Driv3r Walkthrough

Tanner's back for another undercover mission. This time, his assignment takes him through Miami, Nice, and Istanbul. Our guide includes a full walkthrough, cheat codes, and locations for secrets in the "take a ride" mode.

By Doug Radcliffe
Design by Marty Smith

An obsessive undercover cop named Tanner has infiltrated a gang of Miami car thieves bent on shipping 40 exotic cars to an international buyer. As the gang’s new "Driver," Tanner must complete a varied set of driving and combat missions across the streets of Miami, Nice, France and Istanbul, Turkey to uncover the ring and learn the buyer’s identity. Give Tanner the help he needs with this comprehensive game guide.

This GameSpot Driv3r game guide includes:

  • Driving and Combat Tips: Look here for general driving and combat tips to help master Driv3r’s challenging missions.
  • Walk-through: This section provides a complete walk-through of Driv3r’s missions. You’ll find specific tips on completing driving and combat tasks.
  • Take a Ride Secrets: Driv3r’s Take a Ride mode is filled with secret cars and unlockable game modes. This section reveals the location of all secret cars, Timmy Vermicellis, and how to reach the coveted armory
  • Cheat Codes: This section offers cheat codes for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions.

Chapter 1 - Driving and Combat Tips

It’s no surprise that intense driving missions fill Driv3r but the sequel also offers its share of on-foot weapon combat engagements. Becoming a master behind the wheel and with the firearm will be necessary to complete Driv3r’s often difficult solo campaign. This section provides general driving and combat tips to help master the challenging missions.

  • One of the keys to success behind the wheel is control. Not meaning your PlayStation 2 or Xbox controller but being controlled--as in to exercise restraint. Now certainly you’re driving a breakneck speed in most of these missions--but it should be a controlled speed. Don’t weave all over the road or take turns at top speed. Let off the accelerator around turns or apply brake--but a controlled brake! It’s all about staying in control of the wheel. Don’t over turn or you may spin out; don’t under turn or you may crash into the side of a building. Often one mistake leads to a failed mission. Maintain control of the wheel. Make slight adjustments to avoid traffic or obstacles. Certainly take turns as quick as possible but remain in control of the vehicle in doing so. Let off the accelerator, apply a little brake, and resume full speed.
  • It’s wise to just avoid obstacles. You may plow through a sign or a chain-link fence with ease but then there will be a pole or a stronger fence that your car won’t budge. Be ready for a full stop upon any collision or just avoid the obstacles completely and concentrate on following (or getting away from) your target.
  • If you have a pesky pursuer that won’t get off your tail, don’t forget you can get out of your car and deal with him on foot. Drive into a parking lot or a side road and get out of your car. Arm your favorite firearm and shoot at the pursuer’s car or the pursuer himself when he exits the vehicle. This wouldn’t be advisable if you’re low on health but it’s a good way to lose the tail when you’re nearing a destination.
  • If you don’t want to get out of your car to get rid of a tailing pursuer then aggressive driving will often do the trick. Drive close to other traffic--even oncoming traffic) or weave through and around obstacles like immovable poles or structures. With any luck your pursuer will smash head on to another vehicle or object and be unable to continue the pursuit. Don’t hesitate to try and take shortcuts or cut corners to force your pursuer to drive in more unusual terrain and not just a nice, wide paved road.
  • It pays to be patient in weapon combat. Running into a situation is rarely, if ever, the best course of action. For starters, enemies aren’t the best shot at long-range but seem like marksmen when up close. Use this to your advantage and remain at longer range whenever possible. Also, if you have the chance to be higher than your enemy, take it.
  • At longer range just sweep your crosshair across the screen in search of enemies. When the white crosshair turns red, you’re aimed at an enemy. Try and defeat the enemy from long-range. If you can’t, inch closer and try again. Avoid getting close! Fire at an enemy’s upper torso, or better, the head for quicker kills.
  • Find cover and rotate the camera to see out enemy positions. Use it to check around a corner or to look at an upper balcony. Gain sight of the enemy then maneuver the crosshair so it barely touches the enemy (yet turns red) while you remain behind cover as much as possible. Fire away!
  • Gather the discarded weapons left by slain enemies. If you have the weapon in your arsenal, then doing so will increase your ammunition supply. Occasionally, though, doing so will recover a new weapon. Rotate through your available firearms and test them out!
  • Don’t forget to reload! Take cover to avoid sustaining damage and reload your weapon so you don’t have to during a frenetic firefight. Also search corners and side rooms for health packs.

Chapter 2 - Walk-through

This section offers a complete walk-through for Driv3r’s single-player game. You’ll find specific driving and combat tips for completing every level and objective through Miami, Nice, and Istanbul.

Police HQ

A message appears on your answering machine. It’s from headquarters; the firing range is ready.

Objective: Get to Police HQ.

Take time to explore Tanner’s place or just proceed out the front door. Check the garage on the right. There’s Tanner’s vehicle; hop into the vehicle and start toward the police station. It’s not far; follow the indicator on your mini-map to the north and approach headquarters.

This first objective serves as a driving tutorial. Follow the mini-map to police HQ. There’s no rush so take time to get used to the driving controls!

Pull up to the front of the headquarters, hop out of your vehicle, and walk inside. The officer at the front desk tells you that the firing range is ready to go. Move left from the desk to find the entrance to the firing range.

Objective: Shoot criminal targets. Don’t hit civilians.

Red targets are criminals; blue targets represent civilians. Each time you score a blow against the criminals, your time is decreased by three seconds; each time you eliminate a civilian, your time is increased by five seconds. Your goal is to get the lowest time. This is simply practice and you aren’t required to complete the task under a certain time to move on.

If you’re looking for a low time, keep moving through the course. Don’t stop for long. Strafe left or right to shoot the red targets. Don’t try and stand still and adjust your targeting cursor. Keep it at the same height (that of the red targets) and strafe left or right to nail the criminals.

Lead on Baccus

A lead comes in on South Beach Baccus, a major player in the repo circuit. All units requested at the site.

Objective: Follow the cops to the siege.

This is a chase mission, though technically you aren’t chasing your allies. You must keep up with them to complete the mission. Don’t let the lead police car (marked with the red arrow) move too far away from you or the mission fails.

Run quickly to the police car just ahead of your start position and get inside. The cops are moving to your right. Start driving and move in behind the lead police car. The turns aren’t overly difficult in this pursuit. Don’t overdo it around each corner or you may spinout and lose valuable ground.

Although you aren’t technically chasing them, you must keep within range of the police as you follow their cars to the siege.

Stick close to the lead police car as others join the trip toward the siege. Those other cops are extremely aggressive drivers and seem to appear out of nowhere. Avoid sticking too close to them or you may get pinched into a light pole. Miami’s traffic won’t seem to budge out of your way, even if you use the siren (horn button). Steer clear of traffic and keep your eye on the road and on the lead police car’s path. The mission ends once you have successfully followed the police to Baccus’ location.

The Siege

Police surround the scene. The overhead cam reveals a side entrance to the location--a clue on where to go at the start of the mission.

Objective: Use the side entrance.

Arm your weapon and move left from your start position and around the building’s side. You’ll spot a police car and cops in the street. Look at the fence on the right side of the road (just beyond the dumpsters); a red marker indicates the side entrance where a couple thugs are about to appear from.

Be ready when you move around the side entrance--a couple of Baccus’ men appear and they’re armed!

The cops will distract them while you fill the bad guys full of lead. Or just be aggressive and move toward the side entrance, weapon drawn, and firing away at the thugs’ upper bodies. Grab their discarded ammo and approach the side entrance. Two more thugs take cover behind barrels and a car here. One waits straight ahead from the side entrance; the other hides behind the pallets and car on the left side. Shoot them both to trigger the next sequence.

Objective: Chase Baccus.

After you kill the four thugs within the side entrance, Baccus makes his escape. You start in the nearby car and must pursue Baccus within close range to complete the remainder of the mission. As soon as you can drive, move forward and to the right. Find the narrow alley (created by Baccus’ escape) and drive through. Take a sharp left turn at the street and avoid the cop cars as well as the trees in the park on the other side.

Once you maneuver out of the back area, following Baccus isn’t particularly tough. Just stay on him and he’ll eventually crash.

These first two turns are the toughest part of the chase. Squeezing through the alley then avoiding the parked police cars on the street is the biggest challenge. When you exit the alley, decelerate slightly and perform the left turn around the cop cars. Straight up on the street and resume the pursuit behind Baccus.

You don’t need to run him off the road or outpace him. Simply remain close behind and take each turn carefully to avoid spinning into a building or other car. Baccus eventually crashes into an alley to conclude the mission.


Objective: Get to the Gold Coast Hotel.

Get in your car and onto the main roadway. Follow the mini-map indicator to the Gold Coast Hotel. It’s in the northern corner of this section of Miami. Drive north along the east coast for the most impressive nighttime scenery.

Drive into this alley and find the fire escape. That’s your way in.

Go to the western side of the hotel and find the alley that includes the dumpsters. You’ll spot the red marker indicating your destination. Drive to the red marker and get out of the vehicle.

Objective: Find the car inside the hotel.

Move up the fire escape stairs and into the hotel. Take the staircase toward the second floor and arm your weapon. The second floor door is open; there’s a guard just through the doorway with his back turned. Point your crosshairs at his head and eliminate the guard.

A room on the second floor contains a couple enemies--and a new weapon.

Turn right and move down the hallway. The last room on the left side contains a couple more enemies. Arm your weapon and approach the door carefully. Aim at the door’s center; as soon as the door swings open, fire at the guards inside. Snag their ammo then approach the bed and pick up the new submachine gun.

Return to the stairwell and ascend to the roof. Move through the next room and approach the exit door with submachine gun drawn. As soon as the door opens, three guards scatter ahead of you. Mow them down with your new weapon. Approach the corner on the left and strafe carefully to the right so you inch your crosshairs at the next enemy group. Take them out with your firearm.

Go to the stairs on the right side. This connects to an adjacent rooftop. Before running down, look for guards on the roof below and take them out from your height advantage. Approach the next stairs going up and take out any guards waiting at the top. Check to the right after reaching the top for a health pack.

Use the obstacles as cover and peek around corners to spot the next set of enemies. Don’t run out in their line of fire. Inch carefully to find them and you can get the first shot and often kill them before they can even fire a bullet. Approach the door near the Gold Coast neon sign and move inside. Walk toward the elevator to begin the next sequence.

Objective: Open the garage door.

Don’t move a muscle! There are several guards just outside the elevator in the parking garage. Arm and reload the submachine gun; aim carefully; and fire at the guards. They may scatter before perishing. Eliminate them first; they’re the closest foes and you likely already damaged them.

The door controls are in this small station. Plus there’s a health pack.

Look across from the elevator to find the garage office. Eliminate the guard inside next. There are a few more guards on the far side of the garage. Remain at long-range and take them out from a distance. You should also use the columns as cover against their fire. Strafe from behind the column and blast them.

With all guards slain, enter the office and pick up the health pack then use the switch to open the garage door.

Objective: Take the car to the gang.

Exit the office and turn to the right. Two more guards are about to exit the elevator. Shoot them before they can get too far into the garage. Scamper over to the car and get inside. You can’t wreck it! A meter reveals how much damage the car can sustain before the mission fails.

This won’t be a simple, leisurely drive back to the gang. You have pursuers! You’ll have to be more aggressive here and zip past traffic and stationary traffic poles in order to avoid getting rammed. But you must avoid crashing head on as well. The car can’t sustain much damage.

Take the stolen car back to the gang. It’s just up ahead and marked by the red arrow.

But it does pay to drive close to other cars and stationary obstacles. You may be fortunate and your pursuer crashes into a pole and you gain a lead or, even better, he drops off completely. Proceed west and across the bridge to find the destination. If you’re still under pursuit, get out of the car and shoot the enemy to complete the objective. Drive to the red marker, get out, and go to the door to finish the mission.

Impress Lomaz

Lomaz sets up a meeting. You’ll need to use the cigarette boat to reach him.

Objective: Meet Lomaz Downtown.

Take the cigarette boat from your dock. Follow the mini-map into Miami’s downtown.

Exit your residence through the rear sliding glass door. Move past the pool and to the dock. Board the cigarette boat and follow the mini-map west and toward the river through downtown. Follow it to the destination marked on the map. Pull up alongside the cement dock and hop out. Walk over to Lomaz and follow him.

Objective: Get in the car.

He wants to see you drive. Move to the car marked with the red indicator and get inside.

Objective: Wreck Tico’s place.

You have just 90 seconds to follow this somewhat confusing course through Tico’s place, basically a construction yard, and level the indicated sections (marked with the red arrow). It can be difficult to spot your next destination; seconds are precious so follow the route below to nail each target and complete the task.

Lomaz doesn’t provide much time to complete the wrecking of Tico’s place. Follow our instructions to make it through.

1. Drive straight into the stack of barrels.

2. Drive straight again into the next stack inside the structure.

3. Turn right outside the structure and spot the next marker. Drive through the glass.

4. The next marker is straight ahead and beyond the overpass. Go left of the brown dirt and use the boards as a ramp to reach the area on the other side. Drive through the marked building.

5. Continue under the next overpass and go slightly right to find the next target. Drive through.

6. Go on a straight course under the highway and through the next house. Punish the stack of barrels.

7. Turn a tad right and spot the tank ahead. It’s the next target. Nail it!

8. Turn about 90 degrees to the right and spot the stack of barrels underneath the highway overpass. Crush them!

9. Turn left and go under the overpass and through the marked house.

10. Burst forward through the fence and into the next house.

11. The next one is close. Steer slightly right and through the stack.

12. Turn left and over the wooden ramp. Go through the stack ahead.

13. Turn immediately left and spot the red arrow high in the air. You have to complete a long jump to make this one. Drive forward, through the fence, and steer slightly left to find the ramp. Hit the ramp and bust the barrels to complete the mission.

Lomaz wants to change cars. He has another test for you. There’s a bar in North Downtown that needs a visit.

Objective: Get to Red River bar.

Lomaz has another test for you. Get to the Red River bar and shoot the place up!

This section is simpler: just follow the mini-map to the bar. Nothing to chase or nothing to flee. Just make your way to the bar and park out front to receive your new objective.

Objective: Shoot up the bar. Hurry before the cops arrive.

Switch to your submachine gun acquired in the last mission. Enter the bar. You have just 80 seconds to cause sufficient damage. Note the damage meter below the countdown timer. Fill that meter before time runs out to complete the mission.

With your weapon armed, enter the bar. Take out the enemy ahead then two more behind the bar itself. Another duo waits around the right side of the bar. With hostiles terminated, grab their discarded weaponry (including a new submachine gun) and turn your attention to the bar.

Shoot up everything. The glasses on the counter, the video games, the wall art, the jukebox...everything! Don’t swerve around the inside of the bar haphazardly. Target the glasses and other objects to ensure destruction. Fill the damage meter before 80 seconds expires to complete the mission.

Gator’s Yacht

You receive a new task via telephone. Take a power boat and pick up C4 from Stiltsville then plant the explosives on Gator’s yacht.

Objective: Get the C4 from Stiltsville to use on Gator’s yacht.

Exit your residence through the back door. Go down to the dock and board the power boat. Your first destination is Stiltsville, a series of elevated shacks in the waterway west from your start location. Move to the shack marked by the red arrow indicator.

Objective: Get the explosives from Stiltsville.

It’s better to battle the guards from the safety of long-range.

Approach the shack but don’t pull up too close. There are enemies scattered along the shack’s balconies and it’s much easier to tackle them from a distance. Arm a weapon and eliminate each guard from longer range. Just move your crosshair around and when it turns red, you’re targeted on an enemy. Eliminate the guards outside the shack before pulling your boat against the wooden catwalk and jump off. If you have trouble, walk off the back of the boat, swim to the ladder, and climb the ladder onto the catwalk.

Climb the staircase and approach the first door on the right. Enter with weapon drawn. Strafe slightly to the right and spot the two guards inside. Eliminate them quickly. Comb the room for the health packs, discarded ammo, and the C4 on the shelf. One down, two more to go.

Spot the door to the right of the shelf. Open it and shoot the enemy inside. Snag one C4 above the bed on the left and another on the room’s right side. You have all of the explosives now! Exit Stiltsville to begin the next sequence.

Objective: Plant the explosives on the yacht.

Return down the steps to the boat. You can see Gator’s yacht from Stiltsville. Board the boat and drive toward the yacht. There is a chance your boat was destroyed by the enemies at Stiltsville. If so, swim over to an adjacent shack to find a healthy boat!

Once again it’s better to clear out some of the guards before jumping onto the yacht. They’re hard to combat from the back of the yacht. You’ll suffer damage from weapons fire before you can have a chance to react. Inch your boat close and aim through the staircase to the upper floor to find one guard. Continue to inch closer until you receive the new objective: this triggers more guards on the yacht’s exterior.

Objective: Set the explosives.

There are three places to plant the explosives on the yacht. Here’s one of them in the yacht’s engine room.

Remain on your boat and take out the guards on the middle floor: one on the left and another on the right. Board the yacht. Go through the door on the left side of the staircase. Descend the steps carefully. There’s a guard at the bottom within range. Position your crosshairs over the enemy and fire. Another guard may come into view as you inch down the stairs. Blast him.

At the bottom, turn right quickly and take out the next guard. Go to the back right corner to find a final guard near the area marking where to plant the explosives. Activate the area to plant the first explosive. Check the opposite corner of this room to find health. Return up the steps.

There are a couple health packs on the upper deck.

If you need additional health and don’t mind a side trip then use the yacht’s main stairs to go to the top. Move slowly at the top of the stairs to eliminate the plentiful guards here before they detect you. Check the back corner near the chairs for a couple health packs.

Descend one floor and move through the door to find additional guards inside. Two to the left and one to the right. Snag the nearby health pack. Go down the hall and check each room for baddies. Be ready to fire as soon as the door opens! You may find a health pack inside one of the rooms. Go through the last door onto the bridge and eliminate two guards on either side. Plant the explosive at the console.

Return outside and descend the staircase and go through the door to the stair’s right side. Blast the guards inside the next room (they’re around the corner to the left). Check the room for a health pack. Move into the next room, the dining room, and obliterate the remaining guards. Snag the health pack if available and use the final placement to set the bomb. A timer starts at the top of the screen.

Objective: Get off the yacht.

Retrace your steps out of these rooms and back onto the yacht’s deck. Go down to your boat and get inside. Drive away from the yacht to complete the mission.


It’s a setup! This mission begins in a parking garage but by the time you have control of the wheel you’re actually inside a mall.

Objective: Get us out of here!

It’s a race through...the mall! Don’t let the rent-a-cops stop you!

You must escape the narrow mall while being pursued by police cars. The path is fairly obvious: just follow the green arrows marked "Exit" and don’t stop for anything! You’ll encounter officers on foot trying to shoot out your tires; don’t bother slowing down just keep on moving as quickly as possible.

When you reach the area with the stairs on the right, go down there and continue in the same direction. Follow the signs around the corner in the opposite direction. Another trouble spot is an exit arrow pointing to mall doors. As soon as you crash through, turn right to avoid smashing into the next wall. Continue down the hall until you’re outside. Squeeze through the approaching cop cars and punch the accelerator to race toward the destination indicated on your mini-map. You receive a new objective upon reaching the destination.

Objective: Ditch the car in the water.

A new destination appears on the mini-map. Return to the car and drive toward the marked area. Avoid cops if at all position (they’ll show up as white on the mini-map) so you don’t have to worry about being chased. If you are pursued, just continue to the destination. It’s the docks. Hit the ramp at the docks to launch the car into the water and complete the mission.

Dodge Island

Objective: Drive to The Gator’s warehouse.

Take the relatively leisurely drive to Gator’s warehouse...it gets a lot harder real quick.

This mission’s first section is straightforward: just drive the vehicle to Dodge Island marked on your mini-map. Upon arrival, you automatically deliver the money to Gator...before chaos ensues.

Objective: Get out of there!

As soon as you regain control of Tanner, get inside the nearby vehicle: you’re under attack! Drive through the glass to exit this warehouse.

Objective: Get clear of Dodge Island.

As you drive forward between the cargo containers, the path becomes blocked. Get out of the car and shoot the nearby guard on the right side. Now you must navigate the corridors created by the cargo containers. There’s nearly an enemy around every corner. To avoid being shot to pieces, it’s best to approach each corner slowly and carefully with crosshair pointed at chest-to-head high.

Peek around the first left corner and spot the guard at the end. Another guard joins him around the next right corner. Inch toward the next container and strafe left to spot the guard near the building. Approach the stairs and take out the guard that exits the doorway.

Move carefully through the containers. Get a jump on the enemies.

Once inside eliminate the guard through the far doorway. Pick up the health. Watch around the right corner inside the building for any hiding foes. Walk up to the large exit and look out to the left to spot a couple enemies in the distance. Take them out from long-range.

Go around to the right and eliminate the guard. Another foe hides behind the cargo container to the right. Snag the health to the left then continue down the corridor. Three guards wait in the next path that forms a square around the container. Move slowly to find them all and terminate them. Face the long path to the wide area ahead of you. Shoot the enemies from long-range. When the car pulls up, blast the two guards that exit the vehicle.

Hijack their car and turn it around completely. Don’t worry about the guards shooting in your direction. Just keep driving straight. Vans and trucks will attempt to block your path. Stay in the middle at first; at the next van go around to the right; and then at the next van around to the left.

The area widens ahead and cars pull up to block you. Avoid them and turn around the left corner toward the next route. You likely have a pursuer now making this next stretch more difficult (you’re being constantly rammed from behind).

A van blocks the first narrow escape through the crates. You can squeeze by the left side of the van or take the path on the right. Maneuver through the next containers then through the building ahead. A van blocks the orange containers ahead. Move through the right side. When approaching the next orange containers, avoid the cement truck by sticking along the right side. Another truck blocks the next exit completely. Turn left instead. Go around the next left corner then right at the cones then straight at the car ahead. Bust through the fence. Turn right, go down the alley on the left side, then through the gate. Maneuver to the road marked on the mini-map.

Make your final escape from Dodge Island...but not without a jump across an opening drawbridge.

You approach a drawbridge ahead...it’s up! If your car can withstand the punishment, jump the drawbridge! Otherwise you’ll need to enter the station on the left and lower it. Once off Dodge Island follow the marked area on the mini-map to complete the mission.


Objective: Chase Gator’s car.

You won’t be able to shoot out Gator’s car, just wait for the chase to end eventually.

The mission begins with a car chase...with a twist. You must keep up with Gator (and his escort car) ahead of you. Meanwhile you also command Lomaz to fire a way to damage Gator and, primarily, the escort. The best strategy here is to take out the escort car (Lomaz provides a not-too-subtle hint on what to do). Simply keep up with Gator and fire whenever the escort car moves within your crosshairs. Once you’ve sent the escort car out of commission, shift your concentration to simply following Gator. You don’t have to damage Gator; the chase eventually ends automatically.

Objective: Protect Lomaz. Shoot your way through.

The mission’s next stage is on foot. Arm your weapon and shoot the guards exiting the warehouse and more on the right side. Don’t stand in front of Lomaz. He’ll shoot through you to get to those enemies--and that hurts! Stand away from him and eliminate every foe you see before moving into the warehouse.

Like in all combat situations, it pays to move cautiously so you see the enemies before or exactly when they see you.

Grab their discarded weaponry and approach the crates in storage. More foes enter from the far side. If you move slowly you can eliminate the first group before triggering a larger group that enters from the left and right. Beware that the enemies can shoot the boxes and propel you backward. It may not cause damage but it becomes more awkward to counter the enemies’ weapon fire.

Check your weapons; you likely have the shotgun at this point. It’s not a bad weapon to use through this section. Approach the warehouse exit on the far side and peek around the right corner to find the next guard along the far wall. Blast him. Approach the door on the right, open it, and stand in the doorway. Wait for the guard to appear from the right and blast him. Pick up the health.

Move to the next door and open it. The guard moves to the right side of the room. Turn to the right and blast him. Snag more health. Go through the next doorway to the grey door. Be ready as soon as you open it; timing will be critical!

Objective: Take a speedboat. Stop The Gator.

Blast the two guards to the left. Quickly run and hop into the speedboat. If you delay even a second, Gator will get away and the mission fails. Drive the speedboat straight forward and get in behind Gator.

Take your time and eliminate all exterior guards while still at long-range and in the boat.

Follow Gator’s boat to the shacks of Stiltsville. Remember the strategy here: remain in the boat and shoot the guards along the shack’s catwalks. Don’t charge the shack until the exterior guards are dead. There isn’t a time constraint here. Kill those guards before disembarking the boat.

Objective: Shoot your way through.

Go up the stairs and to the first door. Face to the left and open the door. The guard is right there and carries a powerful shotgun. Shoot him quickly to avoid significant damage. Turn left and watch for the approaching guard. Shoot the boards behind the first guard to find a small room. Beware of a guard in the right corner. Enter the room and snag the health.

Start down the next hall and take out the guard at its end. Shoot the boards along the right wall to open another room. Blast the guard inside and pick up the health.

Objective: Shoot the Gator.

Continue to the next doorway and peek out. Gator is on the catwalk below while another guard stands around the left corner. Take the closest guard at first before assaulting Gator from long-range. Remain at this distance if possible. You can take out Gator and his bodyguard from virtual safety.

Welcome to Nice

Objective: Get to Calita.

There’s no time to sightsee in Nice; Calita orders you to meet her in Old Town. Go downstairs and out the front door to find your vehicle. Drive through the narrow streets of Nice toward the designated location on your mini-map.

Move quickly and attack any enemies firing at Calita.

As you near the location, the situation takes a downturn. The locals are hostile and Calita is under attack! Drive quickly to her position. Look for the red arrow marking Calita and exit the car quickly. Arm a weapon and eliminate any and all enemies firing on her.

Objective: Get Calita to Bad Hand’s van.

Time for an escort interlude. Calita begins running from her start position. Follow her and watch around her for enemies. Shoot any and all enemies in the vicinity. Stick close with her as she crosses the food area; three enemies appear at the intersection ahead. Kill them all.

She turns right at the intersection as vehicles pull up and release more enemies. Though she claims that there are too many of them, unleash your submachine gun on all foes to clear a path for Calita. Follow her across the street and down an alley on the left.

More baddies appear from their vehicles ahead. Stay in front of Calita and mow down the opposition. Keep your crosshair head-to-chest high and strafe left and right to obliterate the hostiles. Follow Calita across the market and into Bad Hand’s van.

Objective: Take out the tail cars.

As Bad Hand’s van drives off at full speed, you maintain post facing out the open rear doors. It’s your job to eliminate the cars tailing the van. You have a submachine gun (with virtually limitless ammo) and a grenade launcher to help in the task. A damage meter at the top of the screen indicates the maximum damage Bad Hand’s van can sustain before the mission fails.

Keep the van from sustaining too much damage. You have plenty of ammunition to hold the tail cars at bay.

Shoot the submachine gun at tires, hoods, and windshields. Shoot anything that turns your cursor red. The grenade launcher can be tougher to aim. Don’t fire it against a car that’s already ramming the van. Launch a grenade at a car that’s about a half to a full block away. For instance, one that just came from a side street to begin the pursuit.

The mission concludes successfully once Bad Hand’s van makes it back to the destination in one piece.

Smash and Run

Objective: Steal the first car.

This is arguably one of the toughest missions of the game...certainly the toughest mission up to this point. Your objective is to steal three different cars--sounds easy but there’s a catch. You must get each car onto a moving truck and you must get all three on before the truck reaches its destination. A distance meter at the top of the screen reveals how close the truck is to its destination. It seems far but it goes quicker than you think; the truck moves very quickly and doesn’t slow down for anything!

Not only is timing critical in the match but random elements also come into play. These three cars are sitting side by side. After stealing one car and getting it onto the truck, you must reach the other car...and you start on foot! When each second counts, scrambling for a new car to get you to the next car can become frustrating. Then there’s the matter of getting the stolen car onto the truck. It requires pinpoint driving. You must carefully position your car behind the truck...all while moving at high speed...and drive the car up the ramps and into the back of the truck. One small error and you’ll smash into the back of the truck and have to try again. Several misses and the mission will likely be impossible to complete.

You begin the mission on a motorcycle--this should be a big hint on what the optimum vehicle will be throughout the task. Motorcycles are much faster than cars. After driving a stolen vehicle up into the truck, it’s best to find a motorcycle to drive to the next car. Taking a car is simply too slow (especially if you get a car that’s even slower than normal cars!) and the truck is simply too fast.

From the start position, take a left onto the road. You’ll need to drive nearly full speed at every opportunity. Weave through traffic and avoid obstacles so you can get well ahead of the truck as you approach the first stolen car. Ignore the first left turn and turn left at the next intersection; it’s one of the main roads and much thicker on the mini-map.

This road leads directly to the first stolen car. Your first destination is on the right side of this street. It’s a small entrance so look for it carefully. Take the entrance down into a parking garage. Park next to the first stolen car, get off the bike, and then get inside the car quickly.

Objective: Take the first car to the truck.

Getting the cars onto the truck is very tricky. Use precision and nail it the first time--it pays to do things carefully.

Back up to the left and then go forward and out of the parking garage. If you made good time then the truck should still be on its way to your current location (though it will be close). Wait for the truck to pass then gun the accelerator and get in behind the truck. Position yourself carefully behind the ramps and drive the car into the truck.

Objective: Steal the next car.

Now comes the tough part. Exit the car, which dumps you back onto the street. You must now find another vehicle quickly. Jacking a motorcycle is your best bet...if there’s one around! That’s the random element in this mission; can you get a vehicle fast enough to remain close to the truck? A fast car will certainly help but a motorcycle will better ensure success. Jack a vehicle fast and follow the truck.

Pass by and continue toward the second car; it’s positioned in a park. When you reach the intersection just before the car, turn right then left at the next street. Take an immediate left into the park and drive to the right side to find a set of garages. Hit the action button on the middle garage and it automatically opens and you enter the car (only hit it once or you may hop out of the car and lose precious time). Drive it forward and slightly left to find the park exit. The truck passes right by this exit. If you’re lucky, the truck hasn’t arrived yet or has just passed. If it’s far beyond this location already then you’ll have a nearly impossible time completing the mission.

Objective: Take the second car to the truck.

Once again, pull carefully behind the truck and position your car toward the ramp. Drive up into the truck to steal the second car.

Objective: Steal the next car.

Find the third car inside the dealership.

The third car is close to the park, thankfully, which means the faster you get the second car onto the truck the better. Steal another vehicle (preferably a motorcycle) and race to the third car’s location. It’s inside a car dealership. Approach the dealership and drive through the front windows. Don’t get out, shoot the windows, and then find the car. Time is critical! Drive through! Steal the marked car.

Objective: Take the third car to the truck.

Exit the dealership and move to the front of the lot. Take the street going left from the dealership (pointed toward the truck). Take a right at the next intersection, a left at the next intersection, and another right at the next one. Now you’re on the road that leads to the truck and compound. The remainder of the mission is simply a race to the truck. Ideally the truck should be around .60 meters or more from the compound to ensure success. As the truck nears the compound, the roads become winding and narrow, which makes getting the third car onto the truck very difficult.


Objective: Get to the yard.

The first part of this mission is simple: just drive your vehicle to the yard. It’s marked on your mini-map. Getting close is easy; getting inside the yard is a bit trickier.

Objective: Find a way in.

There’s a simple route inside. Just drive the vehicle down the ramp toward the yard then bust through the front gate. But this isn’t discreet. There’s a guard at the gate and driving through sets off the yard’s alarm system, which alerts other guards to your presence. It’s difficult to combat all of these ready enemies.

There’s a side route into the yard...if you don’t mind a swim.

Instead, there’s a sneakier route into the yard. Walk to the left side of the gate and jump into the water below. You should see another swimmer--a clue to this side path. Swim along the right side and spot the tunnel. Navigate the tunnel to the ladder; ascend the ladder into the yard.

Objective: Lead the container onto the trailer.

Move slowly through the yard and eliminate all of the guards. You’ll likely set off the alarm but you will have gotten the jump on them. When facing the open hanger, remain at a distance (for instance, behind crates) and fire at long-range to eliminate the numerous guards that exit. Be sure to gather their weaponry; there’s a nice assault rifle to pick up. Search the hanger for health (more health near the containers if you need to replenish) then move over to the tower marked with the red arrow. Ascend the ladder to reach the controls at the top.

Objective: Get the blue container.

Use the mechanism to pick up the blue container and move it onto the trailer.

Now you must use the mechanism to retrieve the blue container. It’s on the bottom in the middle of the stack. Move the top containers over to the left side. Put the first ones on the ground so you can move the mechanism easily. Take the container off of the blue one and shift it over to the left. Grab the blue container and move next to the tower then continue backward to find the trailer. Place the blue container on the trailer.

Objective: Attach the cab to the trailer.

Descend the tower and move into the hanger to find the cab. Get inside and drive it over to the trailer. Back the cab into the trailer to attach the vehicle to the trailer.

Objective: Get to the docks.

Maneuver the truck out of the yard and back onto the Nice streets. You’re immediately under pursuit and soon discover that roadblocks have also been set up to stop your theft. The docks aren’t close; a quick check of the map reveals you must move north and then around west then southwest to reach the destination. It’s best to stay out of the small streets and stick with the larger route along the coastline. It might be longer but it’s easier to navigate.

These roadblocks won’t be able to stop the power of your 18-Wheeler!

Don’t stop for anything. When ramming a roadblock, aim the truck between two of the cars to sustain a slightly softer impact (also so you don’t lose too much speed). It’s important to get through the blocks quickly; the armed officers fire on the truck and can inflict a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

The turn into the docks isn’t easy. You’ll have to perform a U-turn to maneuver into the ramp that descends toward the docks. Drive the truck to the destination marked by the red arrow to complete the mission.


A local repo gang is looking to take a car...but Calita wants it first. You must follow the marked truck to find the car.

Objective: Follow the truck to find the car.

Drive along the right side of the road to bypass a few enemies.

There’s a short alternate route just as the mission opens. The path splits left and right on either side of a small building. Taking the left route (the main route) sends you right past a group of enemies with guns. It’s wiser to take the right route. Avoid the trees and the building and continue toward a ramp ahead. You can jump the ramp and get ahead of the truck if you wish but let the truck move ahead so you can resume pursuit.

Follow the truck through the rain-soaked streets of Nice. The truck eventually turns right into a compound; guards stand out front and will shoot as you approach. Remain at long-range and get out of your vehicle. Return fire and eliminate the guards--ideally using the assault rifle if at long-range.

Don’t charge inside the compound. Stay at the entrance and eliminate as many guards as possible from long-range.

Approach the compound entrance but don’t go inside. Remain at the entrance and eliminate every guard you can see. Hide behind the corners and peek your crosshairs around and onto the enemies. Utilize your assault rifle to eliminate all hostiles from the safety of this distance. You may have to strafe right slightly to shift the crosshairs around the corner and pick off the enemies hiding on the left side. Another stands guard in a tower to the left. Hide behind the truck and eliminate him.

Objective: Get it back to Calita’s yard.

The good news is Calita’s yard is close by. The bad news, and it’s bad, is that the car can only withstand a certain, small, amount of damage. Oh and also you have pursuers! You’ll have to drive nearly perfectly to get back to Calita’s yard with the car intact. Keep ahead of the pursuers and their tendency to ram your stolen vehicle. If you’re still tailed as you approach Calita’s yard, get of the vehicle and shoot your pursuers. Lose the tail and get into the yard to finish the mission.

Arms Deal

Objective: Go get the hardware.

You don’t have much time to reach the hardware...good thing it’s pretty close.

A timer appears at the top of the screen. You must reach the destination before the 50 seconds expires. From the start position, drive forward and almost to the far building ahead. Take a right and drive past the tower and through the gate onto the main road. Take a right onto the street and follow it until the cut scene interrupts the action.

Objective: Go get the pickup.

Exit the car and go left into the alley. Maneuver to the next intersection and glance around the right corner. Spot the red arrow marking the pickup truck and take note of the enemies standing guard around the vehicle. Eliminate them from long-range. Approach the position carefully and take cover as needed as you advance. Beware of more guards hiding within the alcoves along the left side of the alley.

As you near the truck, look around the left and right corners for any remaining enemies. With the coast clear, hop into the truck.

Objective: You must deliver the explosives.

Not only do you have a time constraint but the arms truck can only sustain so much damage.

Not only do you have a limited amount of time (2 minutes, 30 seconds by the timer at the top of the screen) but the truck can only withstand a certain amount of damage before the mission fails. Race toward the destination marked on the mini-map. Try and lose pursuers by driving close to other vehicles or objects. Avoid crashing into poles. Move down the alley toward the destination. If you’re still under pursuit at the destination, exit the vehicle and shoot up the pursuers to lose the tail. Position the truck under the red arrow to complete the mission.

Booby Trap

Objective: Keep your speed above 50.

Although Keanu Reeves is nowhere to be found, this mission plays like the feature film Speed. Driving with Lomaz, you must keep your vehicle above 50 mph or a bomb detonates within the car. Fortunately if you dip under 50 mph you have several seconds to regain speed before the car explodes.

Where’s Sandra Bullock when you need her? Keep the car above 50 mph!

There’s a meter at the top of the screen that reveals how close the bomb is to detonation. The further the meter is to the right, the close the bomb is to detonation. Note that the meter rises and lowers at a specific rate. That means if you dip below 50 and then get above 50, you must stay above 50 for a certain amount of time to allow the meter to drop. If you spend a lot of time under 50, you simply can’t get over 50 to reset the meter completely. A speedometer appears on the left side of the screen so you can see your current speed and adjust accordingly.

It’s beneficial to remain on the straightest stretch of road possible. Use the mini-map and follow the road along the coastline as you approach the target. Speaking of the target, it’s a friend who will help rescue Lomaz from the car. Drive fast but controlled. Don’t overturn, which reduces speed, and certainly avoid collisions. Even at a near full stop you should be able to get over 50 fast enough.

You’ll eventually move through a small coastal town and spot the beach on the left. When the orange path appears on the left side of the road (it separates the road from the beach), pull off the road and straight onto the beach. The best time to do it is when the road turns slightly left giving you a straight route across the orange path and onto the sandy beach.

Objective: Get alongside.

Ride alongside the rescue truck--at about 55 to 60 mph--so Lomaz can leap to safety.

Race down the sandy beach and find the rescue truck ahead. It travels slightly faster than 50 mph. Drive up to the left side of the truck and keep your speed above 50, ideally around 55 to 60 mph. Watch Lomaz get ready to jump. When he’s lined up with the truck, hit the jump button to get Lomaz onto the rescue vehicle.

Objective: Drive into Fabienne’s truck and bail out.

Lomaz wants to return the bomb to its owner. The mission retains its previous parameters: you must stay above 50 mph! Drive up one of the sets of stairs on the right side of the beach and return to the street. Turn right onto the street that runs perpendicular to the coastline and you’ll be headed in the general direction.

Watch the mini-map for the appearance of four right turns in succession. You want the third right turn. Check the mini-map to see the destination approaching. Turn right into the yard and take the first left.

Bail out of the explosive car just before it smashes into Fabienne’s truck.

Objective: Get out.

Maintain your speed here. You’ll likely dip under 50 but adjust straight toward the truck quickly and accelerate above 50 mph. As you get close to the truck, bail out of the vehicle and watch it smash into Fabienne’s truck and explode.

Calita in Trouble

Objective: Take out the truck or get to Calita.

Move in behind the reinforcements and take them out before the truck can reach Calita.

You have two choices at the start of the mission. Blast a truck full of reinforcements on its way to Calita or simply race to Calita in hope of beating the reinforcements. Note that the destination marked on the mini-map is Calita, not the truck. Check the mini-map closely and find the truck as noted by a green circle.

Exit the airfield and get onto the main road and drive northeast along the coast toward Calita. Continue down the coastline until you spot the green dot just north of your position. Turn left and then the next right to maneuver behind the enemy van. Position your crosshair on the van rear tires and open fire. If you get close, the back doors open and guards return fire. Shoot them quickly.

Objective: Get to Calita.

From this balcony you have an excellent vantage point to eliminate the guards below.

You reach an intersection with Calita positioned just on the other side. Turn left or right and go around to the other side of Calita’s position. Maneuver into an alley and spot the red marker indicating her position. Get out of the car and shoot the guards. Go up the stairs and take out other guards. Maintain a position on the balcony and eliminate the guards below. Stand back from the railing but within view of the guards so you can take them out from a relatively safe position.

Objective: Stop Fabienne.

Scamper back down the steps and return to the car. You’ll spot Fabienne pass by along the road ahead of you. Quickly get to the road and turn left to follow Fabienne. Move fast! Fabienne isn’t waiting around for you to catch up. You must remain within range or the mission fails.

Fabienne is an excellent driver...but like all lunatics, he’ll eventually crash.

Fabienne takes different routes so it’s impossible to track his course accurately. You must drive controlled but fast. Avoid traffic on turns and don’t over steer and spin out of control. Remain close behind him and don’t bother trying to inflict damage. This is a battle of attrition; you don’t have to shoot him and harm his vehicle. Fabienne eventually crashed into a building and gets out of his vehicle. Hop out of your car, arm a weapon, and eliminate Fabienne.

Rescue Dubois

Objective: Get to the restaurant.

Take a leisurely drive through Nice to open the mission. Follow the mini-map to the marked destination. When you reach the street, spot the red arrow marking the restaurant and move slowly. There are guards out front. Don’t disturb them. Exit the vehicle and arm your weapon. Move your crosshairs over a guard; kill anything under a red crosshair.

The restaurant is marked just ahead. Get out and eliminate the guards out front from long-range.

After clearing the exterior, ascend the steps to the front of the restaurant. Eliminate the guards inside the front room. Move slowly along the left side; the door on the left opens revealing more guards. Terminate them and snag the nearby health. There’s an additional health pack on the right side of the bar.

Move through the door on the left and eliminate the guard inside. Continue through the next room and blast the other two guards to trigger the next sequence.

Search the restaurant for health packs.

Objective: Get Dubois. Stop the car.

The vehicle containing Dubois zooms past as the sequence begins. Get inside the car quickly and follow. Maneuver close behind the vehicle and open fire to cause damage. Concentrate primarily on following, however; if you fall too far behind, the mission ends in failure. Shoot any time you’ve maneuvered within close-range; at longer range, work on catching up to the vehicle before deciding to resume the attack.

Objective: Shoot the bodyguards.

The enemy car is quick. Work on catching up if you’re far behind and only shoot if you’re up close.

The enemy car eventually crashes and a couple bodyguards exit. Exit your own vehicle and open fire on the two bodyguards. Use your own car or any nearby structures or obstacles as cover. Fire at long-range to avoid sustaining heavy damage. Kill the bodyguards to complete the level.


Objective: Get Dubois to the boathouse.

The mission begins in a river. Pilot the boat to the destination marked on the mini-map. It’s as simple as that!

Enjoy the scenery on your boat ride cause you’re about to be trapped inside a small boathouse!

But things take a turn for the worse upon reaching the boathouse. You’re pinned inside a storage area; guards are busting through the hanger door.

Objective: Get to Vauban.

This is a challenging sequence that requires quick hands and feet. Turn around and board the forklift. Drive it to the stack of crates. Move the forklift forward then turn it right to face the crates. Move the forklift into the crates and lift one into the air. You have to be extremely careful. The crate reacts to any sudden movements. Reverse the forklift too fast and the crate will fall off.

You’ll use the forklift to lift a crate and position it between the gaps in the walkway.

Once you have a crate on the forklift, back up to the left and drive toward the split walkway ahead of you. Position the high crate against the wall and between the two walkways. Exit the forklift and ascend the ladder on the left. Jump to the top of the crate then the next walkway. Pick up the pistol near the next ladder. Descend and snag the shotgun at the bottom.

Open the door and blast the guards near the vehicles outside. If you have time, snag health to the right but it’s better to get inside a vehicle quickly. Move away from the boathouse and toward the road. Go quickly and you’ll avoid the arriving reinforcements. Get by them then go around the roadblock ahead using the grassy area on the right.

Now it’s a race to Vauban. Keep ahead of your pursuers and avoid taking too much damage. If you have enough health, you could exit your vehicle, shoot up the pursuers, and then find another vehicle to drive toward the destination. Continue to the northwest corner and find the circular streets that surround Vauban.

Getting there is a bit tricky. Maneuver through the circular streets and work your way inside via side streets that move toward the center where the destination lies. As you get near, and especially if you lose the tails, exit the vehicle and maneuver on foot toward Vauban.

Objective: Take out Calita’s gang and get to Vauban.

There’s no need to charge the gang. You can even take out enemies from behind this rocky wall.

Guards surround the place. Don’t charge the guard-filled area. Use your long-range assault rifle and pick as many guards off from a distance as possible. If you approach from the side opposite the entrance ramp, then ascend the rocky hill to the fence surrounding Vauban. You can see the top of the guards and even pick them off from this relatively safe position. Ascend the entrance ramp on the far side and carefully eliminate the remaining guards to complete the mission.


Objective: Tail Jericho.

Maintain a safe, but close, distance behind Jericho.

Your initial objective is to drive the pick-up truck close behind Jericho’s vehicle...but not too close! A proximity meter at the top of the screen gauges your proximity to Jericho. Too close and he detects you and the mission ends; too far and you lose him and the mission fails. Since too low and too high are the danger zones, keep the proximity meter somewhere in between. The surveillance eventually ends; a cut scene triggers the start of the next sequence.

Objective: Find a way in.

Turn around and move along the street until you find a brick fence on the right side. Move through the opening and down through the door at the bottom.

Objective: Get in undetected.

You’ll immediately spot an enemy ahead of you. Orders are to get inside undetected. This translates to killing enemies without causing a ruckus. The sound of your gunfire is okay (though use silenced weapons)--it’s the sound of the enemy’s gunfire that causes the problem!

To prevent the enemies from firing you’ll need to eliminate them fast, preferably with headshots to better ensure a one-shot kill. Shoot the enemy in the head and press onward.

You can’t create a disturbance. Wait until a guard turns his back before taking him out with a headshot.

Move up the stairs on the left and find another guard at the top. Eliminate him with a headshot. At any point if you fail to connect with a headshot, keep firing while aimed at the head or body to eliminate the guard quickly before fire can be returned. Another guard stands with his back turned at the railing at the top of the stairs. Eliminate him. He may move away on a patrol route. Wait until his back is turned before advancing and attempting to take him down.

Advance toward the construction area and peek around the left corner to spot the next guard. He will move around the room. Wait until he stops with his back turned before firing. Drop down the hole in the room’s center to trigger the next sequence.

Objective: Fight your way out.

Being discreet is no longer a necessity. Shoot the guard at the door ahead of you. Move through the door and toward the railing. You can counter the guards here or just move around to the right and find the staircase going up. There’s a guard at the first flight and the second (in the doorway). Continue up toward the doorway. Look for a potential health pack here.

Battle smart and don’t charge onto the roof where several guards wait. Remain within the doorway and eliminate guards to the left and right. Watch out for guards taking cover behind the obstacles.

Gather the weapon ammo and cross the roof toward the stairs. Before descending, aim and eliminate the guards on the adjacent roof just below your position. Spot the tanks at the bottom--there are guards crouched alongside them. Maneuver carefully and strafe to aim at the hidden guards and eliminate them all.

Whenever possible, eliminate guards from the relative safety of height.

As you approach the other side of the tanks, aim to the right at the far stairs where more guards arrive from. Beware of another guard hiding behind the vent.

Move to the roof’s edge and aim and shoot any guards in the distance before continuing onward. Cross the rooftop to the construction area and find the stairs leading down. Eliminate the guards on the next floor; there’s plenty of cover behind the pallets of dry wall. Work your way down each floor to the site’s bottom. Gather any health packs along the way.

Objective: Get to your hotel.

Don’t hesitate to trade vehicles if necessary. The truck has seen better days.

There’s a truck at the bottom to use for your escape. Before using it, clear out the guards blocking your path. The truck isn’t in great shape so you’ll want to ditch it pretty quickly and jack another car. Follow the mini-map to the hotel. You may pick up tails on the way. Just get to the hotel then get out of your vehicle and shoot the pursuers to lose them and complete the mission.

Tanner Escapes

Objective: Hold off the cops.

Protect the truck by combating the pursuing cops. You’re facing out of the back of the truck and have nearly limitless grenade launcher and submachine gun ammunition. The task is straightforward: keep the cops from ramming the truck by bombarding them with explosives and bullets.

Grenades are your biggest ally here. Avoid firing grenades against cop cars that are too close to the truck. The resulting explosion (from a grenade bouncing too close to the truck) can inflict major damage. Instead, launch grenades at cops that are approximately a block away. For instance, a cop pulls from a side street and into pursuit--launch the grenade! Switch to the submachine gun against closer cops.

The grenade launcher makes this one of the most explosive sections of the game.

Don’t be shy about launching those grenades at long-range. You have plenty and you can’t inflict self-damage if the grenade bounces far down the street. The driver eventually reaches a blockade near the coastline...time for a swim!

Objective: Get to your hotel.

You’ve commandeered a boat but unfortunately the hotel is on land. The boat isn’t a permanent vehicle; you’ll have to find a car. For now, drive the boat along the coastline and past the marine patrol. Remain along the coast and spot the staircases that can take you out of the water and back onto land. Pull up close, jump out of the boat, and swim over to the stairs. Return to the road to find some wheels.

Maneuver the boat near the stairs that can return you to dry land.

There are cops everywhere; you can spot them on the mini-map and attempt to avoid them. Otherwise you’ll need to outrun them or hope to lose them to a crash or spinout. Drive to the hotel marked on the mini-map. If you’re still tailed upon reaching the hotel, get outside of your vehicle and hide behind buildings to escape the cops. Approach the hotel with no pursuer to complete the mission.

Another Lead

Objective: Chase the car.

You must keep within range of this aggressive driver to reach the next stage of the mission.

This is a difficult car chase; one of the toughest maneuvers is right at the mission’s start! Gun the accelerator and turn left to follow the car to the street. Turn left onto the road to begin the pursuit. Keep on him until a cut scene triggers the next sequence.

Objective: Capture him. Don’t kill him.

The mission resumes on foot. Arm a weapon and eliminate the guard in front of the entrance. Move into the market area. It’s important to move slowly through here. It’s best to get the first shoot off on guards then be surprised and ambushed.

Enemies have overrun this market. Move cautiously!

Approach the intersection and eliminate the guards that appear to the right (snag health on the left). Go right and to the corner. Spot the guards scrambling in the distance. Shoot them from long-range by lining your crosshairs up carefully. As you advance, watch for the side route on the left and take out the guard standing within.

Comb the marketplace carefully for enemies and health packs. It’s sometimes tough to see the enemy against the market’s background. Move your crosshairs over each area; if it turns red, shoot! Move to the far side of the market and find your target hidden in an alcove. Reach him concludes the mission.


Objective: Chase the Bagman.

The chase begins quickly! The Bagman has already pulled off. Run quickly to the nearest car and get inside. Back out of the parking spot and turn right to begin pursuit. Spot the Bagman pull out of the lot and onto the main road going left. Follow him, carefully avoiding traffic out of the lot.

A chase through Istanbul becomes difficult once the Bagman starts using the narrower roads.

The Bagman turns right at the first opportunity. You can gain some ground by driving over the small hill along the right side of the road. Take the sharp right when you reach the adjacent street and resume pursuit. It’s not the easiest maneuver and can introduce a random element to the chase (such as flipping your car over!) so if you’re close to the Bagman, just take the right turn normally.

The narrow Istanbul streets aren’t the easiest to navigate and the Bagman certainly makes good use of them. Control your turns carefully and avoid smashing into the sides of buildings, which would hinder the pursuit. Eventually the chase ends in an alley--where you’re trapped inside!

Objective: There’s no way back. Escape through the building.

Shoot the enemies blocking you inside the alley. You won’t be able to get out but you can avoid taking any more damage from them. Or you can quickly scamper to the door marked with the red arrow and get inside. Here’s where things get challenging.

Battle these enemies outside or just hurry into the building.

As soon as you enter the room, be ready for a guard to appear from the left staircase. When he’s dead, shift your crosshair to the doorway straight ahead and above your position. Eliminate the guard that appears.

Go up either stairs to the doorway and look to the left and wait for the guard to run into view. Eliminate him. Peek out of the doorway to the right side. Don’t go out the door; stay inside and use the corner for cover as you eliminate the guard on the upper floor. There’s another guard on a higher floor straight ahead. Duck and eliminate him before moving out of the doorway.

Exit the door to the left. Instead of charging down the path, turn around and slowly back up. There’s a guard on the upper floor that could shoot you in the back if you weren’t paying attention. Scan the area with your crosshair and when it turns red, fire your weapon. Proceed to the back left corner for health.

Return across the catwalk toward the right side. A guard bursts out of the door so shoot him when you get close. Move to the stairs and shoot the guard at the top. Face right in the next room and wait for a guard to appear in the back corner. Move there and grab some health.

Reach the door in the back right corner. Open it and start down the stairs taking out any guards in your way. Cross the room to the back left corner and go down more stairs toward the exterior of the building. Terminate the guards inside the courtyard to the left and find the car in the back corner. Get inside and drive it through the wooden doors on the left side of the courtyard.

Check the mini-map. You need to get to the bridge and go to the southern area toward your destination. Beware of the pursuers that appear on the mini-map. Avoid them if possible; otherwise, just keep moving toward safety. Move along the coast after you cross the bridge and reach the destination. If you still have a tail, get out of your car and shoot them. Read the marked location to complete the mission.

The Chase

Objective: Stop Calita. Take her alive.

This is certainly the toughest chase segment in the entire game. Calita is extremely fast and a new flawless driver. It’ll require nearly impeccable driving skills in order to keep up with the extremely aggressive Calita. The chase starts extremely tough and maintains a high level of difficulty throughout.

Calita is the best driver in the game, bar none. Expect the most difficult--and frustrating--chase sequence.

At the onset, turn your car around quickly using burnout to turn as quickly as possible. Gun the accelerator to follow Calita to the intersection ahead. This is a difficult section where the random factor rears its ugly head. It may be easy to get through the intersection or very difficult--depends on incoming traffic and their position upon your arrival. You can cut off a few seconds by driving along the left sidewalk and between the wall and the pole. Maneuver around traffic here and continue to pursue Calita down the primary highway.

Most often Calita will take a right turn far ahead and enter the narrow streets of a residential area. However, if the path to this right turn is blocked, Calita continues down the coastline in a slightly easier route. On the easier route, follow her through the park when she takes the short cut. Just follow her path exactly to avoid obstacles.

Both paths coverage at a bridge. The daring Calita isn’t swayed by the open drawbridge and makes the jump. Unfortunately you aren’t as brave.

Objective: Find another way across.

You could lower the bridge via the controls but it’s just as quick to find marine transportation. Descend the stairs on the left side of the bridge and find the boat waiting for you. Get onto the boat and drive it across the river toward the area marked on the mini-map. You must work quickly to keep up with Calita. Exit the boat onto the road on the other side and approach the motorcycle shop to trigger the next sequence.

Objective: She’s getting away.

Calita hops on a motorcycle and you do the same. Charge out of the shop and follow her to the left. Avoid the median and weave through traffic in pursuit. She takes a right on the next road. Try to stay in the left lane on this next street since she takes a left not too far down the road. The motorcycle is much faster than a car but it’s also much more agile; it’s easier to dodge cars and obstacles with a simple adjustment of the controls.

One of the toughest turns is near the end of the chase. Take a sharp left through the narrow entrance. Don’t let Calita get too far ahead of you’ll lose her. During the chase, Calita may get knocked off; move up close to her and the mission may end in her capture. Otherwise, continue the chase until the next sequence begins. Engage in the gun battle until the mission concludes in success.

Bomb Truck

Objective: Stop the truck.

You have 2 minutes, 30 seconds to stop the truck. Sounds simple except explosives are being hurled out of the back of the truck. You must balance racing behind the truck, shooting the truck, and avoiding the explosives to successfully complete the task.

The safest location is directly behind the bomb truck.

Your best move is to get as close to the truck as possible. If you’re up against the back of the truck, the explosives fly over and past your vehicle. Otherwise you’ll have to dodge explosives or, even tougher, shoot them before they reach your position.

Shoot the first explosive thrown from the van or move along the left or right wall to avoid it. On the wider street, hug the left or right wall as soon as the explosive appears to better avoid sustaining damage. Pull in close behind the van and open fire. The closer the better; that means you can inflict more damage in a short amount of time as well as avoid damage from the explosions. Damage the truck sufficiently (the meter appears at the screen’s top) before the timer expires to complete the mission.

Chase the Train

Objective: Chase the train.

Drive onto the train tracks and chase the train! Remain on the left track; an oncoming train appears on the right track and you certainly don’t want to be in its way. Also, you’ll spot a tunnel on the right side eventually; just ignore it because it’s not where you’ll want to go.

Objective: Get ahead of the train.

You must figure out a way to get ahead of the train. As you near the caboose, move along the left side of the train and drive your car between the fence and the train’s left side. Drive quickly. As you’d expect, ever second counts. You must get as far toward the front of the train as possible. But you won’t be able to pass it...yet.

Pass the train on its left side.

Eventually you’ll encounter buildings on the left side. Remain between them and the train. You may need to decelerate slightly in order to avoid smashing into the buildings. When you spot the tall, narrow tower on the left, get ready to turn slightly left. There’s an opening that takes you through a fence and onto the highway. That’s where you need to be! Run parallel to the train. You’ll move faster here and get ahead of the train. Gain as much ground as possible. You need to be as far ahead as you possibly can.

Ignore the first right turn; it’s the second right turn you want. At the second right turn, position the car diagonally to hit the hill and jump back onto the train tracks. You must be ahead of the train at this point while on the tracks. If you aren’t, you won’t be able to maneuver in front of the train in time.

Objective: Get to the bridge before the train.

Just keep driving on the tracks ahead of the train. Follow the tracks to the bridge. Cross the bridge to begin the next sequence.

Objective: Chase Jericho. Protect Jones and Vauban.

No need to rush to chase Jericho. Battling the present enemies successfully is important now.

Having completed the train sequence, you must now complete the mission on foot--against an enormous amount of enemies. Arm your favorite weapon and press forward. Eliminate the guards ahead: anything that turns your crosshairs red! Jones and Vauban are assisting up ahead. Unfortunately you must keep them alive to complete the mission. Shoot the enemies engaged with Jones and Vauban to keep them healthy.

Don’t worry about keeping Jericho within range. You’ll catch him eventually. Be patient and move up the street and take out guards from long-range when possible. You’ll notice that guards appear literally out of nowhere. Be ready every time you advance for new enemies to appear. Search the sides of the road for health packs and you continue toward Jericho.

Battle Jericho from long-range and use the alley’s objects and corners as cover.

He eventually stops in an alleyway where the final gun battle takes place. Remain at long-range; it’s the best strategy. You can use various objects as cover while pinpointing your crosshair on Jericho and opening fire. He can withstand a lot of damage. Annihilate Jericho to complete the mission and the game.

Chapter 3 - Take a Ride Secrets

The map of Miami. C# = Secret Cars; # = Timmy locations; A = Armory.

If you’ve beaten the Driv3r single-player game and sat through the entire credit sequence then you’ve read the message at the end: there are three secret cars and 10 "unsavory" characters to find in each city. These are the Take a Ride secrets! Select "Take a Ride" from the main menu and then take a spin in one of the three cities and find the secrets described in this chapter.

Miami’s Secret Cars

The go-kart is, perhaps, the most unique secret vehicle in Driv3r.

  • Car #1: Start on the western side of Miami and drive to the river that bisects the northern and southern halves of the western side. Drive on the northern half of this river going west from the road. Move along the buildings that face the river and search for an alley leading north. At the end of this alley you’ll find a secret car.
  • Car #2: On the western side of Miami, go to the southwestern corner to the roads just before the river. There’s a massive hotel here. Approach the hotel and turn west and into a side path into the trees and shrubbery. Here you’ll find a tunnel that runs to a gate control station. After the tunnel, exit the car and go up the staircase. Follow the catwalk to another stairs and finally into a room marked "Gate Control". Use the switch inside. Return to the car and drive toward the river and through the open gate. Continue south until you reach the track. Go to the track’s pit area and find the second secret car, a go-kart!
  • Car #3: Start on the eastern side of Miami at Tanner’s place (the second starting point from the far right). Drive northwest along the coast to the bridge. Advance across the bridge to its center and take a right on the next route. Follow it to the house. Walk up to the garage, which opens to reveal the third secret car.

Miami’s Timmy Vermicellis

There are 10 Timmy Vermicellis (think Driv3r’s jab at Grand Theft Auto) scattered around each of the three city maps. Distinguish Timmys by their colorful clothing and their propensity to shoot you on sight. Kill all 10 Timmys in each city and unlock an Armory, which becomes marked on the mini-map as a small colored circle. Locate it to discover a weapons cache. Reaching the armory then unlocks a special game mode. In Miami, it’s 18-Wheeler Anarchy. Take a spin after visiting the armory to see what that means!

The following are Timmy location descriptions that match the Miami map screenshot in this section of the guide.

Timmy #1: Drive to the southern tip of Miami and find Timmy on the second floor of an abandoned building. Open garage marked A1 to find him inside.

Timmy #2: Just north of the river downtown, search an open garage inside an alley to find the Timmy standing inside.

There’s a Timmy on the second floor at this construction site.

Timmy #3: There’s a construction site north of the river at this location. Find Timmy on the second floor of one of the buildings-in-progress.

Timmy #4: Find the track at this location and search behind the nearby houses to find Timmy hiding out.

Timmy #5: Enter through the gate ramp on the southern side of the football stadium. Search the room on the edge of the upper floor to find Timmy.

Timmy #6: Enter the gate control station at this location. Drive to the hotel then go west into the shrubbery and through the tunnel. Use the catwalk to enter "Gate Control" and discover Timmy inside.

Timmy #7: Start at Tanner’s house, cross the street, and find Timmy in the yard.

Timmy #8: Navigate this dock area and search the building on the far western edge to find Timmy on the upper floor.

Drive a boat to this shack and search its second floor for another Vermicelli.

Timmy #9: Take a boat and go to the "i" in Miami on the map. There’s a shack there. Go inside and find a Timmy in the back room.

Timmy #10: Drive to the Gold Coast Hotel in this location and navigate to the rooftop. Approach the elevator to reveal Timmy.

Once you have found all 10 Timmys in Miami, you’re told to go to the Armory. Drive to the southwestern side near that hotel. Just east of it is a road where you’ll see the dot marking the armory on the map. Pull into the house here and search the backyard for a tunnel. Descend into the armory. Doing so unlocks 18-Wheeler Anarchy mode. Exit and get back in a car and attempt to outrun and outlast those angry semis!

Nice’s Secret Cars

The map of Nice. C# = Secret Cars; # = Timmy locations; A = Armory.

  • Start on the far western side of Nice and drive north toward the café that you found in the mission Hunted (if you’ve played the single-player game). Drive into the circular set of roadways and into the middle area to find the café. Move the car to the far left side of the café to find a garage. Approach the garage and its door opens to reveal the first secret vehicle, a groovy 70s van!
  • Start on the far eastern side of Nice (the start position is in the northeastern corner) and drive south toward the coastline in the bottom southeastern corner. At the house here, take the road along the coast (it’s not on the map) then take a turn into the driveway of what appears to be an old church. Drive up to the garage across from the church and approach. The doors open revealing the next secret vehicle, a forklift!
  • Begin on the far western side of Nice and drive east and to the airport located along the southern edge of Nice (it’s the gray area on the map). Drive along the runway going east and look on the left side to find a set of garages. Approach the doors to cause one to open. This reveals the third secret car in Nice.

It’s not going to break speed records...but it can lift things!

Nice’s Timmy Vermicellis

There are 10 Timmy Vermicellis (think Driv3r’s jab at Grand Theft Auto) scattered around each of the three city maps. Distinguish Timmys by their colorful clothing and their propensity to shoot you on sight. Kill all 10 Timmys in each city and unlock an Armory, which becomes marked on the mini-map as a small colored circle. Locate it to discover a weapons cache. Reaching the armory then unlocks a special game mode. In Nice, it’s Fugitive mode. Take a spin after visiting the armory to see what that means!

The following are Timmy location descriptions that match the Nice map screenshot in this section of the guide.

Timmy #1: There’s a unique area at this location in Nice (eastern edge, northern corner) that contains ramps and bowls and other things to drive through. Look for Timmy wandering around inside.

Timmy #2: Go to the coastline in the southeastern edge. There’s a gate adjacent to the boat. Drive through and go to the right corner of the yard to find Timmy in a crate.

You can drive a boat or swim to this cave containing a Timmy.

Timmy #3: The Timmy here (southeastern section but northwestern side of it) is actually in a cave. You can navigate there via water or just go to that side of the land, jump into the water, and swim there.

Timmy #4: Drive along this coastal highway until you reach the decrepit buildings along the northern side of the road. Drive up the ramp and on top of the buildings. You’ll eventually fall through the roof and find a Timmy.

Timmy #5: Walk or drive into this park marked on the map and find Timmy inside a gazebo.

Timmy #6: Drive along the western road marked here until you spot an opening in the fence. Go up the stairs on the abandoned house to find Timmy at the top.

Timmy #7: Go to the airport and climb the air traffic control tower. There’s a ladder and it’s a long way up! Timmy is at the top.

Timmy #8: Drive a boat along the river to find Timmy on one of the shores.

Timmy #9: There’s a church located at this position. Timmy can be found on the backside of the building.

There’s a Timmy hanging out at the top of the lighthouse.

Timmy #10: Walk out onto the dock and find Timmy at the top of the lighthouse.

Once you have found all 10 Timmys in Nice, you’re told to go to the Armory. Find it on the eastern side of the map. Take the road to the old fort and spot the dot marking the armory on the map. Walk into the fort and enter into the armory. Doing so unlocks Fugitive mode. Exit the fort and quickly realize that everyone in the game is now armed and not a big fan of Tanner!

Istanbul’s Secret Cars

The map of Istanbul. C# = Secret Cars; # = Timmy locations; A = Armory.

  • Start in the upper northeast corner of Istanbul. Drive west along the main road that runs along the northern edge of the map. You’re looking for the two square-shaped road formations that are just south of the main road along the northern edge. Circle around the western square and find the construction side. Maneuver inside so you’re inside the square and search the garage here for the first secret car.
  • Begin on the southwestern position of Istanbul. Proceed northeast and across the bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn left then take a left into the arch passage. You’re moving into the shipyard, marked gray on the map. Search the crates along the middle of the shipyard to find the second secret car inside one of the open crates.
  • Start on the southwestern position of Istanbul and drive along the southern edge of the map. It runs parallel to the train track. Get onto the train track and go west. Follow it to the depot with the crates and train cars on the right side. Maneuver over there and search behind a crate in the left garage for the third secret car in Istanbul.

Find this secret car in the train depot.

Istanbul’s Timmy Vermicellis

There are 10 Timmy Vermicellis (think Driv3r’s jab at Grand Theft Auto) scattered around each of the three city maps. Distinguish Timmys by their colorful clothing and their propensity to shoot you on sight. Kill all 10 Timmys in each city and unlock an Armory, which becomes marked on the mini-map as a small colored circle. Locate it to discover a weapons cache. Reaching the armory then unlocks a special game mode. In Istanbul, it’s Infinite Mass mode. Take a spin after visiting the armory to see what that means!

The following are Timmy location descriptions that match the Istanbul map screenshot in this section of the guide.

Timmy #1: Drive to the located marked on the map and listen for the booming techno music. There’s a club at this circular intersection. Move inside the club and find Timmy on the upper floor.

Timmy #2: In the northern half of Istanbul, drive along the southern highway along the coastline. There’s a set of warehouses at the dockyard. Find Timmy wandering among them.

Timmy #3: Proceed into the shipyard. It’s on the northern half in the southwestern corner. Go to the coast and find the shacks overlooking the water. Climb up the steps and find Timmy inside one.

Timmy #4: Start on the southwestern section of Istanbul and drive to this position. It’s a multi-story warehouse on the western side of the street. Climb to the second floor and find Timmy inside.

Timmy #5: Start on the southwestern section and drive to the train depot to the south. You can get there via train track or road. Search the western side for an elevated control room. Ascend the stairs and find Timmy inside.

Timmy #6: Begin on the southeastern start point and drive slightly north toward the park. Cross it on foot and find the building labeled the Cistern on the far side. Go inside and descend underground and find Timmy to the right inside the small office area.

Timmy #7: Search an alley near these roads to find Timmy hiding in an alcove.

Timmy #8: Take a boat or even a car and search under the southern pylon of this bridge. Find Timmy patrolling here.

Timmy #9: Drive to this section in southeastern Istanbul and enter the building across from the fenced in wire-like structure. The building is a bathhouse. Go downstairs and search the alcoves for Timmy.

Timmy #10: Find the safehouse marked on the map in the southeastern area of Istanbul. Go inside (the red brick building on the eastern side of the road) and ascend to the upper floor above the gym area. There’s a room with a bead curtain. Beyond the curtain, shoot the debris blocking the hidden door on the left side. Go in here and find Timmy in the back corner.

Once you have found all 10 Timmys in Istanbul, you’re told to go to the Armory. Find it on the southwestern side of the map. Locate the dumpster area on the right side of the road in the marked location. Move to the building just to the right of this area and go inside. Proceed down the stairs inside and find the armory. Doing so unlocks Infinite Mass mode. Exit the building and now you can plow through other cars without stopping!

Chapter 4 - Cheat Codes

This chapter compiles cheat codes for Driv3r. Input these cheat codes on the main menu screen. If entered correctly, you’ll hear a distinct tone. Go to the options menu then cheats to find the unlocked cheat code. Toggle the code on to use it!

PlayStation 2 Cheat Codes

All Weapons: R1, L2, Square, Circle, R1, R2, L2

Immunity: Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, R2, Square

Invincibility (Take a Ride only): Square, Square, L1, R1, L2, R2, R2

Unlock all Missions: L1, R1, L1, L2, Square, Square, Circle

Unlock all Vehicles: L1, L1, Square, Circle, L1, R1, Circle

Xbox Cheat Codes

All Weapons: L, L, X, Y, Y, R, R

Immunity: X, Y, R, R, L, L, Y

Invincibility (Take a Ride Only): X, Y, L, R, L, R, R

Unlimited Ammo: R, R, L, L, X, Y, Y

Unlock all Missions: X, X, Y, Y, R, R, L

Unlock all Vehicles: X, X, Y, Y, L, R, L

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