Donkey Kong to march to a Jungle Beat

Nintendo announces a new DK bongo game for the GameCube.

Nintendo has announced a new Donkey Kong bongo drumming game for the GameCube, called Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. As with Namco's Donkey Konga, which was previously released in Japan, players will interact with the game using the DK bongo controller.

Players must drum, tap, and clap the bongos to control Donkey Kong as he makes his way through a side-scrolling jungle environment. The player's skill and timing with the bongo drums will determine Donkey Kong's success at navigating environmental hazards and fighting against hostile beasts.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat will support up to two players in head-to-head action and is currently slated for release in 2005.

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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat