E3 2001: First look at Star Fox Adventures

See the first shots of Nintendo's Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet for the GameCube.

Nintendo today released the first shots and details of Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet for the GameCube (announced last year as Dinosaur Planet for the Nintendo 64).

This 3D adventure game begins eight years after the ending of Star Fox 64 for the Nintendo 64, when lead character Fox McCloud defeated the villain Andross. Since then, Fox's team has disbanded, and it's been left up to him alone to save the Dinosaur Planet, a prehistoric planet subjugated by evil dinosaur General Scales and his mutated followers.

Fox's main item in the game is a magical staff that carries many different combat abilities and, over the course of the game, transforms into the ultimate weapon. Fox will also be able to ride on the backs of huge dinosaurs, fly Arwing missions, and team up with new characters.

Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet is planned for release in November. We'll have more details and a hands-on report on the game once the E3 convention begins tomorrow.

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