Driver 2 GBA update

We have new screenshots from and information on the handheld version of Driver 2.

Driver 2 Advance is in development at Sennari Interactive, and it will include a range of game modes from the PlayStation original such as single-player, trailblazer, checkpoint, capture the flag, survival, and more. The game will also feature multiplayer modes that support up to four players via the Game Boy Advance link cable. Because of Sennari's proprietary X2 engine technology, Driver 2 for the Game Boy Advance features relatively complex driving physics and visible vehicle damage. Various special effects, such as smoke, will also be integrated into the game.

"We've heard the worldwide cry of the massive Driver fan base and are pleased to announce Driver 2 Advance for today's top-selling portable game system," said Larry Sparks, vice president of European marketing at Infogrames. "With the same addictive gameplay and pulse-pounding missions, Driver 2 Advance for the Game Boy Advance has the potential to continue the top-of-the-charts success that the entire Driver franchise has enjoyed."

The game is scheduled to ship later this year.

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