Dota 2 27th August Patch – Content Analysis

We have had a patch deploy to the main Dota 2 client introducing the new Starladder Season X bundle that includes a set for Tiny and Compendium.

Front End Changes

New League Passes

Dota Regions

"Dota Regions is a tournament where 16 top semi-pro/pro teams compete for a $1,500 cash prize!"

MSI Southeast Asian Dragon Battle

"The Southeast Asian Dragon Battle features the best teams in Southeast Asia competing for $3,000!. This event is sponsored by MSI and Adata. "

Barganizer Online Tournament

"The first online tournament organized by Barganizer for amateur teams to compete from Indonesia!"

CSPL: Dota 2 League Season 2

"The second season of the CSPL Dota 2 League continues where more than a thousand different players will fight for a prize and the title of champion! "

ProveYourSkillz Tier 1: South America

"ProveYourSkillz is a free to watch and free to play league where teams compete for prizes."

Electro Dota 2 League Season 1

"Sixteen teams compete from Russia and CIS countries for 3,200 Rubles!"

New League Passes - Bundles

Dota 2 Champion's League Season 4

"The Dota 2 Champion's League is back with Season 4! The top teams will compete for $50,000 plus $2.50 from each bundle sold! Bundle also includes the Basim courier and loading screen!"

Includes the Basim courier and loading screen

SLTV Star Series Season 10

"This October marks the 10th anniversary of Starladder's original Star Series. In Season 10, the world's strongest teams will face off and compete for the right to mark down their names in the history books as champions. Bundle includes the 'Scarlet Quarry' set for Tiny."

Includes the Starladder Season X Compendium

The compendium will go live later this week.

Also Includes the Scarlet Quarry set for Tiny

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

The armoury expander no longer shows the incorrect amount of slots.

+ "DOTA_BackpackExpander_Confirm" "Are you sure you want to expand your Armory? The Armory expander will be destroyed upon use."

Alternative styles for the Nexon Invoker set.

+ "DOTA_Item_Sinister_Lightning_Style0" "Style One"

+ "DOTA_Item_Sinister_Lightning_Style1" "Style Two"

+ "DOTA_Item_Sinister_Lightning_Style2" "Style Three"

Nexon battle point bonus for their internet cafes.

+ "NEXON_CybercafeBonusNoName" "Earning %s1% bonus Battle Points for playing at cyber café: %s2."

Unreleased Cosmetic Items

Clockwerk's Iron Clock Knight

Wraith King's Imperishable Spirit of the Lord

Unreleased Treasure Chests

Treasure of the Fractured Prism

This is a chest for the NEXON Korean players.

Witch Doctor's Spider of Purple Nightmare set

Dragon Knight's Fire Dragon of Doom set

Invoker's Sinister Lightning set

Also includes two alternative styles.

Potential Additional Bonus Item - Centaur Warrunner's Warlord of Hell set

Potential Additional Bonus Item - Jumo Courier

Also includes a Dire version of the courier.

Other Changes

League Pass Updates

The Excellent Moscow Cup Season 2 tournament has been upgraded to "Premier" tier.

EG Hud Skin

The spacer now has a version for players who used their HUD flipped.

Post Match Surveys

An additional match quality survey has been enabled.

Portrait Updates

Portraits have been added for the Basim, Jumo and Dire Jumo couriers.

Predictions For The Next Hero

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Nice to see Cyborg Matt on Gamespot!

On the the flip side... Typical Valve reducing hype before building it again...


Whoa... since when there is a minor Dota 2 related stuff on gamespot..?

i've seen The International News on gamespot, but i thought other dota related stuff that isn't that big won't interest gamespot at all...

oh yeah... i think the images is too big... probably better if it's a thumbnails that can be zoom by clicking on it...


Cyborgmatt promised us a Dota 2 changing update and we get hats and tournament crap..

What incredible "insider info"..


OH COME ON I wanted techies 

wt-f valve


HATS HATS HATS, that's all I see on this patch


Techies is coming and we will all step on his annoying little mines


Thank the GabeN that courier is Very Rare.


@wexorian its mainly because ongamers is part of gamespot and Matt is working there, so it would make sense, if there is any patch analyzer for LoL/Smite that works for Gamespot then we will have it, its just recently anyway that it is posted on gamespot too, usually its only on ongamers


Thank you for posting this !

Great to see the patch notes listed in concise and easy to read format. 

Would love to see more articles like this for all games; or have a sub section for patch notes exclusively 

More dota patch notes and analysis would be awesome


Would love to see more of these articles in the future.


Nice article. I appreciate this being made so I can see the new content in a highly visible way.