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Madden 2002 for the PC wasn't out on the show floor, but we have all the details on what will be in the PC version.

EA Sports' PC support, or lack thereof, at this year's E3 was disappointing, but we wrangled some information on one game that wasn't on the show floor but will be released for the PC: Madden NFL 2002. The game will basically have all of the features as last year's version of Madden, including career, dynasty, and others. A few improvements have been made to the graphics engine as players and coaches have a little more detail than they did in last year's game, and like NHL 2002, they are able to express a wider range of emotions after certain plays.

The more substantial improvements were made to defensive AI, which has also been affected by an increase in different player animations. EA Sports looked back on Madden 2001 to see what they could change or refine to make it a little more realistic. Passes will be batted down more often, and linemen will be able to make knock-back blocks, in which they just charge the offensive line with brute force, causing the line to push back and collapse the pocket area where the quarterback is located.

Other than the addition of the Houston Texans expansion team, which you can use in the second year of the franchise mode, it doesn't seem like there are going to be any substantial changes. For multiplayer, EA Sports plans to use the same features from Madden 2001 as well. The PC version of Madden NFL 2002 is scheduled to ship sometime in the fall.

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