E3 2001 Hands-onWWF Raw is War

THQ's WWF game for the Xbox appears to be the spiritual successor to the company's N64 wrestling lineup.



THQ's Xbox WWF game seems a lot like No Mercy. Instead of taking on the over-the-top presentation of Smackdown!, Raw is War is a slower-paced, more strategic affair. While the version on display here at E3 features only one wrestler beating on three dormant opponents, it definitely looks cool.

The development team at Anchor has put a lot of work into the game's animation. The wrestlers move and execute holds in a very realistic and smooth way. The game is controlled with the D-pad, and double-tapping the pad is used to make your wrestler run. Beyond that, it has the typical grabs, attacks, and focus change controls we've come to expect from a modern wrestling game.

WWF Raw is War will let you grab a wrestler by his or her clothing, and matches will leave the ring and spill over into the stands. The game will also feature several backstage areas, which will randomly change from venue to venue.

Raw is War is scheduled to carry a pretty complete WWF roster, including The Rock, Chyna, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and Triple H. The game is on track to ship this year.

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