E3 2002: Cold Zero: The Last Stand preshow report

JoWood's upcoming action adventure game will set players in the middle of a Mafia war. New screenshots inside.

JoWood will be demonstrating Cold Zero: The Last Stand, at the 2002 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. The game will let you assume the role of John McCaffery, a down-and-out private investigator caught in the middle of a war between the Chinese Mafia and the Italian Mafia. In order to save himself, McCaffery is forced to strike a deal with the Italian Mafia to complete a series of dangerous missions.

Cold Zero is set in a series of detailed 3D environments. You'll control McCaffery from a third-person perspective, and you can either directly follow the game's storyline or venture off on your own to explore the gameworld through a number of side missions. The game will combine stealth and action, and it will feature more than 100 characters and enemies, as well as more than 100 different weapons.

We've posted some screenshots in the gallery above that show off some of the game's characters and environments. Cold Zero: The Last Stand is scheduled for release this fall.

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