E3 2002: New Twin Caliber PS2 screens

Rage's shooter is still on track for the PS2 this year. We've got the latest screens for you.

Rage has released a new group of screenshots from the PlayStation 2 version of its upcoming action shooter Twin Caliber. The game lets players control two guns as they fight their way through groups of zombies that have overtaken a small town. In the game, players control two unlikely partners, the law-abiding sheriff Fortman and violent prisoner Valdez, and they must fight for their lives against dark and powerful forces. Players will control the weapons independently with the analog sticks in situations reminiscent of John Woo action movies. The two-player mode will not feature split-screen but will instead have both characters onscreen at the same time. Nine different weapon types are promised for the game, including pistols, miniguns, shotguns, and TNT. There will also be nine different enemy types, such as mutant wall crawlers, cult disciples, and demons, as well as nine end-of-level bosses, ranging from huge slugs to decapitated train drivers. Twin Caliber will feature a total of 12 levels. We expect to see a playable version at E3 and will keep you posted.

The PlayStation 2 version of Twin Caliber is scheduled for release this winter, while the Xbox and GameCube versions will follow in spring 2003.

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