to schedules.