E3 2002: Agetec announces Fisherman's Bass Club

Agetec reveals its upcoming fishing game.

Agetec today announced its plans to publish Fisherman's Bass Club, its upcoming fishing simulator. The game will focus on re-creating the challenges inherent in angling bigmouth bass, which the publisher claims is among the sport's toughest quarries. "There are a number of weather, location, and water conditions that affect the player's ability to land a bass," said Kevin Sullivan, vice president of marketing and business development for Agetec. "The game actually instructs the players on which tackle is best suited for the various conditions they will face."

Players will be able to unlock hidden lures and secret locations as they progress through the game. Agetec also mentioned that beginning and advanced modes of play would be available in the game. We'll have more info on Fisherman's Bass Club as soon as it becomes available. It'll be playable at E3 later this week, so expect an update soon.

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