Dishonored: No Kill, No Detection Walkthrough

Chris Watters and Maxwell McGee show you how to make it through missions without killing enemies or alerting them to your presence.

Walkthrough: Mission 1

Escape from Coldridge Prison and make your way through the sewers.

Walkthrough: Mission 2

Brand the High Overseer as a a Heretic without getting blood on your hands in the second mission.

Walkthrough: Mission 3

Show the Pendleton brothers a good time by catching up with Slackjaw.

Walkthrough: Mission 4

Abduct Sokolov without entering his home, or alerting any of the guards.

Walkthrough: Mission 5

Lady Boyle best break out the dishes because she's about to get served--non-lethally, of course.

Walkthrough: Mission 6

Corvo descends upon Dunwall Tower, with an (non-lethal) eye for the Lord Regent.

Walkthrough: Mission 7

Through the sewers and the wreckage, Corvo caries on, and so does our non-lethal guide.

Walkthrough: Mission 8

Corvo returns to his old haunt for one of the quickest mission in our non-lethal guide.

Walkthrough: Mission 9

It's the final countdown, Corvo's last mission. This will conclude our non-lethal guide.

Dishonored Endings

SPOILER ALERT: These are the endings, for real.

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