Digital Jesters asks for Moment of Silence

Publisher announces a new political thriller adventure game for release in the UK in October. First screens inside.

UK-based Digital Jesters has announced a new adventure game for the PC called The Moment of Silence. The high-tech political thriller is being developed by German studio House of Tales and will be released in the UK this October.

Players in the game will hop into the shoes of Peter Wright, a resident of New York circa 2030 and a communications designer on the government's new "Freedom of Speech" campaign. Things go south when Wright's neighbor is abducted by a SWAT team, and the unassuming urbanite is drawn into a world of political conspiracy and global domination.

The Moment of Silence features 3D characters against animated, prerendered backgrounds. It promises to intersperse actions sequences among the many traditional adventure game puzzles and dialogue choices as Wright interacts with characters voiced by professional actors.

Digital Jesters has not yet announced any plans for releasing the game in North America. Check GameSpot for more information on The Moment of Silence as it becomes available.

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