DS feels Need for Speed

EA's nitrous-filled racer steers onto Nintendo's portable; DS-exclusive features include touch-screen capabilities.

Electronic Arts is making sure Nintendo DS owners can take their portable on the road--the digital road at least. The publisher today announced that Need for Speed Underground 2 for the DS has made its way on to the handheld. The DS edition, developed by EA Canada in Vancouver, is the sixth version of the game, which was previously released in November on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, PC, and Game Boy Advance.

DS owners will use the unit's touch screen for a number of features. Using the stylus, drivers can control how much nitrous they want to use for an added speed boost. Car customization goes a step further on the DS, letting gamers create unique vinyl designs for their ride.

Like other versions of Need for Speed Underground, the game focuses on illegal street racing and tuner culture. Gamers will ride around a number of tracks, accumulating cash to trick out their cars both functionally and cosmetically. A selection of minigames will also keep gamers busy when they're not tearing up the city streets.

Need for Speed Underground 2 for the DS is rated E for Everyone and retails for $39.99. For more details on the game, check out GameSpot's recent hands-on preview.

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