E3 06: NRA Gun Club Hands-On

The National Rifle Association is putting its name on this nonviolent first-person target shooting game called Gun Club.


NRA Gun Club is a first-person shooter with more than 100 realistic firearms in it. Work is going into making the reloading animations and gun models look accurate. But you won't use any of those weapons in any sort of combat situation. NRA Gun Club is a first-person target shooting game with an interesting nonviolent, educational slant on guns.

There are more than 15 target shooting challenges in the game. Your control seems to be limited to aiming, firing, zooming, and holding your breath while zooming to maintain a steady shot. Once you've cleared out a position of targets, you can tap to the side on the D pad to move to the next spot.

Visually, the game doesn't look all that great. The aim may be to properly model these real-life firearms, but that realism doesn't necessarily come through in the graphics. NRA Gun Club is scheduled to ship later this year.



I'm getting it, I think. I want to know these things, without having to go out and find myself a gun to play with.


I've got a little feeling that this game won't be a very big hit ;)