E3 2011: ModNation Racers zipping to Vita

Sony announces development of kart racing game for Sony's new portable; 2 million PlayStation 3 version user-created tracks available at launch; release date TBA.


LOS ANGELES--Just over a year ago, Sony released ModNation Racers for the PSP, a portable version of the PlayStation 3 kart racing game of the same name. Now, Sony has announced a ModNation Racers game for the company's newest portable, the Vita.

ModNation Racers extends to the Vita.

Revealed during Sony's E3 2011 media briefing today, ModNation Racers for the Vita will feel familiar to those who have played the PS3 and PSP iterations of the game, as it is again a creativity-themed kart racer.

In ModNation Racers for the Vita, gamers will be able to create custom tracks using the Vita's touch screen. More specifically, gamers can draw their custom pieces on the touch screen. Further, tapping and dragging lets gamers create roads, as well as banks and turns. Lastly, gamers can push on the Vita's screen to create a body of water or pile up hills.

Unfortunately, the game's release date was not announced. However, Sony has confirmed that when ModNation Racers does launch, gamers will have access to the 2-million-plus user-created levels created in the PlayStation 3 iteration of the game.

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