Dota 2 in-game compendium boosts prize fund by $2.4 million in four days

Something something something Half-Life 3.

I know what most GameSpot users are thinking: "Martin, I couldn't give a fig about Dota 2." But Valve's digital compendium for its Dota 2 world championship The International has sold in such huge amounts that the total prize pool for the tournament is now more than $4 million.

Sales of the $10 programme, which adds $2.50 to the prize pool with every purchase, have inflated the total funds to $4,210,368 at time of writing, massively up from the starting figure of $1.6m before the compendium went on sale on May 9.

In short, Dota 2 is huge.

By reaching the $4 million stretch goal, all compendium owners will now be gifted a mini-pudge courier at a later date. It won't be able to perform any dastardly fountain hooks, however. Remaining stretch goals include new music, a 1v1 mode, new environmental effects, and base customisation.

The International 2014 will take place in Seattle's KeyArena from July 18-21. Last year's victors, Alliance, will be there, alongside runners-up Na'Vi. Regional qualifiers for the remaining spots in the tournament are currently underway, starting with the American bracket this week and then heading into Southeast Asia, China, and finishing in Europe in a fortnight.

All games from The International 2014 can be watched for free within the Dota 2 client.

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Martin Gaston

Hi! I'm Martin, for some reason or another I have managed to convince the people who run GameSpot that I am actually wor
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Dota 2


Thanks to Valve, Icefrog and the community for this. Is impresive see how fast is growing Dota 2.


Gaben's pockets are so fat, i dont think he can move anymore.