E3 06: My Frogger Toy Trials Preshow Report

Frogger's second DS adventure will be on hand at E3 2006.

2006 is the 25th anniversary of the Frogger franchise, and to celebrate, Konami is publishing a new Frogger title for the Nintendo DS. My Frogger Toy Trials is an all-new Frogger adventure that, for the first time ever, lets you control both Frogger and the Hero.

As the game's story goes, a toy company called Tobi Inc. has developed a new technology that takes a child's drawing of his or her ideal pet and transforms it into a real-life toy pet, complete with its own free will. Frogger and the Hero opt to join in the contest and must rush to submit their idea before time runs out.

Similar to the last DS Frogger game, Frogger Helmet Chaos, My Frogger Toy Trials will make use of the system's touch screen all throughout the main adventure, its various minigames, and wireless multiplayer, which is for up to four players. Currently, the game is scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter of this year, and it will be on display at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006. We'll bring you more on My Frogger Helmet Chaos as it becomes available.

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