Dreamcastville: Population 4 Million

Sega makes a big estimate for Dreamcast sales worldwide, but can it meet the goal?

Sega Enterprises upped the ante on Monday, saying that it expects to sell four million Dreamcast units by the end of March 2000. That's a big estimate when you think that Sega hasn't even revealed its plans for the US. The company said that at the end of December it had sold 500,000, well on track to selling its estimate of one million units by the end of March 1999.

Currently Sega is setting up a big March release schedule, with a few blockbusters coming at the very end, March 25, to ensure a big push towards the goal. Marvel vs. Capcom, Blue Stinger, House of the Dead 2, and Superspeed Racing. Following a strong end of Feb. and beginning of March lineup, Sega should have no problem meeting the one million unit goal.

The only thing that could halt the company's ambitions now are software delays, something that Sega may not have a lot of control over, since a majority of the titles coming up are from third parties.

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