E3 2014: All The Biggest News You Need To Know

All the big stuff in one place.

Staying up-to-date with everything that happened at E3 is no easy task. To help you get a handle on everything that was announced, we rounded up the highlights and listed them below.

We'll be updating and expanding this list throughout the weekend.

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My list, not in order, Mostly PS4.

1. Witcher 3

2. Metal Gear Solid 5


4.The division

5.Arkham Knight

6.Final Fantasy XV

7.Samurai Warriors 4

8.Uncharted 4

9.Mad Max

10.Lords of the fallen

11.Mortal Kombat X

12.Rainbox Six Siege

13.Diablo 3 Ultimate Edition

14.AC Unity

15.Far Cry 4

16. Nobunga's Ambition's (if Tecmo KOEI localized it)

17.Kingdom Hearts 3

18.No Man's sky.

19. Bloodborne 


21. Xenoblade Cronicles X ( need to get a wii u)

22. Cyberpunk 2077

23. Little Big Planet 3

24. Grim Fandango 

25. Homefront: revolution 

26.Hotline Miami 2

27.Sleeping Dogs Triad Wars

28.Kingdom Under Fire 2

29.Dying Light

30.Kingdom Come: Deliverance 

I fear for my wallet...


My top 7 - PS4 only:

1. Little Big Planet 3

2. Far Cry 4

3. Destiny

4. Alien: Isolation

5. COD: AW

6. No Man's Sky

7. Skylanders


My List From 1st to Last

1 Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeros (PS4)

2 Zelda (WiiU)

3 Day Z Beta (Alpha is a blast but still too buggy)

4 Destiney (PS4)

5 Uncharted 4 (PS4)

6 Batman (PS4)

7 Mortal Kombat X (PS4)

8 Blood Borne (PS4)

9 Halo 5 (XB1)

10 Star Wars Battlefront (PC or PS4)

11 PlayStationTV

12 H1Z1


IS metal gear solid 5 coming to pc?????Come on Kojima say something!!!!!!!!!!!


for me:-
ac unity
halo 5 and master chief collection
witcher 3
gta 5 for pc/next gen
uncharted 4
far cry 4
arkham knight
mgs 5

this e3 was the greatest e3 ever held


I just want a new bloody roar and a new tenchu... come on from software leave the souls alone for a little while.


I was hoping that maybe MS would have a press conference that would finally convince me to grab an X1. They didn't deliver. Sadly, the Xbox brand is still heavily Shooter centric. 


All in all, no matter what platform you have you're gonna have a great 2014 and much to look forward to next year.


HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age (of course no link to it here :P) is the only promising PC game that I didn't know about before E3. There are lots of great upcoming games that were shown on E3 and before it, but they're mostly due in 2015, so I feel less than excited about the news of this years E3.


All I really needed to know was: 

Which console is offering the most games I want to play. Xbox One won that for me.

When are the games coming out? 

And so when will there be a new gen only game making me buy a new gen console?

I've got everything I need. Probably buy one around November when The Crew and Sunset Overdrive are out. I might also buy the next COD since I've not bought one for several years. That will be more than enough to get me through to Witcher 3 in February. 2015 is going to be a great year. 

I just hope I have some time to play games!


@dfuknb Interesting ... I think you may actually be confusing Ground Zeros with Phantom Pain though


@dfuknb You seem to be into shooters, word of advice, look a little deeper into Splatoon for Wii-U. The trailer, by all accounts, horribly understated its stellar gameplay.


@dawnraxzor I share those same sentiments, I miss those two series, would really love to see an open world Tenchu, especially since Ubisoft keeps shying away from the east in AC.


So Forza Horizon 2, Ori, Phantom Dust, Happy Wars, Fable Legends, Project Spark, Just Dance, Inside, and Scalebound are all shooters?


@Dannystaples14 Have to say, was leaning towards getting a PS4 and PC as a 'third party box' to supplement my Wii-U. - Then I found out my friend sorta half works for Insomniac Games and that Sunset Overdrive looks amazing.


@allcreationx @dfuknb You are actually correct lol. Phantom Pain name still hasn't stuck in my head lol. What are you guys waiting on?


@Twilord @dfuknb I saw it and loved the mechanics they are throwing into the gameplay but I cant even imagine playing Online with my WiiU when I buy it lol. I mean I miss the good ol days when 4 ppl sat on a couch playing goldenEye, Smash Bros, and Mario Kart but I cant seem to see it on the WiiU


@rasterror you make it sound like I have interest in any of the other games. And "Just Dance"? Really? 

The only game that caught my interest was the Platinum Games exclusive but we haven't seen any actual in-game footage so I'll reserve judgement until we know more.