Dragon Nest sequel in the works - Shanda Games CEO

Sequel to MMO will not be "cartoony" and retain 3D graphics.

Publisher Shanda Games has revealed that a Dragon Nest sequel is in the works.

It will be two more years before Dragon Nest 2 will be revealed to the public.

According to the company's CEO Donghai Qian during the 17173.com industry awards event in China (via MMO Culture), the sequel is currently in the early stages of development. The game will not be as colorful as its predecessor but will retain its 3D graphics.

The sequel will adopt an open-world design instead of the instance-based design used in the prequel. Development for the game will go on for two more years before it will be officially revealed.

Shanda Games acquired Dragon Nest and Dungeon Strikers developer Eyedentity Games in September 2010. For more information on the first Dragon Nest title, check out GameSpot's coverage.

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Meh MMOs will be meh. Sorry but the genre itself needs a major revamp.


The first Dragon Nest was pretty awesome, thought it failed to hold my attention for extraordinarily long.

The aesthetic style they chose looked great, and the combat essentials were there, but a few things ended up shooting it in the foot: Repetitive combat scenarios without much in the way of interesting mechanics to take note of; UI quirks that made all of the beautiful UI window dressing fall to pieces because of annoying responsiveness issues; and just an overabundance of crap on the screen that they were trying to sell. Here's a billion things in your bags that all tie into our cash market! In town? Let's flood you with labels of NPC's that all tie into our cash market! When you compare it to games like WoW and Guild Wars 2, obviously leagues above Dragon Nest with large, steady revenue streams, I still think Eyedentity can learn a few lessons about hooking a player with a clean viewport into the world and a smooth starting experience before inundating them with upsells.