DreamCatcher signs Pax Romana

DreamCatcher Games announces that is has secured the global rights to Galilea's historical strategy game.

DreamCatcher Games has today announced that it has secured the global rights to Pax Romana. The historical strategy game, which is currently in development at Galilea, is set in ancient Rome and will feature both political and strategic gameplay elements.

The political side of the game will challenge players to take on the role of a famous historical character such as Caesar, Pompey, or Crassus and, by manipulating senators and generals, gain military and financial power for their faction. The emphasis in the strategic side of the game will be firmly on the players' ability to organize and execute military tactics during battle.

Pax Romana is currently scheduled for release on November 4 and will feature six political factions, more than 100 different military units, a map spanning some 400 regions, and support for up to six players. Further information is scarce at present, but we'll bring you more on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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