Dragon Nest gets new 2.0 update

New patch to hit on June 13; brings level cap to 70, system changes and additional abyss dungeons.

Eyedentity Games has announced that new content for its MMO game Dragon Nest will be released with the 2.0 update scheduled for June 13 in Korea.

Dragon Nest players in Korea will be getting new content; the rest of the world will have to wait.

According to a report from MMO Culture, the patch will bring the level cap to 70. In-game features like Hidden Potential and Suffix will be deleted in order to streamline the game further. A new upgrade catalyst called the Dragon Jade will be introduced and will allow players to either strengthen or add new skills to their weapon.

Other new things added include five new abyss dungeons, new EX and support skills for existing classes, and level 70 runes that boost health and defense. The game's main hub, Saint Haven, will have a new layout; the castle will be moved north while the courtyard will be shifted to the middle.

After the update, the developer said that it will introduce a new class: the male assassin, who comes with a melee-focused combat style. The release date for the character has yet to be revealed.

Eyedentity Games has previously announced that it was working on a sequel to Dragon Nest. Its recent game, Dungeon Striker, was in open beta on May 15.

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