Divine Divinity screens

Take a look at this upcoming isometric role-playing game from Larian Studios.


CDV Software has released some new screenshots from Divine Divinity, the upcoming role-playing game from Larian Studios. The game was previously known as Divinity: Sword of Lies. The isometric real-time game lets players assume the role of a warrior, a wizard, or a survivor. Depending on the character class chosen, the game becomes a fast-paced action-RPG, a classic RPG, or a stealth-based game. Players can customize the characters by choosing to develop some of approximately 100 different skills and attributes. The detailed storyline will take players through a seamless fantasy world made up of castles, forests, swamps, dungeons, underground cities, and many other environments.

For more information about Divine Divinity, take a look at these movies showing gameplay footage and visit the official Larian Studios Web site. Divine Divinity is scheduled for release this summer.