Dragon Nest SEA gets new Rise of the Typhoon Kim content update

New patch to feature two nest bosses, passive skills system, and five new Lotus Marsh instances.

Shanda Games has announced that it has released the new Dragon Nest SEA update called Rise of the Typhoon Kim.

The new update will add 10 more player levels for RPG fans to grind for.

The patch bumps up the level cap from 50 to 60 and also introduces new Nest bosses: the fire-based giant orc Typhoon Kim and the mutant summoner Professor K. New passive skills and EX skills can now be learned by players over level 50.

Players can now check out five new maps and new quests located in the Lotus Marsh. The game's story now revolves around a mysterious meteor crash site that is spreading corruption in the marsh.

This is the first time the patch is available in English. There is no word on the update's release in the North American and European version of Dragon Nest.

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