DS Lite production jumps in Japan

Nintendo pushes to meet demand for redesigned portable with 700,000 units moving out for the month of April.


Nintendo's DS Lite has been in high demand ever since its debut in Japan earlier this month. The handheld is a redesign of the original DS, which itself was in short supply as a result of selling out over the holiday season. However, those who waited in long lines just to try to purchase the machine won't have to wait much longer.

On the company's official Web site, Nintendo has announced that it will be stepping up production of the new portable, with its figures for March jumping from its original target of 450,000 units to 550,000 units. The future looks even better for would-be DS owners, with Nintendo revealing that 700,000 DSs will enter the pipeline in April.

Nintendo has not yet announced a release date for the DS Lite in North America or other regions outside of Japan. For more information on the DS Lite, check out GameSpot's DS Lite preview.


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