E3 2011: PlayStation Vita: Inside and Out

Get all the details behind Vita, Sony's upcoming handheld console.

At E3 2011, Sony's Next Generation Portable (NGP) finally got a name: Vita. Sony revealed a number of other important details. However, the handheld still has no official release date outside of a holiday 2011 release window. A Wi-Fi-only version will cost $249, and a Wi-Fi/3G model will retail for $299. US-based 3G service will be provided by AT&T, but Sony didn't reveal any pricing for the data plans or whether they would be contractual or monthly. European pricing for the console will be €249(Wi-Fi) and €299 (Wi-Fi/3G), while Japanese pricing will be ¥24,980 (Wi-Fi) and ¥29,980 (Wi-Fi/3G).

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