Double Dragon Hands-On Impressions

Bandai's mobile port of Double Dragon is two phone-filled fists of fury, as we found out at E3.

There is nothing more rewarding than using your NES controller to swing a baseball bat at a spandex unitard-wearing blonde--except, of course, doing the same thing on your mobile phone.

In two short months, Bandai will be bringing all that 8-bit ball-busting to Sprint Vision subscribers. The game is due to launch on the Sanyo 8100, the Sanyo 8200, the Sanyo 7300, the Samsung A600, the Samsung A620, and the Samsung A660.

After a brief play-through, our overall impressions were very positive. The graphics approach the quality of their NES ancestor’s. Several moves and combos were possible; and, although the control felt a bit sluggish, these were easy enough to execute. Favorite maneuvers like the grab-and-toss, familiar to veterans of the NES classic, make a reappearance in fine fettle. There's nothing better than grabbing your enemy, kneeing him in the gut a few times, and finally casting him aside like yesterday’s garbage. Even cooler are the weapons. One of our favorites resembled a giant cotton swab, only it was deadlier. You can use this deadly implement to “waxed-on and waxed-off” effect, kicking a lot of street-punk booty in the process. We have very high hopes for this port, which is one of the better-looking NES refugees to make it to mobile in time for E3.

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