Doom leads feature film pack at BO

Opening weekend nets Universal $15M, as game-based movie bests <i>Dreamer</i> and <i>Wallace & Gromit</i>; Universal execs like the win but "not thrilled" with take.

The Hollywood insiders called it a bust, but gamers can take greater pleasure knowing that one of their own, the run-and-gun franchise Doom, scored enough fans at the box office--in its celluloid form--to lead the weekend box office.

Topping the lineup of top-grossing films for the October 21-23 weekend, the Rock-riddled Doom decamped with $15.4 million from its opening weekend at 3,044 screens.

It was the only film to top $10 million in box-office receipts, but this wasn't enough to better the same weekend tally from a year ago.

Variety is reporting that the studio behind the movie is disappointed with the revenue draw. "I'm pleased we're number one, though, of course, I wish it was bigger," Universal's head of distribution Nikki Rocco told the trade.

Reportedly, the audience breakout was as follows: 69 percent male, 61 percent under 25 years old, and 59 percent having played the video game prior to seeing the movie.

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