Dishonored Tales: Winner Announcement

A winner is announced for the Dishonored Tales creative writing contest. Check out to see who won the copies of Dishonored.

It's time to announce the winners to the GameSpot Dishonored Tales creative writing contest. We asked Bethesda fans to check out the amazing short stories web series that they posted in relation to the city, they were called "Tales from Dunwall". The mission was to do a bit of research on the mythos surrounding the city and come up with their own mischievous story, taking place in the world of Dishonored either as a single spoony bard or as a team. After collecting all of the entries and pouring through your emails GameSpot finally has a winner, TEAM ATLANTICA!

Team Atlantica's story "The Towel Over the Cage" was dubbed the victor, here's what GameSpot had to say about this entry.

"Full of florid, evocative language, this piece paints a rich portrait of a point in time and all the memories, emotions, and past events that can infuse a few still moments with so much meaning. The tension of the husband's scholarly absorption and the wife's impotent melancholy is great. I like the fascination here, as in Sudden Recollection, with the Pandyssian continent, a place referenced with varying degrees of reverence, terror, and awe in the game. "

And now without further ado, here is little taste of the winning entry.

"The Towel Over the Cage"

Justin Gold (writer) and Bryan Brown (illustrator)

"Six dead now in Dunwall," Stuart said. “There is word today of another." He unwrapped the gauze to reveal a blackish piece of raw meat. It had the dank smells of decay. It squished as Stuart lifted it and turned his head from the smell, his gloves edging the meat toward the rat’s cage. The rat shifted its weight, its thick hairs standing. When the meat was close enough, the rat leaped forward and scraped its claws on the metal bars. It squeaked and it hissed and it did everything it had done at about this same time, every day, for the last week. Stuart took the flesh away, wrapped it back in gauze. The rat shrunk to a bristle pile at the back of the cage.

"Must you do that?" Vera said.

"A plague is coming, my dear." Stuart opened another drawer and pulled out thin slices of cheese. He tossed them into the cage with disinterest. “And another month here will draw me closer to its cure."

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Runner Ups

While there can only be one winner there were two stories that came particularly close to taking the prize!

Sudden Recollection: This entry was a neat recasting of familiar tale (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) within the city of Dunwall.

11th Hour: This entry resonated nicely with the fear of the unknown that would fuel support for the Overseers, the author creates a murky world where there are no good choices.

Honorable Mentions

Last but not least, a special thanks to our Honorable Mentions.
A Dishonorable Display
Dunwall’s Finest Hour
Bottle Street Beef
The Quiet One
Beneath the White Cliff
The City Feeds Upon Us
A Shortage of Wealth
A dead man's tale
A list of the particulars milord requires
Honor is Not Even a Name to Call It

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Gratz to the winner, the Runners and the Honey-mentons!

Hmm, I was gonna write one, but I got sidetracked by life. Maybe I'll finish it and post it later.


I may not have won, but Honorable Mentions is fine by me!


Congratulations on the winners! I wish I have some insane writing talents too :) Be thankful guys you have this gift :)