Dogz go on walk to stores

Virtual puppies now shipping to retail for Nintendo's other handheld; Ubisoft's game features 18 different breeds.



Why should DS owners be the only gamers who can experience the joy of raising a pixelated pooch? Ubisoft today announced that Dogz for the Game Boy Advance has shipped to retail and will be available next week.

The virtual pet game lets players experience the joys of raising a dog without the worry of coming home to parents saying that they "drove the pooch to a farm with other dogs where he'll be much happier." There are 49 different dogs from 18 breeds to choose from, and owners will take on the responsibility of feeding, grooming, and playing with the canines.

Three minigames have been included: Play Run Puppy Run!, Puppy Reversi, and Puppy Quiz. Puppies can also sniff around other GBA owners' virtual abodes by linking two GBAs together.

Dogz is rated E for Everyone and retails for $29.99.

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