E3 2014: Evolve Has a New Monster and Exclusive DLC

Turtle Rock Studios has debuted a tentacle monster in their upcoming shooter Evolve.


It's our worst nightmare come to life. Kraken, those mythical monsters of the sea, have grown tired of patrolling the loneliness of the ocean, so have taken their terrorizing tactics to the land. Maybe? It's unclear how the creature Turtle Rock debuted in its upcoming cooperative adventure Evolve came to be, but one thing is clear: I whooped when I saw its tentacle arms swaying like freak sausages and could only image how incredible it would be to control such a beast.

Evolve comes from the creators of Lead 4 Dead, so it's from people who understand how to make engaging cooperative content. But we've seen the different classes—medic, trapper, assault, and support—even though we haven't seen all their different variants. But a new monster, and one that could have been pulled from Davy Jones's Locker, well, that's enough to make me even more excited for the October date.

Oh, one last juicy tidbit. There's a beta coming for Evolve at some point in the future that only Xbox One owners will be able to experience. And when the first downloadable content drops post-release, it arrives first on the Xbox One. That's a pretty major coup considering how amazing this game looks.

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I know what the Internet is thinking when someone mentions tentacle monsters, but I'm personally just happy to see something else than that Goliath monster, which while awesome-looking is quite stereotypical as monsters go.