E3 2001: Me and Satan King heads stateside

Sony has announced that it will release this unorthodox PlayStation 2 RPG in North America.

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that it plans to release Me and the Satan King in North America under the new title, Okage: Shadow King. The game's hero, a young boy named Stan, has his shadow possessed by the spirit of an evil king named Ari. However, Stan soon realizes that the spirit of Ari is weak and can be manipulated to follow his own commands. Thus, Stan forces Ari to join him on a quest to purge the world of Tenel of several other demons.

Okage: Shadow King features five towns, six fields, nine dungeons, and a total of over fifty hours of RPG gampelay. It is being developed by Zener Works and will be released this fall for the North American PS2.

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Just bought the game for $4.99 along with Beyond Good and Evil for $7.99 and will be playing them during the summer.


Not a bad deal, but I recommend the HD version of Beyond Good and Evil, on PSN.