Dogz fetches GBA edition

Ubisoft rides the dog-simulator craze to Nintendo's other handheld; 49 dogs, 18 breeds to feed, groom, train, and play with.



If imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, then the gaming industry is full of sycophants. The success of one game often spawns other games that seem eerily similar. Case in point: Grand Theft Auto III and the legions of copycats that followed.

Nintendo's Nintendogs for the DS has been one of the year's great successes, helping the portable get a second retail life both in Japan and in the US. So it's no surprise that developers are getting their dogs in a row, lining up puppy simulators for handhelds.

O-3 Entertainment announced Pocket Dogs for the Game Boy Advance last week, making it an alternative for GBA owners looking to raise a virtual pet.

Today, Ubisoft announced that O-3 may not be top dog on the GBA. The publisher will release Dogz for the handheld in November. Like Nintendogs and Pocket Dogs, Dogz will ask gamers to raise a virtual dog. There will be 18 different breeds of dog, and 18 puppies in total.

Owners will need to care for their pet by feeding it, grooming it, and playing with it. They'll also be able to teach them various tricks, such as lie down, fetch, and shake. Dogs can even sniff each other out between two Game Boy Advances.

Dogz is rated E for Everyone and is awaiting pricing information.

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