E3 06: Too Human Trailer Impressions

A brand-new trailer for Too Human just hit Xbox Live Marketplace, and we have all the details in our preshow report.

LOS ANGELES--Amid the flood of new content released on Xbox Live Marketplace during Microsoft's E3 press conference is a trailer for the upcoming third-person action game Too Human. The short trailer reveals the basic storyline of the game and shows some gameplay footage of the main character in battle. Read on for our impressions based on the new trailer.

The Too Human trailer opens with a shot flying over a bright blue river. The view zooms in close to reveal that it isn't in fact a river, but a vein of color inside the iris of an eye. The camera continues to zoom out revealing a very angry-looking bald man with heavy crimson armor and blue lines on his face. As this happens, the narrator says, "There is a war on humanity. The age of machines is upon us. In the battle between man and machine our destiny depends on a god who is both."

The trailer then makes some quick cuts to show the main character in combat. He is shown first using a large pike that he swings around and uses to impale and slice enemies. The enemies he's fighting appear to be generic robots of some sort, skittering around on four legs like large metal insects. The scene quickly cuts to show more fighting in a handful of different environments that all appear to be caverns or ruins of some sort. As the fighting progresses, the hero is shown wielding different weapons, including a pike, a glowing sword, and guns. In addition to some flashy combo moves, the hero character quickly jumps around, flips, and performs a variety of acrobatic moves and choreographed attacks.

As the trailer comes to a close, the narrator states that Too Human is scheduled to be the first part of a trilogy of action games for the Xbox 360 and is planned to be released this winter. We'll bring you more information as it becomes available, so stay tuned to the gamespace for more on Too Human.

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