E3 2002: Tennis Masters Series 2002 preshow report

The upcoming sequel to Microids' tennis simulation is coming this fall to the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Screenshots inside.

Microids will be showing off three versions of Tennis Masters Series 2002, its upcoming tennis simulation sequel, at the 2002 Electronic Entertainment Expo. The game is the follow-up to Tennis Masters Series, which was released for the PC in November. The new game is in development for the PC, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2, and Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and it will include a number of new features.

Tennis Masters Series 2002 will feature a new career mode that lets you begin as a young tennis prospect who gains experience and skill with each tournament played, eventually reaching the top of the ranking ladder. The game will also include improved graphics, with more detailed player models that feature facial expressions and players' accessories, as well as new artificial intelligence that will let opponents better reposition themselves after making shots. In addition, the game's service options will include both a power bar and placing control.

Microids plans to demonstrate a beta build of the Xbox version, an alpha build of the Game Boy Advance version, and an unspecified PC version of the game at the show. Tennis Masters Series is scheduled for release in October. We'll post more information about the game as it becomes available.

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