E3 2002: Game & Watch Gallery 4 unveiled

At its press conference, Nintendo gave audiences a look at its fourth Game & Watch Gallery collection.

In years past, Nintendo's Game & Watch Gallery series has highlighted some of the original games that Nintendo published as stand-alone hand-held systems. The fourth gallery was introduced at Nintendo's E3 press conference this year and includes numerous titles that fans of the original Game & Watch games can immediately recognize.

In the tradition of the Game & Watch Gallery, you can play these games in their directly translated classic mode or play a graphically overhauled remake in the modern mode. In addition, modern mode introduces newer Nintendo characters to the classic games, including Toad, Peach, Donkey Kong Jr., and Wario.

At the outset, Game & Watch Gallery 4 has five games available: Rainshower, Boxing, Donkey Kong 3, Mario Cement Factory, and Fire Attack, with more to unlock upon the attaining of high scores. Some of the extra games to be unlocked have been revealed in the early footage, including Octopus and Chef.

We'll have more details and impressions of Game & Watch Gallery 4 as we get a chance to play it from the E3 show floor.

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