E3 2001: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon announced

The next installment in the military-themed shooter series will focus on realistic team tactics staged by an elite group of specialists.

At E3, Ubi Soft announced the next game in the military-themed first-person shooter series inspired by the work of best-selling author Tom Clancy. Ghost Recon will feature a brand new fully 3D engine, many enhanced features, and an improved multiplayer mode.

In the game, you'll assume command of the Ghosts, a secretive special forces unit that's called upon to quell international situations that threaten to get out of hand if left alone. During these field operations, the Ghosts will get to use the latest in military hardware--such as the OICW and the grenade launcher-equipped M-16.

The game's fully 3D engine provides a good amount of detail, and the targeting reticle on your heads-up display will shift--become either more or less focused--depending on your stance, whether you're firing your weapon or not, and so forth. Clearly, the game is aiming at realism.

Ghost Recon will have a mission planning sequence like its predecessors, only its mission overview screen seems very concise and more easy to use. Your squadmates will also reportedly do an excellent job of intelligently following instructions. They'll spot for each other and provide cover fire and suppressive fire as necessary as they advance through each scenario. They'll be very helpful to have on your side. Still, if you're taken out, you can actually continue play by switching to one of the other characters in your squad.

The game will have three smaller campaigns that center on a conflict in Russia, and Ghost Recon will also feature many new multiplayer options, including the ability to customize a character's various proficiencies. This role-playing element should help make players particularly attached to their characters.

One aspect of Ghost Recon that was surprising was the noticeable absence of weapon models in the first-person view. This decision was apparently made to help focus the tactics of the game--to emphasize the shifting targeting reticle. This and other changes promise to have Rainbow Six players very excited as they anticipate the game. Ghost Recon will be available late this year.

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