E3 2001 Preshow Report: Sega brings Phantasy Star Online Version 2 to GameCube

Sega intends to bring ten games to Nintendo's new platform, including the latest version of PSO.

Sega has announced its initial plans to the support Nintendo's upcoming GameCube. The company has initial plans to deliver ten titles to the platform. The first three titles announced are Super Monkey Ball, Virtua Striker 3 Version 2002, and Phantasy Star Online Version 2.

As Nintendo hasn't fully announced its online plans for the GameCube, Sega officials were hesitant to come out and say that PSO Version 2 would be an online game, though it obviously seems like a safe bet that the game will make use of the GameCube's networking add-ons upon release. No serious details have been announced about the game, such as if it will contain any GameCube-specific features, or if the game will be compatible with the Dreamcast version of PSOv2, which will be available later this year.

All three of Sega's initial GameCube games will be playable at E3. We'll have hands-on updates on all three games as soon as possible.

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