Deus Ex: Invisible War Walkthrough

Need help unraveling the conspiracy? Our walkthrough includes a full rundown of all weapons, biomods, and weapon modifications. We've also included a full walkthrough to get you through the game.

By Doug Radcliffe
Design by Collin Oguro

Deus Ex: Invisible War, the sequel to 2000’s classic first-person role-playing game, Deus Ex, bestows the freedom of choice. Utilize biomod technology to mold your character into a melee-specialist skilled in stealth arts or into a combat juggernaut protected by rocket defenses and trained in the ability to hack computers and reprogram bots. You can quietly maneuver around security turrets and guards or blow them away with a mag rail or rocket launcher.

This GameSpot game guide for Deus Ex: Invisible War features:

  • Biomods - Customize your character with biomods that can enhance stealth, melee, hacking, defensive, and combat abilities. This section covers all biomods, their level effects, and provides strategies for implementing each.
  • Weapons and Mods - This section reveals Deus Ex: Invisible War’s weapon arsenal and provides combat tips for utilizing weapon modifications.
  • Walk-through - Here you’ll find a complete walk-through, providing strategies on completing primary and secondary goals and the location of key items, biomods, and alternate routes.
  • Secrets - Check out this section for the secret Deus Ex 2 wrap party and the location of special, hidden weaponry.

Chapter 1 - Biomods

In Deus Ex: Invisible War, you’ll use biomods and black market biomods to customize your character. The biomods affect your character’s abilities. You could create a character that excels with stealth, a character that excels in melee combat, or a character that possesses impressive defenses.

The following chart reveals all five body slots and which biomods and black market biomods can be placed in the respective slot.

Cranial Cloak Hazard Drone Neural Interface
Eye Regeneration Vision Enhancement Spy Drone
Arm Biotox Attack Drone Strength Enhancement Bot Domination
Skeletal Aggressive Defense Drone Thermal Masking Electrostatic Discharge
Leg Move Silent Speed Enhancement Health Leech Drone

During the course of the game, you’ll find biomod canisters and black market biomod canisters. Augment the canisters into your character on the desired body slot and with the desired function. You can raise each function three levels; each additional level requires another regular biomod or black market biomod canister.

Since you’ll locate a mix of regular and black market biomods around the game world, you should avoid choosing all regular biomod or all black market biomod functions. For example, you shouldn’t try to use Neural Interface, Spy Drone, Bot Domination, Electrostatic Discharge, and Health Leech Drone because you likely wouldn’t find enough black market biomods to increase all of these functions to their maximum level. Since there are two regular biomod functions for every one black market biomod, logic dictates that you should follow the same rule when augmenting your character.

You can change a selected function by using another biomod; however, realize that you lose the original biomod and any biomods used to upgrade that function. Naturally you should avoid changing any selected biomod function--biomod canisters are fairly rare. If you must, certainly avoid changing functions you’ve upgraded to level two or above.

The following chart offers suggestions on biomod use depending on what type of character you’re trying to create or what type of gameplay you’re attempting to emphasize.

Stealth Cloak Spy Drone (BM) Biotox Attack Drone or Bot Domination (BM) Thermal Masking Move Silent
Combat Neural Interface (BM) Vision Enhancement Biotox Attack Drone or Strength Enhancement Aggressive Defense Drone Health Leech Drone (BM)
Hacking Neural Interface (BM) Regeneration or Vision Enhancement Bot Domination (BM) Thermal Masking Speed Enhancement
Defense Hazard Drone Vision Enhancement Bot Domination (BM) Aggressive Defense Drone Health Leech Drone (BM)
Bot Killer Cloak or Neural Interface (BM) Spy Drone (BM) Bot Domination (BM) Electrostatic Discharge Speed Enhancement
Melee Cloak Spy Drone (BM) Strength Enhancement Electrostatic Discharge Health Leech Drone (BM)

The following lists all available biomod abilities, effects of each level, and an additional description for each. Note that "level 1" is its initial state. An additional biomod or black market biomod can be used to upgrade to level 2 and another to upgrade to level 3.

Biomods - cont.

Cloak (Cranial)

  • Level 1 provides near-invisibility to organic enemies. User becomes visible when you fire a weapon.
  • Level 2 offers decreased energy drain.
  • Level 3 offers further decreased energy drain.

Cloak is obviously a key component to a stealth character. Save the energy for cloak to help bypass the toughest areas that feature multiple adversaries. Use in combination with Spy Drone to see what lies in the next room or hallway as well as Thermal Masking and Move Silent for their apparent stealth benefits.

Hazard Drone (Cranial)

  • Level 1 provides protection from radiation, biotoxins, and other environmental hazards.
  • Level 2 offers greater protection and decreased energy drain.
  • Level 3 offers greater protection and converts hazards into bioelectric energy. Decreased energy drain.

Hazard Drone protects you from environmental damage, such as radiation, fire, and poisonous gases (like those released by the Illuminati elites). At its highest level, it converts the hazards into energy. Other cranial biomods are certainly more useful. But, if you’re defensive minded, combine with health boosters like Health Leech Drone and other defensive biomods like Aggressive Defense Drone for added body defenses.

Neural Interface (Cranial, Black Market)

  • Level 1 enables user to hack security computers to control cameras. No energy cost.
  • Level 2 enables turning turrets on and off.
  • Level 3 enables domination or alliance-switching options for turrets.

Neural Interface is an excellent biomod that can assist any type of gameplay desires. With Neural Interface, you can hack security computers to disable and control cameras and on upper levels disable and control turrets. This can help you remain undetected (turning off cameras) or help your combat efforts (converting turrets). Note that late in the game, enemies will obliterate your controlled turrets so it becomes less effective as the game goes on. Neural Interface also eschews the need to find hidden security computer codes as you can always just hack the machine. You can also hack soda and snack machines for food items and ATM machines for credits (the higher your level, the higher the credits). You must be careful, though; many NPCs won’t appreciate you hacking into computers and ATMs so watch your back!

Regeneration (Eye)

  • Level 1 reconstructs organic tissues to heal user.
  • Level 2 speeds healing process and decreases energy drain.
  • Level 3 maximizes speed of healing process and decreases energy drain.

Regeneration essentially converts energy into health. Activate Regeneration and you lose energy but gain health as long as the biomod remains active. The repair bots you encounter in the game restore your energy level, which means you can switch on Regeneration and gain health and restore energy at the same place. Regeneration serves a heavy combat character well, though you could also use Health Leech Drone (a leg biomod) instead and choose to use Vision Enhancement.

Vision Enhancement (Eye)

  • Level 1 enables night-vision, enhancing critical targets.
  • Level 2 enables organic targets visible through walls. Decreased energy drain.
  • Level 3 enables all targets and critical resources (for instance, medkits) visible through walls. Decreased energy drain.

Vision Enhancement can be useful to a stealth or combat character as it provides night-vision abilities as well as the ability to see human and, at level three, bots through walls. Note that the mag rail’s secondary fire mode can shoot EMP blasts through walls. Combine the mag rail with level 3 Vision Enhancements to see, target, and damage bots through walls.

Spy Drone (Eye, Black Market)

  • Level 1 acts as remote spy camera and delivers an EMP attack when detonated.
  • Level 2 adds audio to camera and increases EMP attack damage and range.
  • Level 3 increases EMP attack damage and range. EMP attack stuns organic units. Decreased energy drain.

Spy Drone is another biomod that can be a great asset to a stealth or a combat player. A stealth character can use Spy Drone to investigate ahead and check hallways and rooms for enemies, cameras, and turrets. A combat character can use Spy Drone to remotely damage bots and even human units. You can weaken these enemies before expending ammunition in a firefight.

Biotox Attack Drone (Arm)

  • Level 1 fires non-lethal biotox darts at all hostile targets.
  • Level 2 offers decreased energy drain.
  • Level 3 offers further decreased energy drain.

Biotox Attack Drone creates an allied drone to fire biotoxin darts at organic enemy targets. The attack is fairly quiet, which can assist a stealth player, especially when used with a boltcaster to aid in the enemy’s knockout. The assistance isn’t bad for a combat-minded player either, though the other two arm biomods may be more useful.

Biomods - cont.

Strength Enhancement (Arm)

  • Level 1 enhances melee damage, throwing distance and damage done to targets by thrown items. No energy cost.
  • Level 2 increased melee damage, throwing distance, and damage to targets and carrying capacity.
  • Level 3 maximizes melee damage, throwing distance, and damage to targets and carrying capacity.

Strength Enhancement is best used for melee damage--combine with Electrostatic Damage, an energy sword, and possibly a health booster biomod for an effective "ninja-like" character. This ability also allows you to throw father, cause more throwing damage, and at level 2 and 3 increases your inventory carrying capacity. Those abilities shouldn’t be your focus, though; Strength Enhancement is best used to support a melee character.

Bot Domination (Arm, Black Market)

  • Level 1 enables first-person control of small bots, cameras, and turrets.
  • Level 2 offers control of medium-sized bots. Increased domination time. Decreased energy drain.
  • Level 3 offers control of all types of bots. Increased domination time. Decreased energy drain.

Bot Domination allows you to assume control of cameras and turrets as well as bots of increasing potency (depending on your level). At the highest level you can gain control of the game’s most powerful mechanized units. This is a great way to avoid tougher combat situations: just control a turret or bot and use it to weaken or destroy nearby enemies!

Aggressive Defense Drone (Skeletal)

  • Level 1 stops incoming rockets and grenades by detonating them midair before they reach the user.
  • Level 2 stops incoming rockets and grenades at greater distances.
  • Level 3 stops incoming rockets and grenades closer to the enemy.

Aggressive Defense Drone pays dividends later in the game where more of the enemies carry rocket launchers. Though it will take awhile to reap the rewards of a level 3 Aggressive Defense Drone, it’s very effective against the game’s tougher rocket launcher-wielding foes as the rockets detonate close to the enemy and can inflict damage.

Thermal Masking (Skeletal)

  • Level 1 provides near-invisibility to bots/mechanical units. User becomes visible when firing a weapon.
  • Level 2 offers decreased energy drain.
  • Level 3 offers further decreased energy drain.

Thermal Masking is another essential tool for the stealth player, though it can be very useful for any character type--activate Thermal Masking to become invisible to mechanical adversaries, such as bots, cameras and turrets. If you can’t hack, Thermal Masking can help you avoid cameras and turrets and help you save multitools for locked doors and footlockers you’d rather explore.

Electrostatic Discharge (Skeletal, Black Market)

  • Level 1 charges melee attacks with EMP damage. No energy cost.
  • Level 2 offers increased EMP damage.
  • Level 3 offers maximum EMP damage and short-term scrambling of bots.

Electrostatic Discharge is an ideal biomod for a melee character--it adds EMP damage to your melee attacks. Combine with Strength Enhancement for a very nice, and powerful, melee attack against bots and even organic units. You can also disable laser fields by using your melee weapon against the laser field device.

Move Silent (Leg)

  • Level 1 dampens movement sounds while walking and increases the height from which you can fall and sustain no damage. No energy cost.
  • Level 2 dampens sounds while jogging. Can fall safely and silently from a greater height without sustaining damage.
  • Level 3 dampens all movement sounds and increases the height from which you can fall without sustaining damage.

A stealth character will find Move Silent quite useful--it dampens movement sounds and allows you to fall from greater heights without sustaining damage. That can aid you in exploration and getting around enemies in a pinch; instead of going the "normal" route you can leap off a staircase or over a railing to help avoid detection.

Speed Enhancement (Leg)

  • Level 1 enhances movement rate and jump distance. Decreases fall damage.
  • Level 2 offers greater movement rate and decreased energy drain.
  • Level 3 offers maximum movement rate and decreased energy drain.

Speed Enhancement can be an asset for a stealth or combat-oriented player, though most stealth players will chose Move Silent. Speed Enhancement aids in escape; the added speed helps avoid danger. It can also help get around a tough section of enemies or turrets with minimal damage. Note that Speed Enhancement also decreases fall damage, much like Move Silent.

Health Leech Drone (Leg, Black Market)

  • Level 1 breaks down corpses and uses them for reconstructive healing. 2x healing from unconscious targets.
  • Level 2 offers greater healing.
  • Level 3 can also break down and use live ambient creatures and offers maximum healing.

Health Leech Drone helps boost health much like Regeneration, though better suited for stealth characters--use stealth to knock out an enemy then use Health Leech Drone to gain 2x healing benefits from the unconscious target. At level 3 you can find cats, rats, and other animals and use them to regain health.

Chapter 2 - Weapons and Mods

This section offers a rundown of Deus Ex: Invisible War firearm, melee weapon and grenade arsenal as well as the collection of special weapons and weapon mods. Though you could complete Deus Ex: Invisible War without firing a weapon, the challenges encountered are much easier with the help of a firearm and a grenade or two.

Firearms share the same ammo type so there’s no juggling of bullets, rockets, and flamethrower tanks. Each weapon uses ammo differently, though; for instance, a rocket launcher consumes more ammunition than a pistol. If you’re utilizing firearms frequently, then you should take the time to search for ammo everywhere, particularly under or around slain enemies. Pick up the body and move it aside to grab the ammo clip (or partially used ammo clip).


The following lists Deus Ex: Invisible War’s firearms and melee weapons, provides a description, and strategies and weapon mod tips (where applicable) for each.


Description: A modern 9mm pistol, manufactured by Mako Ballistics. Alternate fire mode toggles a beam flashlight.
Ideal Weapon Mods: Silencer, Glass Destabilizer
Strategies: The pistol is a low damage, low ammo use weapon that will serve you through the first stage of the game (if you chose not to use melee weapons instead). The pistol’s alternate fire mode switches on a flashlight to illuminate dark areas (though be careful about revealing your location to enemies). The pistol is okay for killing greasels and weaker enemies. It can be modified with any of the weapon mods, though silencer (to aid in stealth in the early part of the game) and glass destabilizer (since its low ammo, the pistol is perfect for destroying laser-protected glass) are the best options.


Description: An accelerator that electromagnetically launches a bolt to deliver a non-lethal neurotoxin to the target. Alternate fire mode toggles a scope.
Ideal Weapon Mods: Refire Rate
Strategies: Use the boltcaster to disable an enemy with poison. Each shot increases the poisonous dose, which will disable the enemy more quickly. Attach the refire rate weapon mod to fire more bolts in a shorter period of time; if your aim is true, you can disable the enemy quicker. Boltcaster is a good stealth weapon and good in combination with Health Leech Drone since that biomod allows extra health regeneration from unconscious bodies.


Description: Fully automatic rapid-fire submachine gun. Its alternate firing mode launches a flashbomb.
Ideal Weapon Mods: EMP Converter, Ammo Scavenger
Strategies: The SMG, or submachinegun, fires quickly but also consumes ammo quickly, which can be costly if you’re inaccurate. The SMG is very useful with the EMP converter weapon mod, which adds EMP damage to its bullets. Disable cameras, turrets, and bots quickly with the rapid fire SMG. Utilize the alternate fire "flashbomb" mode against a room full of human enemies. While the enemies are blind, eliminate them with the SMG or other weapon.


Description: Weapon fires an anti-personnel blast in a wide pattern, ideal for fighting tight groups of multiple opponents. Alternate firing mode launches smoke grenade.
Ideal Weapon Mods: Refire Rate, Fragmentary Round
Strategies: The ultimate close-range weapon, the shotgun can dish out a significant amount of damage in a single, close-range shot. If you carry the shotgun, also carry a long-range weapon, ideally the sniper rifle, to handle long-range targets. Use the alternate fire to provide cover for a stealthy approach.

Sniper Rifle

Description: A long-distance ballistic weapon with a low refire rate. Alt-fire scope dramatically increases your shot's damage by improving your ability to pinpoint vital organs.
Ideal Weapon Mods: Refire Rate, Ammo Scavenger (if used frequently) or Silencer (if stealth)
Strategies: The shotgun may be the ultimate close-range weapon but the sniper rifle is the ultimate long-range weapon. The sniper rifle inflicts more damage when you’re using the alternate fire scope. You can eliminate an unarmored human enemy in a single shot with the sniper rifle while zoomed but if you score a successful hit on the same enemy while out of zoom, the enemy can survive. Attach refire rate and ammo scavenger if you’re using the weapon as your primary attack; the silencer will help keep you undetected.


Description: Causes heavy damage. Alternate fire mode blasts out a mass of napalm that will stick to the target surface and burn.
Ideal Weapon Mods: Ammo Scavenger, Increased Damage
Strategies: The flamethrower unleashes heavy damage at close-range. Two mods are available and if you plan on using the flamethrower frequently, you shouldn’t neglect to attach them. The alternate fire mode launches a small projectile of fire that can engulf an enemy.

Rocket Launcher

Description: Fires a missile that detonates on impact. Alternate firing mode grants the user first-person control of the missile via an on-board camera.
Ideal Weapon Mods: Ammo Scavenger, Refire Rate
Strategies: No action game would be complete without the patented rocket launcher. This is a powerful late game weapon if you don’t mind making a little noise. Use the weapon mods ammo scavenger and refire rate if you plan on using the weapon frequently.

Mag Rail

Description: Fires a narrow but extremely powerful energy beam. Alternate firing move delivers an EMP blast that passes through walls.
Ideal Weapon Mods: Ammo Scavenger or Refire Rate, Increased Damage
Strategies: The mag rail offers the ability to inflict damage to both human enemies and mechanized targets, such as bots, cameras, and turrets with its alternate firing mode. In fact, the alternate fire EMP blast goes through walls. Combine with Vision Enhancement for an effective tool against bots. Attach ammo scavenger and either refire rate or increased damage if you plan to utilize the weapon often.

Combat Knife

Description: A heavy military knife. Ultra high carbon steel. Virtually unbreakable. Heft and balance make it suitable for slashing and stabbing.
Strategies: A melee weapon found early in the game. It dishes out low damage but could be one of your first weapons if you plan to emphasize melee combat with the help of Strength Enhancement and Electrostatic Discharge.


Description: A standard heavy-duty crowbar.
Strategies: The crowbar should be familiar to fans of another popular first-person shooter. Increase the weapon’s low effectiveness with the help of the melee boosting biomods.


Description: A heavyweight polyurethane baton. Ideal for non-lethal incapacitation.
Strategies: Combine with Strength Enhancement and Electrostatic Discharge to pound bots at close-range (Electrostatic Discharge adds EMP damage to melee weapons). The baton can also incapacitate human enemies but will certainly require Strength Enhancement for optimal effectiveness.

Stun Prod

Description: Delivers a short-ranged electrical stun attack to a single organic target.
Strategies: Uses ammunition to deliver an electrical stun attack at close-range to human enemies. You can incapacitate enemies then use Health Leech Drone to replenish your health with double effectiveness.

Energy Blade

Description: A well-balanced sword, enhanced by a plasma-electric charge that increases strike damage.
Strategies: The best melee weapon and can be a real punisher enhanced with Strength Enhancement and Electrostatic Discharge.

Grenades and Mines

The following compiles the grenades and mines available in Deus Ex: Invisible War and offers description and strategies for each.

EMP Grenade

Description: Emits an electromagnetic pulse that disables bots, cameras and turrets within its radius. Detonates after a brief duration or can be set to detonate on contact by using the alternate firing mode.
Strategies: It’s extremely useful to keep a few EMP grenades on hand, particularly for a stealth-based player. Enemies can drop EMP grenades when killed or incapacitated, so watch for them! You’ll use EMP grenades to disable bots, turrets, and even cameras.

Concussion Grenade

Description: Creates a small explosion. Detonates after a brief duration or can be set to detonate on contact by using the alternate firing mode.
Strategies: Excellent for a room crowded with enemies. Toss a grenade inside, inflict explosive damage, and then eliminate the wounded survivors with your firearms or melee weaponry.

Scrambler Grenade

Description: Transmits an electronic signal that temporarily causes bots to attack their allies. Detonates after a brief duration or can be set to detonate on contact by using the alternate firing mode.
Strategies: Toss a scrambler grenade at a bot’s feet and the bot goes hostile on your enemies. You can use the scrambler grenade just to turn the bot to an ally even if they aren’t enemies around--perhaps you just want to get past the bot easily. But you could also toss the scrambler grenade at a bot positioned near enemies for chaotic enjoyment.

Noisemaker Grenade

Description: Emits an indistinct and non-threatening noise that can be used to attract attention. Detonates after a brief duration or can be set to detonate on contact by using the alternate firing mode.
Strategies: The noisemaker grenade can be used to distract a patrolling guard so you can sneak by much easier. This can be a useful tool for a stealth player but not as much for a player focused on powerful weapons and their attacks.


Description: Once thrown this bomb creates a bright flash that blinds hostile targets in the area and then dies out with slowly fizzling flare. Detonates after a brief duration or can be set to detonate on contact by using the alternate firing mode.
Strategies: This grenade is similar to the alternate fire mode of the SMG. Toss a flashbomb to blind enemies providing a chance to bypass the enemies or annihilate them with firearms or melee weapons.


Description: Self-assembles into a spiderbot, allied to the user. Will attack the nearest enemy, delivering EMP and electrical damage. Detonates after a brief duration or can be set to detonate on contact by using the alternate firing mode.
Strategies: Toss a spiderbomb grenade, which transforms into a spiderbot that offers a weak attack and general annoyance to your enemies. While your enemies are distracted by the spiderbot, you can sneak by or use your other weaponry on the enemies. You could also utilize a spiderbot against greasels.

Gas Grenade

Description: Releases a non-lethal gaseous biotoxin that chokes and temporarily blind organic units. Detonates after a brief duration or can be set to detonate on contact by using the alternate firing mode.
Strategies: Toss a gas grenade into a crowded room to incapacitate its inhabitants. It’s a good way to get deal with a tough room if you’re trying to avoid attracting too much attention or you’d rather save ammunition.

EMP Prox Mine

Description: This type of proximity mine releases an electromagnetic pulse that disables bots, cameras and turrets within its radius. Plant the mine on any flat surface, to be activated by any close range movement. In alternate firing mode, it detonates after a brief duration.
Strategies: Like an EMP grenade but can be attached to a surface and triggered by movement at close proximity. Place in the path of a bot.

Concussion Prox Mine

Description: A proximity explosive that can be affixed to any flat surface. Once set, the mine is detonated by any movement within close range. In alternate firing mode, it detonates after a brief duration.
Strategies: Like a concussion grenade but can be attached to a surface and triggered by movement at close proximity. Place in the path of an enemy’s patrol.

Scrambler Prox Mine

Description: Emits a viral electronic transmission identical in effect to the scrambler grenade. In alternate firing mode, it detonates after a brief duration.
Strategies: Like a scrambler grenade, this mine is used to change a bot from hostile to ally. Place on a surface that lies in a bot’s path. When the bot moves within close proximity, the mine detonates.

Special Weapons

The following are specially named weapons that are hidden in the game. These weapons are more powerful or more useful than their standard counterpart.

Toxin Blade

Description: Prototype special forces combat knife. Microporous metal releases toxins on contact. Designed for political assassination.
Location: Under a pillow in the businessman’s suite in Emerald Suites
Strategies: Similar to the combat knife but offers poison damage.

Red Greasel Hunter

Description: Street-modified 9mm, equipped with infrared stealth light. Used by mercenaries collecting sewer greasel bounties.
Location: Lying next to the dead Omar in the small sewer section in Lower Seattle (at the inclinator).
Strategies: Similar to the pistol but offers an infrared light that doesn’t attract attention.

Assassin Pistol

Description: A 9mm pistol, manufactured by Mako Ballistics, but modified by Omar Technosect for greater range and damage.
Location: In Trier in the Curio Shop above the Nine Worlds Tavern. While in the Curio Shop, search behind the boxes in the back corner for some ammo, mines, and the assassin pistol.
Strategies: Similar to the pistol but provides greater range and damage.

Hellfire Boltcaster

Description: A Black Market accelerator that launches an incendiary bolt.
Location: Inside the Nassif Greenhouse in Cairo. Enter the Hydrponics Control System at top and go left. Exit onto a balcony. Leap over the railing and onto the planks that extend from the balcony. Go to the right and jump to the small ledge. (Speed enhancement with its jump distance increase helps). Use the vent to the left and follow it into a secret room containing the Hellfire Boltcaster.
Strategies: Similar to the boltcaster but inflicts greater damage with its fiery bolt projectile.

Widowmaker SMG

Description: Rapid-fire submachine gun modified by Omar Technosect for accuracy. Its alternate firing mode launches a spiderbomb.
Location: In the nanoformer programming area of the arcology. When you reach the intersection after descending the ramp from floor 107, check to the left for a crawlspace that leads to some ammo (and another dead SSC guard) and a unique weapon, the Windowmaker SMG.
Strategies: Similar to the SMG but offers a spiderbomb instead of a flashbomb in its alternate firing mode.

Dragon Tooth Sword

Description: A product of early nanotech development, a non-eutectic solid blade that can slice the hardest materials.
Location: Found in the first "JC Memory" after using the Helios device the first time. Find the Dragon Tooth sword on top of the left bookcase.
Strategies: Similar to the energy blade but provides greater damage.

Weapon Modifications

In Deus Ex: Invisible War, firearms can be enhanced by weapon modifications, which you’ll find throughout the game often locked in footlockers or on shelves behind locked doors. One you affix a weapon with a modification, it can’t be removed.

The following list reveals specific weapon mods that can be attached to particular weapons.

Pistol: All weapon mods can be attached to the pistol.

Boltcaster: All weapon mods can be attached to the boltcaster.

SMG: Ammo Scavenger, EMP Converter, Fragmentary Round, Glass Destabilizer, Increased Damage, Increased Range

Shotgun: Ammo Scavenger, EMP Converter, Fragmentary Round, Glass Destabilizer, Increased Damage, Increased Range, Refire Rate

Sniper Rifle: All weapons mods can be attached to the sniper rifle.

Flamethrower: Ammo Scavenger and Increased Damage

Mag Rail: Ammo Scavenger, Glass Destabilizer, Increased Damage, Increased Range, Refire Rate, Silencer

Rocket Launcher: Ammo Scavenger, Increased Range, Refire Rate

The following lists each weapon modification, its description, and provides tips for using each.

Ammo Scavenger

Description: Increases the number of shots per ammo clip.
Strategies: Certainly useful on the weapons you use the most since you’ll be able to get more ammo from its use. Don’t waste this modification on lower damage weapons, like the pistol.

EMP Converter

Description: Charges shots with an electromagnetic pulse which damages bots, cameras and turrets. EMP shots drain more ammo.
Strategies: The EMP converter adds EMP damage to your weapon’s projectiles and can turn any weapon into a camera, turret, or bot disabler. This is very useful on the SMG because of the weapon’s high fire rate.

Fragmentary Round

Description: Causes shots from ballistic weapons to explode into fragments upon impact, inflicting radius damage.
Strategies: Adds radius damage to a ballistic weapon. Attach to the SMG or shotgun.

Glass Destabilizer

Description: Vaporizes glass with ultrasonic vibrations - breaks the glass silently and does not trigger alarms wired to the glass.
Strategies: Shooting glass makes noise; also, laser fields protect certain glass windows. Solve the problem of attracting attention or setting off alarms by using the glass destabilizer modification. Attach at least one weapon in your inventory with this modification so you can get through windows without alerting your foes.

Increased Damage

Description: Increases the damage inflicted by each shot fired.
Strategies: Don’t waste this modification! Place it on your favorite, most used weapon.

Increased Range

Description: Increases the firing range of a weapon.
Strategies: Attach this modification to increase the projectile range of the affected weapon.

Refire Rate

Description: Increases weapon refire rate.
Strategies: Use the refire rate modification on slow fire rate weapons, particularly the rocket launcher, sniper rifle, and the shotgun.


Description: Dampens weapon sounds including those of firing and impact. Once installed, will affect every shot fired from that weapon.
Strategies: Keep a stealthy approach intact by using the silencer modification on your weaponry.

Chapter 3: Walk-through

This section provides a walk-through for Deus Ex: Invisible War. There’s no single path through the game. There are many optional quests that can be completed or ignored. Additionally, nearly every situation can be solved in multiple ways. Suppose you encounter a security camera. You could hack a security computer to disable the camera, you could use a multitool to disable the camera, you could use an EMP grenade to disable the camera, you could use a weapon enhanced with an EMP converter to disable the camera, or you could just try and sneak past the camera.

This walk-through attempts to provide several possible solutions to many of the game’s situations but there’s likely a different solution available that could allow you to still reach the eventual goal.

The walk-through attempts to point out the location of many food, health, weapons, credits, biomod canisters, and other key items. Thorough exploration is always encouraged above and beyond the walk-through as you will likely discover even more important items scattered around the game world.

Secondary goals are optional and you can chose to complete the side quests or ignore them. Many contain awards, such as credits or even biomod canisters, and are certainly worth the effort.

Note that characters you meet throughout the game can be killed, which can prevent them from appearing later in the game.

Seattle, Washington

Approach the holocomm unit on the left desk and speak with Leila Nassif, director of the Tarsus Academy in Seattle.

Primary Goal: Tarsus Assault - Get Map.

Open crate in rear of apartment. Grab datacube to get map.

Primary Goal: Tarsus Assault - Meet Billie.

Before leaving grab binoculars and MontyBites! bar from the desk. Exit and grab some soy from the kitchen. Proceed left down the hall. A guard is killed by an explosion. Grab the partial clip left behind (may need to pick up his body). Move left at intersection to apartment 454. Use intercom on the left side of the door. Enter and talk to Billie Adams.

She provides the Elevator code.

Primary Goal: Tarsus Assault - Report to Dr. Nassif.

Talk to Billie Adams several times for additional information. Check the kitchen for food; there's some more soy in the fridge. Exit Billie's apartment and proceed to the elevator. Check the public news terminal on the left side of the hall before venturing to the elevator. Talk to the SSC guard next to the elevator then use the keypad on the right. Ride the elevator to Tarsus recreation.

Walk to the window on the left side and speak with Leila.

Primary Goal: Tarsus Assault - Meet Klara; Primary Goal: Tarsus Assault - Meet Leo.

Walk right to staircase but go left toward the water cooler. Find Klara here pacing back and forth. Speak with her. Go into the gym on the left and speak with Leo, who is running laps. After the conversation, Leila announces an emergency alert.

Primary Goal: Tarsus Assault - Get equipment.

Search Alex D’s locker for weapons and equipment. You can also search the other lockers with the help of multitools.

Exit the upper level of the gym and go downstairs. Find the locker room on the far right. Leila will update the situation while you search the lockers; orders are to exit the facility. Grab the pistol, medkit, multitool and baton from your locker. Grab the ammo and food from the left locker. You can use the multitool to open one of the two right hand lockers for their equipment.

Primary Goal: Tarsus Assault - Exit the facility.

Exit the locker room. The SSC guard warns you of a seeker. You can help the guard or just avoid the seeker (inside the gym, hide behind the pillars on the right). Return to Leila's office and speak with Billie.

Primary Goal: Tarsus Assault - Go to Biomod Lab.

Billie suggests going back to your apartment and finding the breach that leads to a hidden Biomod lab. Enter and ascend elevator and return to Tarsus Apartments.

Exit the elevator and grab the stun prod, pistol, ammo, and flashbomb near the dead guard. Talk to the other guard; he'll ask for your help in taking out a seeker. If the seeker dies, pick up the ammo clip. Check out Klara and Leo's apartments for food, multitools, and read their messages. Use the vent shaft between apartments to find another multitool. Don't forget to open the storage crate. Check Billie's apartment again for any missed supplies. Return to your apartment.

Billie cuts the power, which exposes the roof and the ever-watching scientists. Check your fridge again for more soy then go through the hole in the bathroom. Climb down the ladder then climb up the far ledge as instructed. Enter the biomod laboratory.

Approach the rear of the lab and hear from Leila Nassif.

Primary Goal: Tarsus Assault - Install biomods.

Open the biomod screen and select your desired biomod. Search the lab for additional supplies and datacubes for information. Enter the next section and speak with the scientist; there's a camera and turret combo nearby that you must sneak past to avoid damage. Snag more supplies from the table--and hear again from Leila--before going through the door on the right.

Sneak past the camera along the left wall. There's an energy cell on the far right if you want to risk being detected. Ascend the stairs and speak with more scientists at the top. More terrorists are on the way.

Secondary Goal: Protect scientists.

Eliminate the two order seekers arriving from the staircase.

Secondary Goal: Collect reward.

After eliminating the seekers, speak with the scientists. One hands you a silencer weapon mod for your efforts. Search the lab. Grab the energy cell, read the datacube, and spot the black market biomod canister in the locked cabinet. Use a multitool or the explosive crate (shoot the crate when it's next to the cabinet) to open it and get the black market biomod.

Crawl through the vent shaft on the left to bypass the laser field.

To exit, use the vent shaft or hack the security computer if you have neural interface biomod installed. You can also toss the explosive crate into the laser beams.

Use the medbot in the hall (and return to it as necessary). Next lab has two order seekers, a turret, and a camera. Kill them or avoid them. There's a computer to hack on the left side of the room that can disable the camera and release an ally spiderbot. If you use the vent to exit the first lab, you can get some credits and an energy cell from a cabinet (use the multitool to unlock it) and follow another vent (eliminate the spiderbot) to reach girders overlooking the lab with the order seekers. Search the lab for a multitool and proceed to the exit.

At the exit you speak with Lin-May Chen who provides a new objective.

Seattle - cont.

Primary Goal: Report to church.

Lin-May Chen suggests you report to the order church in lower Seattle. Exit the facility. Use the elevator to travel to upper Seattle city center.

Exit the elevator and speak with the two guards. You receive an objective to report to the WTO.

Primary Goal: Report to WTO.

But moments later (continue forward) Billie contacts you and suggests you ignore that objective and instead proceed to Nassif's apartment.

Secondary Goal: Dr. Nassif - Search apartment.

Speak with the Pequod’s manager--he wants you to destroy the coffee beans of his rival shop, QueeQueg’s.

You have freedom of movement through this part of Seattle. Check out Pequod’s on the left side. You can listen to the public terminal if you wish. Once inside, listen to Pequod's manager. You can talk to him and receive an optional quest: he has a beef against QueeQueg's, a rival shop. The manager says you can destroy QueeQueg's coffee beans supply at the shop in lower Seattle for a reward. He suggests looking for the door code in Apartment 21 of the Heron's Loft building.

Secondary Goal: Coffee Wars - Destroy beans.

Search the establishment for some food and a multitool before leaving. Move around the corner into the small park and listen to the propaganda. Snag the map of upper Seattle from the datacube.

You can head downstairs toward the Inclinator and encounter a group of thugs. Speak with them and they'll ask you to pay to get past. You could pay if you want to avoid a fight. But instead of paying, choose the option to call the thug a "punk" and he'll pull out his weapon and attack. Run back to the previous area and allow the security bot and any guards in the area to eliminate the thugs. Raid their crate for a glass destabilizer weapon mod, ammo, and a boltcaster.

Walk toward the metro station and night club signs. At the top, speak with the order seeker. Check out the old Seattle overlook. Disable the security camera with a multitool and you can hack the ATM if you have the neural interface biomod. Look for a multitool on the seats to do the job. You can shoot the glass protecting an energy cell and multitool if you have a glass destabilizer mod.

Move to the metro station. Talk to the nervous attendant. Obviously something isn't right here as the price is now five times as high as normal. You can pay it but it's pricey. Or instead of paying, just use the vent in the lobby. Climb inside and sneak into the back of the ticket office and eliminate the thugs. Grab all the dropped items and search the locker and storage room for items. You can hack the security computer and turn off the beams or just use the access code found in the locker.

Find Donna Morgan’s office inside the WTO air terminal.

Continue through the metro station and travel to the WTO Air Terminal. Walk forward and speak with the Captain several times for all information. You'll also get a message from Billie around the same time. Go to the right and speak with Klara through the window on the right. Turn around and enter the management wing. Enter Donna Morgan's office on the left. Speak with the holocomm.

Primary Goal: Culture Minister - Investigate. Secondary Goal: Culture Minister - Penthouse Access.

Donna Morgan has a task for you. She wants you to investigate the culture minister's penthouse at the Emerald Suites. You can also speak with the minister at Club Vox to learn how to access the penthouse. Grab the multitool under the desk and leave. Listen to the conversation at the civic manager's office. When he's done, you can talk with the civic manager for a side mission: find the balance sheet for the Vox nightclub; it's rumored to be in an office on the 2nd floor. Report your findings for a 500 credit reward. After he leaves you can search his office for a silencer weapon mod, some ammo, and food. You can also use the security computer to disable some cameras. There's also a wall safe with a datacube and some grenades. The datacube contains a password for the security computer if you lack the ability to hack.

Secondary Goal: Vox Finances - Investigate

Return to upper Seattle city center and proceed to Club Vox. Travel to Club Vox and speak with the door guard on the right. Pay the 100 credit cover charge.

Secondary Goal: Meet Club Vox owner. Secondary Goal: NG Resonance - Talk to Sim.

You receive two more secondary objectives: to talk to the owner about the VIP club at Vox and to check out the NG sim.

Go into the lounge to the left of the dance floor. Speak with the minister of culture. You've found him but now you need to figure out how to get into his penthouse. Talk to Lionel. He's got a beef with the minister of culture and he has the key to the back stairwell of his penthouse. If you're male, you can get the code from the minister of culture but if you're female you must purchase it from Lionel.

Secondary Goal: Culture Minister - Enter penthouse.

You can now enter the culture minister's Emerald Suites penthouse via the back stairwell. Go up stairs through the dance floor entrance. Go to the balcony overlooking the dance floor to speak with the club owner. He's got a problem with a lawyer who lives in the Emerald Suites. He'll offer 300 credits and a VIP membership to the club if you dispatch the lawyer. The lawyer is Kevin O'Rourke in Suite 2226.

Secondary Goal: Bounty on Lawyer - Assassination.

The NG Resonance sim is more than it appears.

Walk past the owner to Bud Puckett and the NG Resonance. Listen to their conversation then when Bud leaves, speak with NG. Talk to NG several times to receive a new objective--learn what goes on in the Club Vox VIP area and inform NG Resonance for a reward.

Secondary Goal: NG Resonance - Find information.

Before leaving search the grounds of the club. For instance, you'll find some credits in the pool room on the second floor (Jake seemed to fail at a job you've been called to perform) as well as a multitool behind the bar in the same room.

Exit Club Vox back into upper Seattle then travel to Emerald Suites.

You can speak with the janitor. Tell him he must see what goes on in this place and you can purchase the keycodes to the penthouse and other apartments. Or you can just sneak into them or use the key acquired from Lionel (or the minister himself). If you can't get into the stairwell, you can open the elevator shaft and ascend the ladder to reach your destination.

The elevator shaft and stairwell lead to the same place. Open the door to travel to the Emerald Suites penthouse.

Search the kitchen for food and a multitool then go through the left door. The penthouse has defenses. A hacker could use the computer on the left to disable the laser field (which could also be avoided or destroyed with EMP weaponry). There's also a spiderbot to avoid or shoot with your pistol.

Find a datacube in the pool room to get a keycode to the penthouse vault.

Ascend the stairs and avoid the camera. Hide underneath it then run into the next room. If you're a hacker, open the armoire on the right and hack the security computer. Disable the camera and open the vault (which could also be opened with the code you could have found).

Feel free to explore the penthouse’s vault.

Check the bathroom on the right for a medkit then enter the vault. Pick up the medkit from the desk and snag the datacube. After reading, you hear from Donna Morgan. She provides a new objective.

Seattle - cont.

Primary Goal: Get WTO Debriefing.

You now need to report to Donna Morgan at the WTO air terminal for a debriefing regarding what you just found. While in the vault, break the glass to grab a variety of items, including EMP converter weapon mod and an energy blade.

Now it's time to solve some secondary goals.

Return to the penthouse stairwell and open the grate. Follow the vent shaft (be ready to shoot a spiderbot) and go to the left. Billie will contact you when you're near the exit grate--it's Nassif's place. Grab all the food and items scattered around the apartment. Use the holocomm and speak with Billie for additional information. Search Nassif's office (crate has a biomod canister) and read the datacube. Objective fulfilled.

Climb back into the vent shaft. Follow it left and to the very end. You'll be over another apartment with a businessman below. If you want to explore safely, you'll need to incapacitate him. Grab all the supplies from the room (a silencer mod, a grenade, some ammo) and read the datacube to see what he's been up to. Search his bedroom for more items, including a unique weapon--the toxin blade--under his pillow.

Go to apartment 2226 and use the intercom. Tell him you're handling the SMG shipment for David Kurczec. Enter and speak with the lawyer. Choose the option "I represent your new supplier. Mr. Kurczec is dead." At the next option, select "Mr. Kirkpatrick also requests a good-faith payment, to help the operation recover." to swindle him out of 200 credits. Talk to him again and you'll tell him that you've been hired to assassinate him. The lawyer will make you a counter-offer. He'll give you a 450 credit reward for carrying out a new task.

Secondary Goal: Bounty on Omar - Kill trader.

Now you can choose to solve the lawyer’s objective, which is much more difficult and ultimately more costly, or just eliminate the lawyer and ignore his plea. To solve his objective, you must kill an Omar in the VIP room of Club Vox. While in Vox, go up the stairs to the dance floor and walk to the far side. Climb up over the door to the upper platform and jump from there to the balcony. Find the Omar inside Club Vox. Return to the lawyer to gain your reward. But if you ignore the lawyer’s objective and keep the Omar alive; if you remain on good terms, you receive a 50% discount in Omar merchandise (which can be purchased in a variety of locations).

To kill the lawyer, you can just take him out there or use the maintenance stairwell to the left of his apartment and reach the roof. There's a security bot here that can be deactivated. Use the power box on the far end to disable the power (use a multitool) then shoot the glass and eliminate the lawyer and his guard.

The lawyer's apartment has some great stuff. Use a multitool on the keypad to disable the beams around his little supply closet. Grab the sniper rifle, grenade, credits, and ammo before leaving.

Exit Emerald Suites and return to Club Vox. Go to the upper floor and speak with the club owner to let him know you accomplished your task. He gives you credits and the keycode into the VIP lounge.

You can kill the Omar trader to fulfill the lawyer’s quest; however, the Omar has his own quest with greater benefits.

Enter the VIP lounge and speak with the Omar trader. He trades in black market merchandise. He also offers an optional quest; he's interested in the properties of a mutant's tissues. Omar wants you to find the mutant stored in the Vox basement and get a scan of biometric data. This will give you a discount on his merchandise (so wait to purchase anything until after you’ve completed this objective). This also provides the information for the NG Resonance but don't go there yet or the Omar won't be pleased.

Secondary Goal: Mutant Biometrics - Upload to Omar. Secondary Goal: NG Resonance - Report information.

If you want to get the info for the civic manager to complete the finances objective, go to the dance floor (must exit the VIP lounge). Follow the catwalk to the far side. Hop onto the railing then climb up the ledge to the speakers. There's a multitool right next to a grate. Open the grate. At the vent intersection, can go left into a storage room. Exit into the hall. Be careful of patrolling guards. Go right and into the office of the club owner. There's also a vent that leads there; it's protected by a spiderbot.

Pick up all the items, including a SMG underneath the desk. Read the datacube and open the safe for the information on Vox finances. Grab the softkey (to the basement) and some credits near the trash can. Now you can report back to the civic manager at the WTO air terminal for a 500 credit reward.

Secondary Goal: Vox Finances - Collect reward.

Exit the VIP area and proceed into the Vox basement. Reach the laser field. Use the security computer if you're a hacker or use EMP devices. Go through the next door and pillage the shelves for items (ammo, credits, weaponry, mods, etc). Read the datacube on the crate to receive the tissue analysis.

Secondary Goal: Omar Discount and Reward.

Getting the sample earns preferred customer status and a black-market biomod. All Omar will honor the discount. Return into the VIP room and speak with the Omar trader. He'll give you a biomod canister and now sell a second for only 500 credits.

You can now complete the NG Resonance objective but you must do so carefully because you could anger the Omar if you aren’t careful. Before leaving the club, speak with NG Resonance and select the first option (reveal it's a contact point for the Omar). If you do this don't return to Club Vox or the Omar will no longer offer you their discount. Exit to Seattle then go to the WTO air terminal.

Speak with the civic manager and tell him about the club's records. He gives you 500 credits for your efforts. Enter Donna Morgan's office and approach her holocomm for a new goal.

Primary Goal: Hire pilot.

Donna instructs you to head to Lower Seattle and hire a pilot at the Greasel Pit Bar. You need a lift to Mako. Return to Seattle and proceed to the inclinator. Open the maintenance door on the left at the end and travel to the inclinator facility.

Walk to the crowd and overhear the conversation between the workers and the director. She tells you the inclinator is offline because of a toxic spill. The workers don't seem too thrilled to do their job so you have to handle the situation.

Seattle - cont.

Primary goal: Inclinator - Clean Up Spill.

A toxic spill clouds the inclinator. It must be cleared before you can proceed into lower Seattle.

You need to clean up the toxic spill so that travel to Lower Seattle can resume. You can find the trapped worker to get the code to the repair bot closet or use the control terminal on the upper level to activate the flush system.

Crawl through vent on the right. It's behind some wood but you can make it fall and still get in. Avoid the bot and go up the stairs. If you can't sneak by the bot, a weapon attached with an EMP mod is effective or just use an EMP grenade. Get into the door on the left and approach the facility director's office. Grab the ammo clip behind the crates.

Enter her office and grab all the available items. Go through the vent and into the room overlooking the spill. Enter the first vent on the right. Drop down and speak with the maintenance worker. He'll give you a keycode to the repairbot bay. Exit into the room with the toxic spill and quickly go right and open the door; the repairbot is inside. The repairbot will exit and fix the spill. Other ways would be to go to the last vent on the right, which drops down into the repairbot room or to get onto the upper platform at the far end; that's where the flush control is.

Secondary Goal: Incinator - Collect Reward.

Return and speak with the director to receive 100 credit reward. Return inside the inclinator and use it to move to lower Seattle.

Search the dumpster for a multitool. Return to the left side. You can go down the ladder and grab an EMP grenade and medkit, though you'll have to deal with a pesky spiderbot. Now you can use a multitool to open the door; this leads to some ammo and an EMP converter weapon mod. When you’re finished exploring, proceed through the exit to the far maintenance door and into the lower Seattle slums.

Approach Mack and Lo-town Lucy and listen to their conversation. Search the floor near the entrance to find a multitool and the dumpster on the far left to find some food and ammo.

Open the grate in the floor and descend the ladder. This is a small section of sewer with two very tough and very mad creatures lurking about. Lure them back to the ladder. Get on the ladder and pelt the creature as it stands below. Search the dead Omar in the far corner for some grenades and credits as well as the Red Greasel Hunter pistol.

Head up the stairs. Find the Omar on the right; you can purchase some items from the trader (at a discount if you completed the previous Omar quest and kept friendly with them).

QueeQueg's is around the corner to the right. Search the dumpster then climb on top of the dumpster. Enter the vent shaft and drop into QueeQueg's. Raid the store of its food and credits. Complete the coffee wars objective by destroying the beans in the back corner. You can do so with explosives or just shoot the boxes. Now you can return to upper Seattle and get your 300 credit reward for doing the dirty work.

Secondary Goal: Coffee Wars - Collect Reward.

The Order church is across the street from the coffee shop. Use the keypad to enter then go inside the far right door. You'll speak to Billie Adams, still trying to recruit you. Talk to the seekers inside the church. Then walk to the pulpit and speak with Her Holiness. She suggests you go visit Lin. Go to the right and up the stairs. Speak with Lin on the holocomm.

Primary Goal: Order Traitor - Find Lamar.

Lin wants you to find the Order Captain Lamar. He's a fugitive inside the inclinator. You can raid her crate for some credits and grenades if you want to spend a multitool.

Enter the church basement to find a medbot willing to heal your wounds.

Exit into the church and go through the maintenance door. Defeat the two spiderbots and find a medbot in the back corner. Thoroughly explore this basement to find an increased damage weapon mod, grenades, and other items.

Return to Lower Seattle and go to the area's start position. Move down the stairs on the left to proceed into the Greasel Pit. Approach weapons check, who will lock out your weaponry. In the first room, speak with Sandy and Sid Black. Sid has a jet but Sophia Sak maintains possession of it. If you can eliminate Sak or pay Sid's debt, he'll fly you for 400 credits. Sophia Sak is in the Heron's Loft building.

Seattle - cont.

Primary Goal: Pilot Sid - Liberate Jet.

Go through the room with the jukebox and down the adjacent hall. Enter the door on the right and approach the holocomm to speak with Ava Johnson, a helicopter pilot. If you rescue her and her chopper from the WTO terminal in upper Seattle, she'll fly you free of charge.

Now you have two pilots to chose from: one costs 400 credits and the other is free. The two pilots do deliver you to different locations, however; Sid deposits you at a generally easier location, past guards and other defenses while Ava drops you off at a longer, more difficult route.

Exit and go left. Find the stairs on the left leading into the basement where gob betting goes on. Speak with the fan and he'll offer a mission: to kill a gob!

Secondary Goal: Greasel Trainer - Kill Gob-Zilla.

He says to find Gob-Zilla in apartment 22 of the Heron's Loft building. Exit back into Lower Seattle and enter the maintenance door to the right of the dumpster to enter the Heron's Loft building. Go through the entrance and into the elevator shaft. Climb the ladder to the first floor. Go past 22 and enter apartment 21 and speak with QueeQueg's manager for a side mission. He wants you to hack into the civic manager's computer in the WTO terminal to approve the QueeQueg's zoning petition. He offers 300 credits for the job.

Secondary Goal: Coffee Wars - Hack Zoning Database.

Continue through the far door to receive a word from Lin. She doesn't like Sak much either and suggests you eliminate her. Speak with the guard and he'll tell you Sak is on the top floor.

Secondary Goal: Destroy Sak.

To kill Gob-Zilla safely, crouch under the elevator (there's a grenade and multitool there too) and enter the vent. Follow it up and you'll open a vent overlooking the gob. Wait for the woman isn't looking and shoot Gob-Zilla. You could have also entered from the fire escape outside. If you want, you can even shoot Gob-Zilla’s trainer.

Go up to the top floor. Kill the SSC guard (your sniper rifle works well) and go around to the right (avoid the camera's sight). If you're a hacker, use the security computer to disable the cameras and turrets.

If you go through the adjacent door, you can move along the balcony to the barracks. There are several crates in here, including one with a refire rate weapon mod and a datacube with the security system code.

Killing Sak completes a couple objectives; however, you could just pay off Sid’s debt and let that be the end of it.

Enter Sak's office and speak with her. You can pay his debt or eliminate her. If you select the second option, the fight begins immediately. Take out her guard then her then focus on the entrance to her office--remaining guards will arrive through her.

Go into her hanger. A good way to deal with the guards is to go to the tunnels below. Eliminate the bot with an EMP grenade (or other means) then lure the other guards down here with noise. Eliminate them all and grab all their ammo clips. You can use the security computer on the upper catwalk to disable the camera and turret if you're a hacker. Otherwise you can shoot them. Get into the storage room to find an arsenal of weaponry (including a flamethrower) and mods (ammo scavenger, fragmentary round). To get in, use multitools or shoot the glass with a glass destabilizer. (There's also a computer around the back corner to disable the turrets).

Don't forget you must also defeat the guard at the very entrance. He guards a computer that can disable many of the cameras and turrets along the way. He’s part of Sak’s security force so he much be eliminated to complete the objectives. Defeat all guards and Sak to complete Lin and Sid's objectives.

Primary Goal: Pilot Sid - Notify

Return to the Greasel Pit. Speak with Sid and tell him the good news. He'll tell you to meet him at the Heron's Loft landing pad.

Primary Goal: Pilot Sid - Meet Sid at Jet

Return to the Greasel Pit and place some bets on the greasel battles!

Go down into the gob betting circuit and speak with the fan, Eddie, who offered you the mission to kill Gob-Zilla. Go bet with the bookie for the first time. Save your game before if you don't want to lose money. Exit the Greasel Pit and return for the next match, the one Gob-Zilla was to fight. Bet the max and bet on Snake Eyes (save beforehand). If he wins, you win four times the loot (minus some for the bookie!).

Return to the inclinator to look for the order traitor, Captain Lamar.

The group ahead is hostile. Eliminate them. There's another guard on a catwalk around the corner. Use the inclinator to return to upper Seattle. Turn around and Lin sends you a message and a new goal.

Secondary Goal: Order Traitor - Find Evidence.

You're asked to find out what you can about Captain Lamar's betrayal of the order church. Eavesdrop on his meeting with the Templar commander in the office overlooking the Inclinator bay then search the office for evidence.

You need to get to the facility director's office. There are other Templar patrols around so you'll have to watch your step (or blast them with your sniper rifle). Approach the office and listen to their conversation. Talk to them and then be prepared to open fire. After slaying both, read the datacube on the desk.

Seattle - cont.

Primary Goal: Order Traitor - Report to Church.

Lin wants you back to the church to report what you discovered at the inclinator.

Now you can take the time to finish up some side quests.

Return to upper Seattle and go to Pequod's and collect your reward for destroying the beans. Talk to the manager and tell him the coffee is destroyed and you'll receive 300 credits.

Go to the metro station and proceed to the WTO air terminal. Go into the civic manager's office and hack the security computer (or get its code from the wall safe). Choose the option to accept QueeQueg's zoning application. Return to the QueeQueg manager (in the Heron's Loft building) for your reward (Secondary Goal: Coffee Wars - Collect Reward).

Proceed to the church to report in with Lin and complete the primary goal. She wants you to proceed to Mako also. If you need healing, visit the medbot in the church basement.

Instead of using Sid as your pilot, you can choose to rescue Ava Johnson from the WTO and use her free services instead.

Go to the WTO air terminal and use the elevator (you've got the keycode) to travel to the hanger. You'll receive a message from Ava as you approach the hanger door.

Secondary Goal: Pilot Ava - Disable Missile Batteries.

You must disable the WTO terminal's ground-to-air missile batteries and then activate the pilot beacon.

Open the door and scurry up the stairs ahead. You'll be on the landing pad and above the enemies in the area. Go down until you spot the control tower door to the left. Drop down and enter the control tower. There's a crate inside with an increased damage weapon mod. This is also where the pilot beacon is.

Before Ava can lift off in the helicopter, you must disable the missile batteries.

Enter the vent on the left and drop into the supply room. If you're a hacker, you can use the security computer here to disable the south missile battery. There's also a key in this room that opens the WTO terminal storage room. You can exit this door (with a multitool) and out onto the landing area. Cross to the far door, avoid the security bot, and enter. If you search this tunnel (will require some multitools) you can uncover a repairbot and a crate containing a black market biomod.

Exit the hall through the door across from where you entered. The other battery is just ahead past a camera. Open the door on the right (this is the door using the key). Hack the computer in here to disable the other missile battery as well as cameras and turrets.

Secondary Goal: Pilot Ava - Activate Beacon.

Cross through the middle tunnels and return to the control room either through the vent or through the main door. Reach the control room and use the beacon.

Primary Goal: Pilot Ava - Meet at Helicopter.

Watch out for the patrols near around the helicopter. You can eliminate them quietly (sniper rifle!) or aggressively then approach the helicopter cockpit to complete the objective and proceed to Mako.

Primary Goal: Enter Main Complex.

Ava drops you off further away from your goal; Sid drops you closer on the rooftop.

Instead of going through the front door, take the quieter vent shaft in the back corner. Eliminate the spider bots. Follow the vent to the groundskeepers' office. He can sell you a door code and also tells you of an ATM machine to hack. Raid his storage shelf before leaving.

Exiting through the door sends you directly into the fire. There are guards and bots here, which can be snuck around or shot. Cross the courtyard and enter the hall marked Cargo Bay 02. The ATM is down some stairs at the end of the hall. Back in the hallway, search for the roof access ladder. Disable the beams (it requires fewer multitools than the door near the ATM).

If you attempt to traverse the bottom area, avoid the camera, which can be disabled from a nearby computer and use the keypad if you purchased the code or blow up the door with an explosive or use of an explosive crate.

Look for this camera and satellite dish to find a vent leading into the Mako complex.

Cross the roof and drop down. Spot the camera and satellite dish to the right and proceed there. Go along the left wall and stand underneath the camera. Find the vent in the back corner and travel to the Mako complex.

Search the conference room table and read the datacube for the biolab access code.

You now have two primary goals--follow the goals of the order church or follow the goal of the WTO.

Primary Goal: Mag Rail - Assassinate Scientist and Primary Goal: Mag Rail - Upload Spec

One route is the through the service tunnels.

Watch for the guard to move by the door and open it when he's gone. Go left and around to the staircase on the right. Enter the service tunnels door and descend the staircase. Raid the shelf for a datacube containing the new code for the weapons test facility.

You can remain down in the tunnel. There's a single guard that can easily be dispatched. A locked maintenance door on the left contains some ammo and an energy cell. You can save a multitool by finding a floor grate near the entrance; the vent shaft emerges near the patrolling guard.

Ascend the ladder and raid the store room. Exit the door when the security bot moves away. Now you can follow the halls to the weapons lab. A security computer in an alcove on the right can be used to shutdown security bots.

Or just blast your way through the hallways and eliminate the guards either quietly or aggressively.

Guard station has some nice items, including a refire rate weapon mod.

Enter the weapons lab and speak with Dr. Patton.

Primary Goal: Mag Rail - Open Weapon Case.

After the scientist releases the controls, push the button to open the weapon case then grab the Mag Rail.

Alternatively, assassinate the scientist (best done with a silent weapon while he stands in his office) then escape.

Primary Goal: Dr. Nassif - Search Biolab.

New orders are to search the biolab on the second floor for clues to Dr. Nassif's whereabouts.

Look out for guards in the tunnel on your way out. Exit and make your way to the biolab entrance (near the maintenance route described earlier)

After riding the elevator, listen to the conversation between the two scientists.

For added fun and excitement, open this door to release a specimen.

Enter the lab quietly (guard on the left). If you go right you can hack a computer to open the Specimen X07 door. Search the lab tables. One datacube has computer access codes. Lure guards to the specimen and he'll eliminate them easily.

Go up into the guard station. Read a datacube for the director's office code.

Enter the nearby door and speak with the director. There's a medbot in here as well as a guard so be careful. Two multitools will also net you a biomod canister from a cabinet. Enter his office and use the holocomm to hear the message from Nassif.

Primary Goal: Leave for Cairo.

Now you are to meet your pilot on the roof and leave for Cairo. You must go back through the main facility, outside, and follow the roof access to the drop point. There are additional guards outside to either avoid or kill. The sniper rifle makes quick work of them.

Cairo, Egypt

Like in the previous mission at Mako, Ava sets you down further away from your goal and Sid sets you down closer.

Approach the exit. The upper room contains the pilot beacon and a locked cabinet containing a medkit and stun prod.

Primary Goal: Nassif Greenhouse - Destroy.

Donna Morgan contacts you and asks that you destroy the greenhouse owned by Dr. Leila Nassif's uncle. It's in violation of WTO food production regulations. It can be found in the northwest corner of south medina.

There’s a QueeQueg’s in Cairo…and coincidentally they’re also in a coffee war with a local Pequod’s.

Speak with the patrons of QueeQueg's. The sheriff gives you a map. Talk to the coffeehouse manager for a side mission. He wants you to find NG Resonance's manager on arcology level 110 and bribe her to have NG become the exclusive spokeswoman for QueeQueg's.

Secondary Goal: Coffee Wars - Bribe NG's manager.

Lin from the order will contact you, even if you failed to follow her objective at Mako. She wants you to report to Billie Adams in the Mosque that separates the arcology from the medina.

Primary Goal: Report to Billie.

The path toward the greenhouse contains some irate locals. You can pay them 150 credits to back off, kill them, or avoid them by moving through a small crawlspace on the right.

Go left from QueeQueg's toward the Mosque. Enter the gate into North Medina. Follow the route to the Mosque. Enter the Mosque. Go through weapons check then enter the church's main chamber (you can find a couple medkits to the right). Walk up to Billie and Saman and listen to their conversation. Once it concludes, speak with Billie Adams.

Primary Goal: Cure for Plague - Talk to Omar.

Billie suggests you find the Omar and ask them about a Plague 11 cure. You can find them on the east side of the north medina above the entrance to the Mosque.

Follow Saman into his office and speak with him for additional information. There’s also a weapon mod and some credits in his cabinet.

You can follow Saman to his office and speak with him (and use some multitools to bust into a cabinet that contains a glass destabilizer, energy cells, and 100 credits). You can also go into the bowels of the church and visit the infirmary and speak with the physician. Search the floor for a medkit and, better yet, a medbot in the bathroom. Check the adjacent recreation room for food items and more sick people. Before leaving the mosque, speak with Mrs. Ameer near the physician. If her daughter, Mina, can get into Tarsus, perhaps she will be cured.

Secondary Goal: Mina Ameer - Hack Enrollment.

Return to North Medina. Go left and return past the salesman and ascend the staircase on the left. You'll find Leo and the Omar up here. Leo speaks about a Templar raid and assigns a secondary objective. He suggests you eavesdrop on the Templar recruiting kiosk on archology level 107. Look for a secure vent shaft near the Tarsus Academy.

Secondary Goal: Templar Raid - Spy on Templars.

Go speak with the Omar. You receive a couple new objectives. First this continues the order's primary goal. You are to search flight bay 24, archology level 110, for evidence about a possible cover-up surrounding the cure for Plague 11. The Omar also have a special task for you. You are to tell the woman at the arcology Air Terminal on level 110 that you have a friend in common so she will unlock Hanger 24. Find the Templar power armor spec and the Omar will share their analysis of the schematic with you (this is a useful find as you will encounter Templar armored enemies later in the game).

Primary Goal: Cure for Plague - Uncover Conspiracy; Secondary Goal: Power Armor Spec - Enter Hanger 24

Proceed to the Medina apartments. When you reach the courtyard, speak with the Harvester behind the gate. He offers a mercenary mission. He wants you to kill the security chief in the Corporate Suites on arcology level 108; the Harvester wants to obtain the man's unique biomods.

Secondary Goal: Harvest Biomods - Kill Security Chief.

Continue up the stairs to the second floor. Find the door marked "Nassif" in the back corner. Speak with Maskini Nassif inside the apartment. You receive two objectives: one primary from the WTO (Donna contacts you after you speak with Nassif) and another secondary goal from Maskini himself. Donna suggests you look for clues to Leila's whereabouts at the Tarsus school on level 107 of the arcology. Maskini wants you to check on Leila's cousin Eeva at the same school on level 107 of the arcology.

Primary Goal: Dr. Nassif - Investigate Tarsus; Secondary Goal: Missing Students - Check on Eeva

The upper floor of the apartments is a Templar hideout. You can sneak in through a vent behind a couple barrels. Once inside, eliminate the guard and read the datacubes (one has the code for the headmaster's secret room and another indicates that they have been watching you). If you're noisy, expect another guard to enter from outside.

Return to South Medina and proceed toward the greenhouse (if you haven't been through this route, you may have to deal with the medina thugs, who can be paid off or killed or avoided).

Donna Morgan updates your objective when you enter the greenhouse. You are to destroy the greenhouse by blowing up the hydrofilter system or reprogramming the software that automates the greenhouse.

Cairo - cont.

Primary Goal: Nassif Greenhouse - Destroy.

There's a security camera and turret here. You can use a multitool to bypass, just hide, or hack into the security computer on the far wall. There's a security bot in the warehouse. You can defeat him with EMP, the use of an explosive crate, or lure him to a controlled turret. There are also some grenades in the warehouse that would solve the problem.

The door into filtration is locked. Go up the stairs and gather some items (including a multitool). Read the holocomm to watch a message from Maskini. If you're a hacker, there's a security computer up here that disables security beams (protecting the upstairs hydroponics control system, which can be bypassed with multitools also) and the storage bot below.

Enter through the hydroponics door. Search the room on the other side for ammo and food (and a sniper rifle if you don't have one). Search the cot for codes to the hydroponics computer. There's also a medbot in the hall if you need it. At the end of the hall, a camera protects the hydroponics computer. Shutdown the camera. Disable the turret because it will open fire after you terminate the greenhouse program.

Alternate route: at entrance go into hydroponics. Bypass the keypad near the lasers. The next hall contains a couple security bots. Use a flamethrower on the plants to complete the objective.

Alternate route: can use two multitools to enter air filtration through the warehouse. Destroy the filtration unit with a grenade to complete the objective.

Find this balcony in the greenhouse. It leads to the room containing the Hellfire Boltcaster.

Hidden Weapon: Enter the Hydrponics Control System at top and go left. Exit onto a balcony. Leap over the railing and onto the planks that extend from the balcony. Go to the right and jump to the small ledge. (Speed enhancement with its jump distance increase helps). Use the vent to the left and follow it into a secret room containing the Hellfire Boltcaster.

Alarms sound once the greenhouse is destroyed. Make your escape. Lin won't be pleased. Escape into South Medina. Seekers arrive in the next alley (where the thugs stood). Deal with them (or run around them through the vent).

Open the arcology checkpoint gate near QueeQueg's. Speak with the guard and show her your arcology pass (or bribe her if you don't have one). Enter the elevator to proceed to arcology levels 107 and 108.

Follow the hallway. Check the left side for some credits and an arcology map.

Go up the stairs on the right to enter level 107. You'll spot the Templar recruiting desk. Note the vent above the desk. Go up the stairs toward Tarsus Academy and look to the left to find another vent. Crawl through so you overlook the recruiting desk and listen to the conversation. Disable the beams (or go through them and kill the spiderbot).

Secondary Objective: Templar Raid - Protect Omar.

The Templars plan a raid on the Omar. Now you can report the details about the Templar raid against the Omar to Leo in north medina.

The Pequod’s manager also wants you to bribe NG Resonance to support his coffee shop.

The local Pequod's is also on level 107. Speak with the Pequod's manager. He'll trade you a biomod canister if you bribe NG Resonance's manager to promote Pequod's. His safe includes 100 credits and an increased range weapon mod if you're willing to put up with the alarm and turret fire.

Secondary Objective: Coffee Wars - Bribe NG's manager.

Speak with the NG Resonance in the far corner. She wants you to find information on any corruption among arcology officials.

On level 108, there's a patrolling guard near an ATM. If you're a hacker, wait for him to move away and then hack the ATM. The guard station contains a mag rail in a locker and a black market biomod in the cell. Disable the camera then kill the station's guard if you want the loot.

Enter Tarsus Academy. As you enter, Donna sends a new goal: to check on missing Tarsus students.

Secondary Goal: Missing Students - Find.

Speak with the receptionist then use the datacube to gain the Tarsus map. Use the keypad on the left door to enter the academy.

The security computer behind the receptionist desk can approve Mina Ameer's application (you can hack it or use the datacube found in Silas Archer's office near the detention station).

Secondary Goal: Mina Ameer - Share News.

Go into the office of Dr. Silas Archer and speak with him. He's the headmaster.

Search the room and notice the keypad behind the flag; this opens a passage that leads into the headmaster's secret room (you may have procured the code from earlier). You’ll find an alternate route into this location so don’t feel compelled to go through this passage just yet.

Notice the security computer next to wall safe: it can be used to disable cameras, turrets, and open the safe but you will likely be spotted by guards (safe only contains a medkit and some credits).

Talk to the guard outside the nanotech lab. There's a problem with greasels inside the lab. The guard asks that you exterminate the greasels inside the Tarsus school lab for a reward of 100 credits.

Cairo - cont.

Secondary Goal: Greasel Infestation - Kill Greasels.

Enter the nanotech lab and defeat the greasels. Search cabinets for medkits. One cabinet (requiring two multitools) contains a biomod canister.

The missing students fill you in on a little secret.

Use the vent in the lab and descend to a room below. Eeva Nassif is down there and lets you in on the headmaster's secret room and his affiliation with the Templars.

Cross the upper or lower paths to find a grate leading into the headmaster's secret area. The upper path contains two spiderbots.

The headmaster's room contains a turret and camera. The computer is on the left side of the room (it also opens a safe containing ammo and a fragmentary round weapon mod). It's easiest to just disable the camera at a cost of one multitool.

Read the datacube to learn that the headmaster has been locating Templar sympathizers in the SSC (but not that the SSC commander on level 107 is opposed). Adjacent room contains a repairbot if needed.

Read the datacube by the holocomm and then the holocomm itself. Donna contacts you and wants you to investigate the ApostleCorp suite. Donna wants you to question Leila Nassif repeatedly to get all the info the WTO needs. Nassif is trapped in the Templar occupied ApostleCorp facility on level 108.

Secondary Goal: Interrogate Nassif.

Exit the secret area the way you came. Proceed to level 108 and enter the corporate suites. Approach and speak with Klara Sparks. Clear the lobby and assist Klara Sparks. Enter the far door. More guards behind the next door. If you're a hacker, there's a security computer here that can be used to control the turret and shutdown the beams. There are several guards in the room to the left. You can use the turret for help.

Enter the room on the left and grab the credits under the table. The conference room (and the previous hall) connects to a room with a pacing man. Speak with him. He's the security chief that the Harvester wanted you to kill. If you tell him about the Harvester, he'll give you a counteroffer--spare his life and he'll give you a keycode to the nanoformer bot bay. If you kill him, you can return to the Harvester for your reward.

Secondary Goal: Spare Security Chief (or Harvest Biomods - Collect Reward if you kill him).

Continue down the hall. The path on the left (blocked by green lasers) and the ramp below both lead into the same room. The left path gives you a better vantage point against the Templars in the connected room. You can use the spiderbomb on this upper area to distract the guards below as you pelt them with sniper or SMG fire.

Search the offices below for food, ammo, and a silencer weapon mod. Go into the Laboratory Suites. As you descend into the suite, Lin contacts you with her own objective. The order wants to prevent Dr. Nassif from sharing her research with anyone.

Secondary Goal: Kill Dr. Nassif.

Bots patrol the lab suite. Dispatch or avoid them. A security camera can be used to disable the camera and control the turrets. A cabinet (requiring two multitools) contains a biomod canister. A second cabinet around the corner contains ammo and a mag rail. You can avoid the yellow laser beams by leaping over the railing. Find Nassif behind a window below. Speak with her through the window.

You can follow either order here--you can kill Nassif or keep her alive and interrogate her for more information.

If you wish to kill Nassif, kill her after she exits the door (and you'll have to deal with Klara too). If not, keep her alive and speak with her. Nassif suggests finding Tracer Tong, the leader of the ApostleCorp cell in Trier, for help in finding JC Denton. To do so you'll need to hire a pilot at the Pequod's coffee shop in level 107.

Exit the labs and the corporate suites and return to the arcology level 108.

Primary Goal: Find Tracer Tong in Trier.

Enter Arcology Air on level 108 (right from the corporate suites). Move forward and speak with NG's manager to fulfill your objective to help either Pequod's or QueeQueg's (Pequod's is a lot less backtracking!). Be sure to check the food cart in the back for lots of health replenishing goodness.

Secondary Goal: Coffee Wars - Collect Reward.

Go down stairs to level 110 and speak with the WTO tax auditor. She's trying to get access to a hanger so she can audit the Templars. If you find out what the Templars are transporting, she'll give you a 200 credit reward.

Secondary Goal: Tax Audit - Search Hanger 24.

Speak with the air terminal receptionist. If you accepted the Omar's power armor goal, the receptionist gives you the code to hanger 24.

You can search hanger 23 to find a repairbot and a crate down below with a few mines. There's a ladder near the hanger 23 entrance but it's blocked by beams. Go toward hanger 24 and find the vent behind some boxes (there's a multitool on the other side). Follow the vent to the ladder to bypass the beams. You'll emerge in an office overlooking hanger 23. Grab the credits off the desk and search the two lockers: one has a datacube with the code to a wall safe in hanger 24 and the other contains a refire rate weapon mod.

Hanger Bay 24 is where you’ll find the power armor specifications for the Omar.

Enter hanger 24 (using the code provided by the receptionist or with a multitool). When you enter, the Omar contact you (if you have the goal) about their power armor.

Secondary Goal: Power Armor Spec - Upload to Omar.

There are Templar guards in the bay as well as a large security bot. You can use explosive crates, grenades, EMP grenades, Bot Domination, etc. to get rid of the bot. Go up the ladder on the right side and listen to the holocomm. The message is the information the NG Resonance was looking for--plus, the order seem interested as well. The order wants you to confront the chairman about the palgue cure. He's at the VIP overlook of bay 23. Also, locate the cure in the secure storage room located in the rear of bay 24.

Cairo - cont.

Secondary Goal: Cure for Plague - Confront Chairman; Cure for Plague - Locate; NG Resonance - Report Information.

Return to the lower floor of the bay. Open the crate in the far corner and read the datacube--it's the information on the power-armor. It's also the information the tax auditor was looking for.

Secondary Goal: Power Armor Spec - Analysis; Secondary Goal: Tax Audit - Report Armor.

Enter the secure area and move quickly. Radiation fills the area so you'll take damage while down there. Open the wall safe (either with code obtained or with multitools) and use the medkits inside if necessary. Read the datacube for information on the cure for the plague. Lin contacts you with a new task. You'll need to reprogram the nanoformer bots to synthesize the cure to Plague 11. They're located near the exterior of the arcology on level 107.

Secondary Goal: Cure for Plague - Reprogram Bots.

Return to the bay 23 offices (using the ladder route) and speak with the arcology chairman. Confront him about the plague. He'll bribe you to keep you quiet (750 credits) or you can choose to kill him. Or you can accept the bribe then kill him!

Exit the hanger bays and find the WTO auditor walking around the floor. Speak with her and tell her that the Templars are transporting powered assault armor in large numbers. Receive a 200 credit reward for your efforts.

Return to arcology levels 107 and 108. Return to level 107 and Pequod's. Speak with NG Resonance to gain your reward of 300 credits. You can also talk to the NG Resonance about her manager taking bribes. This provides another 200 credits in reward money.

Speak with the Pequod's manager if you chose to ask the NG manager to endorse his company. He'll give you a biomod canister.

Sid Black and Ava can be contacted in Pequod's--Sid is there and Ava can be contacted on the holocomm in the corner. You can choose to go with Sid or with Ava.

You can go to the guard station on level 108 and tell the SSC Chief about the criminal activity in the Tarsus school. You receive a reward of 300 credits.

Head down to level 107 and down the ram into the nanoformer programming maintenance area. As you go, the security chief will send you the code (if you chose to keep him alive), otherwise you'll have to dispatch the guards so you can use a multitool to open the door. Use the security computer, which you should have access for, and enable the counter nanite distribution. Lin contacts you with big thanks.

Return to South Medina and then proceed into North Medina to speak with Leo and the Omar. Speak with Leo and tell him about your discovery about the Templar raid. Unless you want to be evil and also lose your Omar discount, then tell Leo the raid is going to happen any minute. You're asked to return later and see how the raid went.

Secondary Goal: Templar Raid - Check on Leo.

While waiting, talk to the Omar trader and tell him about the power armor (learn its weak spot, a triangular shape on the back). Next, go into the Mosque and give Mrs. Ameer the good news. When you enter the new location, the Omar thank you for the information on the raid and your discount will continue. Mrs. Ameer thanks you for your successful work and gives you a 5 credit reward. Don't forget to use the medbot before leaving.

Return now and check on Leo; he'll provide a 400 credit reward for giving him the useful tip.

Go to the apartments and speak with Maskini Nassif to tell him that Eeva is safe. He gives you a reward of 300 credits.

Remember the "Harvester" who wanted you to complete an assassination mission? You can kill the Harvester by traversing a shaft through a vent to the Mosque's left (where more followers gather). The Harvester is protected by a camera, spiderbots, and has a crate that contains an increased range weapon mod, ammo, energy cell, and a medkit.

Leave Cairo via Ava (at the helipad you entered south medina from) or Sid at hanger 23.

Trier, Germany

Once again you arrive at different locations depending on who you arrive with: Ava in front of the SSC station and Sid on the roof of the tavern.

You receive a message from Ava; she suggests looking in the Nine Worlds Tavern for your mystery person.

Primary Goal: Find Tracer Tong.

According to Dr. Nassif, Tracer Tong is the leader of the ApostleCorp cell in Trier and the only one who can contact JC. He is a brilliant technologist and has a long history with the Dentons, pre-dating the Collapse.

Pick up a datacube in the square to snag a map of Trier. Go through the passage to the right of the SSC station. Listen to the conversation between the Panzerwerks Techs. Search the boxes to the right for an ammo clip. There's an ATM on the other side. You can stand against the wall on the ATM's right side and hack it without being detected by the camera.

Check with the local QueeQueg’s coffeehouse manager for a side quest regarding a very enlightening lawsuit.

Enter the QueeQueg’s coffeehouse. Speak with the manager to ask about the location of the tavern--looks like the manager has a lawsuit against Pequod's, which shouldn’t be too surprising. He offers a secondary goal: search the evidence room at the SSC station to find out why the QueeQueg's manager's lawsuit has been delayed (his reward is 200 credits).

Secondary Goal: Coffee Wars - Investigate Lawsuit.

Talk to the NG Resonance if you wish. Next speak with David Kurczec, a representative of the Omar black market. He says you can meet the Omar in the Der Blutende Rabe curio shop located upstairs from the Nine Worlds Tavern.

Secondary Goal: Meet Omar.

Open the door to Kurczec's left. It leads to a storage room; an escaped Greasel guards here. Grab the items from the desk and use a multitool to open the safe, which contains 200 credits, a glass destabilizer weapon mod, boltcaster, energy cell, and a spiderbomb.

Return to the Trier streets. Go left from the ATM area and continue left past a ladder to find the Nine Worlds Tavern. Enter the tavern (you can go up the ladder to the helipad, where Sid lands, and find a multitool two-pack and an energy cell). Go through weapons check and then up the stairs into the Curio Shop (you should have the keycode if you spoke with Kurczec). Talk to the Omar trader. He sells a black market biomod canister (which you must locate at a drop site), some scrambler grenades, and multitools.

Secondary Goal: Black Market Biomod - Find Canister.

The black market biomod canister can be retrieved from the Black Gate ruins, west tower, top floor, in an unmarked silver foot locker.

While in the Curio Shop, search behind the boxes in the back corner for some ammo, mines, and the assassin pistol.

Proceed downstairs into the tavern. Talk to Sid Black at the bar then go to the left and listen to the conversation between the two tavern patrons. Listening to their conversation opens up a secondary goal: investigate the Nur Gewehre shop for a cache of weapon mods.

Speak with Tracer Tong inside the Nine Worlds Tavern.

Go through the door to the bar's right. Enter a conference room and speak with Ava Johnson. A datacube on the table contains a map of Trier (useful if you arrived with Sid). At the end of the table is Tracer Tong. Speak with him to complete an objective and receive new orders. You need to access ApostleCorp's Black Gate lab via an entrance on the east side of the ruins on the second floor. A keypad hidden behind some creates can be used to open a false wall. Tong also wants you to find Her Holiness at ApostleCorp's Black Gate lab.

Primary Goal: Black Gate - Find Lab Entrance; Primary Goal: Rescue Her Holiness.

Before leaving the tavern, search the back room by using a multitool to unlock the door. You'll find 400 credits in this office. Return to the Trier streets.

As you exit the tavern, you're contacted by Dumier and receive a secondary goal. You need to talk to Dumier at the SSC station.

Secondary Goal: Talk to Chairman Dumier.

Exit the tavern to the right and notice the protected glass up ahead. Those are the stolen weapon mods. Use a weapon with a silencer and glass destabilizer when no guard is around to destroy the glass. Inside you'll find increased range and damage mods, ammo, and a sniper rifle and shotgun.

Continue around the corner and find two Panzerwerks Techs bullying an order seeker. Defend the seeker or allow it to play out. Continue back to the square and enter the SSC headquarters.

Speak with Vera Maxwell to the right of the front desk. You can follow her into her office and steal some ammo and a multitool. Continue into the evidence room. You can use three multitools to open the door or use a weapon with a glass destabilizer and a silencer to shoot the protected glass. If you're a hacker, there's a security computer on the right that can be used also. Search the shelves for a biomod canister and an assortment of grenades and mines. Check the datacube for the QueeQueg's manager's lawsuit evidence.

Trier - cont.

Secondary Goal: Coffee Wars - Collect Reward.

Enter the stairwell. Search under the stairs for some credits and a multitool. Go up the staircase. Go right to the Observation room and watch Dumier and Saman in discussion. After the conversation, go to Visitation and speak with Dumier. This completes a primary goal and you also receive a keycode into the Black Gate ruins.

Return to the Trier streets. Make a pit stop by QueeQueg's to gather your reward from the manager, which is 200 credits.

Beware of the military bot patrolling the Black Ruins.

You can enter the Black Gate ruins through the entrance across from the SSC headquarters or through a grate next to the ATM machine left of QueeQueg's. If you go through the underground, you'll have to fight greasels and watch your step. Be sure to search the grounds for multitools, ammo, and weaponry. Find the ladder at the far end and emerge near a bot and some Templar guards. If possible, use the sniper rifle while standing at the ladder's top.

The front entrance is around to the left. If you move forward, you can take out some more Templars above you.

You can ascend the ruins either through the middle stairs or to the far right (must avoid the camera and take the ladder). There are other guards wandering about so watch your step carefully. Ascend to the very top of the ruins to find the crate containing the black market canister you purchased from the Omar.

The middle level of the ruins contains a couple guards near a room with a "Keep Out" sign. Find the keypad behind some crates. Use the keypad and travel to the Black Gate lab.

There are some guards to the right as you enter. You can enter the door on the left with the help of a multitool. Once inside, you can hack the security computer and use it to control the turret. Read a datacube on the back table for an image of the Black Gate teleporter.

Use the vent in this room to reach a storage room with some ammo clips and food. Use the other vent in this storage room to get a jump on a guard outside. Exit the shaft and proceed down the hall to the right to find Tracer Tong's office. Open the cabinet at a cost of three multitools for three biomod canisters. Read the datacube for the login for the Black Gate master control and lab doors. Check the holocomm for word from Leila Nassif.

Follow the hall around to the left to find the Containment area. Disable the beams and enter Containment to meet Nicolette DuClare, aka Her Holiness, and your WTO contact Donna Morgan. As you soon find out, the coffee wars and the WTO and Order have something in common. You learn that Saman is a traitor.

Primary Goal: Templar Compound - Hire Pilot; Secondary Goal: Templar Compound: Talk to Dumier.

You need to hire a pilot to depart for the Templar compound. Also, you can visit Dumier in the SSC headquarters to get a map and briefing regarding the compound.

If you hack the security computer behind the Containment area you can activate a radiation bath for startling results (save your game first) or open the chamber and speak with them more inside. You can also find a medbot nearby to heal your wounds and an alien in an adjacent radiation chamber. Open it and speak with it. When finished, exit the lab (which is now under the control of peacekeepers) and return to the Trier streets.

Enter the SSC headquarters to go and speak with Dumier. Enter the Visitation door to find Dumier and receive the map to the Templar compound. Return to the Trier streets.

Return to the Nine Worlds Tavern to find a pilot. You can speak with Sid near the bar or go to the conference room and speak with Ava. If you go into the conference room, speak with Tong again for more information. After hiring the pilot, ascend the ladder to the left, which leads to the tavern's roof and use the transportation.

Upon reaching the compound, speak with Crazy Wendy. She talks of a certain tunnel, which Ava agrees is of interest.

Primary Goal: Templar Compound - Enter Base.

Turn around and search the dumpster. Continue through the alley and beware of Templar patrols. Turn down the first alley on the right and speak with Billy. He can tell you where all the guards are and mark them on the map for a fee of 200 credits. Climb over the dumpster and across the railing. Beware of the turret around the corner (use a multitool or EMP grenade for instance). Climb the wall in the back corner. Eliminate the Templar guards here and open the crate for two black market biomod canisters.

Incapacitate the guard below. Drop down by using the dumpster. The entrance to the Templar church is off to the right.

You could also take the underground route and deal with a few guards and a bot in front of a laser-guarded entrance. Disable the beams and eliminate more guards in the underground room. You can search these barracks for plenty of items, such as a flamethrower, refire rate weapon mod, ammo, and medkits. An elevator in the back corner goes into the church.

We'll take the elevator. There's a camera in the initial room. Disable it with a multitool or avoid it. Templar guards patrol the adjacent church room. There's also a rocket turret that poses big problems. Disable it with an EMP grenade or other explosives. Beware of the security bot down the hall as well. Dumier contacts you after you infiltrate the church area and updates an objective.

Trier - cont.

Primary Goal: Templar Compound - Get Module.

Dumier wants you to locate Saman's terminal and retrieve the Sequencing Module for the Black Gate teleporter. Approach the holocomm and hear from Saman. Read the datacube on the table for the security terminal password.

The door near the beams: takes you to an upper balcony with a crate containing ammo, an ammo scavenger weapon mod, and an increased range weapon mod. There's also a softkey for Saman's chamber.

The softkey opens the door to the right of the holocomm (you could also get here with a multitool). Inside you'll find a sniper rifle, a crate with a medkit, and ammo near the holocomm. Watch the holocomm for reports on Klara, Leo, and yourself. Utilize the computer, which can be used to control the turret, but also to download the Black Gate sequencing module.

Dumier contacts you immediately with new orders. You need to meet your pilot at the drop point and return to Trier.

Primary Goal: Return to Trier.

Exit the church and return to the compound's outskirts. Return to your pilot and speak with Klara Sparks. Speak with your pilot and return to Trier.

Upon arriving in Trier, you receive more orders--both from Dumier and Tracer Tong.

Primary Goal: Black Gate - Repair; Secondary Goal: Talk to Tracer Tong.

You'll also find Lin in front of the SSC headquarters. Speak with her if you wish and let her in on the truth or not. Proceed to the Nine Worlds Tavern and speak with Tracer Tong for more information on JC Denton. Return to the Trier streets and proceed to the Black Gate ruins.

Head to the Black Gate lab. The SSC and Templars are engaged in battle. You can assist or just scurry by and get into the lab through the secret elevator entrance.

Dumier offers new orders as you enter.

Primary Goal: Black Gate - Restore Power.

You need to restore power to the teleport by turning on the auxiliary generator on the upper floor. Then you will need to go to the Gate Control Room to upload the Sequencing Module. Walk to the right and find the ladder at the end marked "Maintenance". It's to the right of a staircase. You'll reach the generator room.

You can use multitools on the power box or use a vent on the left to bypass the electricity. Shoot the spiderbot inside the vent. Follow it to the very end to drop in next to the auxiliary power. There's also a closet nearby with a repairbot.

Primary Goal: Black Gate - Load Module.

Dumier now says you need to load the sequencing module into the main security computer in the Gate control room to complete the repair and activation of the Black Gate. You can access the computer by hacking or finding the login (the login is inside Tong's office).

Go up the stairs to Gate Control. Use the security computer to begin gate sequencing.

Primary Goal: Black Gate - Step into Gate.

Look for the transporter gate inside the lab’s reactor.

Orders are to step inside the Gate to be teleported to JC Denton's sanctuary. Be sure to complete Trier business before entering. Return downstairs and walk into the Gate Reactor. Step into the teleporter to proceed to Antarctica.


Speak with the gray leader and receive new objectives: to locate JC Denton's sanctuary and revive him and to free the gray captured by the Templars. Climb the ice on the left for a few items, including a weapon mod.

Primary Goal: Retrieve JC Denton; Secondary Goal: Free Gray.

Search the shelves in the initial room for some ammo, items, and a datacube containing a map of the encampment. Follow the catwalk and receive word from Tracer Tong. Continue through the door and receive word from Billie Adams. She wants you to take a holocomm call in tent 4 of the Templar camp.

Secondary Goal: Talk to Billie.

The open camp area contains a large military bot and patrolling Templars. You can avoid them and sneak into the central tent or eliminate them with EMP and sniper weaponry. Come in through the roof entrance if you want to avoid using a multitool (go under the tent and then up the ladder; drop through the vent). Speak with Billie Adams at the holocomm.

Use multitools to open footlockers if you think you could use the contents.

Grab the softkey for the evacuation site keycode. Open the crates with multitools if you want their contents. The one on the left contains a medkit, biomod canister, and a datacube. Now you have to get out. The next room contains two guards, a camera, and a security computer. You can hack the computer and turn off the military bot. Read the datacube on the desk for a picture of JC's sanctuary. Search the lockers for ammo, grenades, and a datacube.

Find the captured gray outside in a cage (it's adjacent to the tent). Use a multitool on the keypad to unlock the door. You can return to the gray leader and notify him that you saved his comrade and receive more information (talk multiple times).

Continue through the tunnel marked "Site X". A turret protects the tunnel. The evacuation site code opens the next door. There's a repairbot and a Templar in power armor in the next area (avoid the Templar or shoot him in the weak "triangular" spot in the back. Beware of the rocket turret down to the left. Expect to hear from JC Denton around this point.

There are more power armored Templars on your way down. Avoid or kill them. If you have Regeneration, you can use the repairbot to replenish biomod energy as you regenerate. There are also explosive canisters on the right side that can help clear the Templars. Read the datacube in front of the glowing platform then use it to travel to JC's sanctuary.

Enter the sanctuary and receive orders from Tracer Tong. He wants you to activate the five processing modules of the Helios AI.

Primary Goal: Repair JC-Helios Core.

Find JC on the right side of the chamber and a holocomm on the left side. Appraoch the holocomm and speak with Ava Johnson--she's been looking for JC Denton also.

Primary Goal: Return to Cairo - Meet Helicopter.

After completing your task in the sanctuary, you'll need to meet Ava Johnson at the helicopter outside the abandoned Versalife base.

You can descend the ladders and read datacubes to learn about the Versalife expedition. The area is littered with greasels. Find some ammo, medkits, more datacubes, and a biomod canister down here.

Return up the ladder. Approach the Helios Processing Module and use it to transport to one of JC's memories. Billie fills you in somewhat when you arrive.

Find the Dragon Tooth sword in the first section; it’s on top of the bookcase.

Speak with the gray then search the apartment. Find the Dragon Tooth sword on top of the left bookcase. Ascend the staircase and follow it to another Helios Processing Module.

Move through the small office and approach another Helios Processing Module.

Move through the conference room and side bathroom to another Helios Processing Module.

In the next room, Billie Adams enters with spiderbots. You can scramble the spiderbots with a scrambler grenade then choose to kill Billie Adams or let her live (when she's almost dead, she drops her weapon).

After defeating Billie, follow the hall to the final Helios Processing Module.

Primary Goal: Talk to JC Denton.

You can find JC Denton near the sanctuary's entrance and talk to him. Turn left and approach JC Denton in the same area he was in before but now he talks. Approach and speak with him. Drain him for all information.

Once complete, return to the exit (use the Helios Processing Module there to return to the ice shelf).

As you approach the Versalife base, Saman contacts you.

Antarctica - cont.

Secondary Goal: Talk to Saman.

Return to tent 4 and speak with Saman at the holocomm. But it's actually a trap; there are power-armored Templars surrounding the tent. Mag rail works well but will require lots of ammo. You can try to run past them (Speed Enhancement certainly helps) or use a mixture of grenades and guns.

Enter tent and speak with Saman at the holocomm. Upon completion, proceed to the abandoned Versalife base exterior.

Approach the abandoned base and receive word from Tracer Tong. You must turn on the generator on the lower level of the abandoned Versalife base in order to make it possible to activate the beacon.

Primary Goal: Return to Cairo - Turn on Power.

Beware of the Templar patrols and a rocket launcher turret on the far side of the base. Go around the left side of the base and enter the "A" wing using the keypad. Avoid or eliminate the Templar patrol inside. Search the offices for supplies. Look for a datacube near the lockers for the interior and exterior maps. Greasels on the upper floor but extra ammo, medkits, and a multitool up here, plus vents that lead into the locked offices. One contains a footlocker with a fragmentary round weapon mod (at the cost of three multitools).

Search the room near pilot beacon: it contains a security computer that can control the rocket turret and a footlocker with ammo.

You don’t need to spend multitools entering

Walk around the rear right side of "B" wing and find a vent blocked by a fire in a barrel. You can use this vent to get inside "B" wing. It leads into a lab with a single guard and some dangerous greasel goo (you can make the guard patrol around the room and even step on the hazardous goo!).

Upstairs of "B" wing also features greasels (and lots of soda) as well as a repairbot. Entrance to the helipad is back here, which could have been used to reach "B" wing. You can also climb up the tunnel connecting wings and follow a vent inside into a storage room that's connected to the upper floor.

Descend the stairs toward the power generator and enter the base interior. The keypads require multitools, though there's a vent in the corner that can bypass the doors into another area. One of the rooms to the left contains a camera and a glass window that can be eliminated with a glass destabilizer. Avoid or disable the camera. The hole in the floor ahead is where the vent shaft leads. Watch out for greasels and other vermin.

Drop down near the hole and find a black market biomod.

Continue to follow the hall around and find a medical lab on the left (watch out for the greasel). Go around to the right and find a Templar behind bars.

Secondary Objective: Rescue Templar.

You can use a multitool to unlock the cell and release the Templar. But when you let him out, even if you're nice, he's ready to kill you for being modified.

If you're adventurous, get up to the vent in the initial room by using the pipes that run near the ceiling. You can follow the vents to more pipes and traverse the upper edge of the room. You'll even find a footlocker stashed high above the ground (with a glass destabilizer in case you don't have one). The vent system can also get you inside the generator room (this allows you to bypass the camera and turret outside the generator door).

Beware of the greasels inside the generator room. There's a footlocker up some stairs with a refire rate weapon mod. Use the generator switch to restore power.

Secondary Goal: Return to Cairo - Activate Beacon.

Expect to encounter more Templars in the facility on your way out. Return to the structure with the pilot beacon (the one with the large satellite dish on the other side of "A" wing) and activate the pilot beacon to signal Ava. Return to the helipad using the path through "B" wing or by climbing up the crates adjacent to the pad.

Cairo, Egypt: Part 2

The Templars have overrun Cairo, including the Mosque. Ava tells you about Paul Denton's body and the Templars' defenses. It seems your contacts have different agendas--to kill Paul Denton or revive Paul Denton.

Primary Goal: Kill Paul Denton; Primary Goal: Revive Paul Denton.

The Illuminati would rather you kill Paul Denton. He's being held by the Templars in flight bay 24 on level 110 of the arcology. ApostleCorp would rather you revive Paul Denton.

Descend the ladder into QueeQueg's and speak with the coffeehouse manager. He gives you code to the Pequod's wall safe.

Secondary Goal: Coffee Wars - Loot Safe.

You can also talk to Sid Black inside the coffee shop. You can purchase his services for the flight to New York or just stick with Ava for free.

Speak with the Illuminati Elite Trooper in the corner. If you choose the second option ("…you'll have to find another assassin…") then he'll open fire--so be careful!

Approach north medina and receive a word from JC Denton. Proceed toward the stairs and get word from Nicolette regarding your pal Leo. She states he's in front of the Mosque.

Secondary Goal: Talk to Leo.

You can also talk to the Omar trader and get some additional wares. Approach the Mosque and spot Leo in an Omar suit standing in front of the church. You can give him 500 credits for a pilot so he can leave (coincidentally to New York, so you'll see him later. Do this for another possible ending).

Check behind the plywood and barrels to Leo's right for some hidden grenades and credits.

Go around the corner from the Mosque and speak with Lin for additional information on the Illuminati commando you met earlier. Visit the Medina apartments and speak with Nassif. Apparently someone has put a bounty on the Nassif family. He suspects there are Templars in the apartment upstairs; investigate and let him know what you find out.

Secondary Goal: Hidden Templars - Investigate.

Proceed upstairs in the Medina apartments. Use the vent shaft in the corner to infiltrate the Templar apartment. You'll spot Silas Archer and another Templar guard. Eliminate them then search the apartment for ammo and weapon mods.

Secondary Goal: Hidden Templars: Collect Reward.

Return downstairs and speak with Nassif once again to receive a 200 credit reward.

Enter the Order Mosque and receive word from Nicolette regarding the Mosque's current status. If you can eliminate the military bot in the Mosque, the citizens could escape.

Secondary Goal: Free Mosque - Eliminate Bot.

Keep the Mosque’s inhabitants safe by eliminating the military bot that has taken over the building.

The power-armored Templar here wields a rocket launcher. Descend stairs on right side. Can nearly eliminate all downstairs Templars without even being seen (they go check on the first guy you killed). Look behind the barrels to find some ammo and search under the stairs to find Jennifer McAllister, whom you met at the academy.

The military bot is in the church's center. A couple EMP grenades and a mag rail EMP blast can take it down. You could even use an electrostatic discharge and strength enhanced energy or dragon’s tooth sword at close-range. You can eliminate some of the Templar troops and procure a couple EMP grenades if needed.

Explore the church grounds for more items. Go up stairs from the arcology entrance to find two scientists in conversation. There's a medkit and energy cells in the cabinet and ammo on the desk. It's also a decent vantage point against the bot.

Secondary Goal: Free Mosque - Collect Reward.

Return downstairs into the infirmary and tell the trapped citizens that the bot is no longer a threat. Speak with Mrs. Ameer and she gives you the arcology SSC kiosk keycode. Talk to the physician and he gives you a medkit.

Now that you're in the Mosque, you can use the arcology entrance here. It puts you onto the stairs between arcology levels 107 and 108.

Enter the arcology and beware of the Templar patrols. Dumier sends you word that they're holding Klara prisoner.

Cairo Part 2 - cont.

Secondary Goal: Save Klara.

Descend the ramp to level 107 and into Pequod's, which is overrun by Templar forces. If you want to get to that wall safe, you'll have to eliminate the guards. Take most out with the sniper rifle from the safety of the ramp. There's also a turret and a power-armored Templar to deal with. You can use EMP converted weaponry on the turret and try out your new rocket launcher against the Templar. Open the wall safe to find credits, a scrambler grenade, and a weapon mod.

Talk to NG Resonance for another side objective. Apparently NG Resonance might be trapped on level 110.

Secondary Goal: NG Resonance - Trapped?

Check the floor for any ammo you may have missed. The Templar Recruiting desk has a wall safe also but it only contains 100 credits. Descend the ramp into the nanoformer programming area. Search under the ramp for a dead SSC guard near a rocket launcher.

When you reach the intersection, check to the left for a crawlspace that leads to some ammo (and another dead SSC guard) and a unique weapon, the Windowmaker SMG.

If you want to rescue Klara, you'll have to get through the WTO soldiers. Thankfully they'll open the door for you (it requires two multitools otherwise) but you'll have to be quick to get inside. You'll recognize one of the WTO soldiers as Donna Morgan. Enter and speak with Klara; she hands you a weapon mod for saving her.

Drop down inside the nanoformer area and find many items, including a biomod canister and EMP converter weapon mod.

Proceed to level 108. Watch out for the power-armored Templar (rocket launcher!). Feel free to hack the ATM here and gather up the scattered grenades and ammo. The SSC guard station contains Templars now. Lure them out and to their sniper death. Watch out for the camera and turret inside. Open the cabinet in the back (its the code given to you by Mrs. Ameer) for a mag rail, ammo scavenger mod, and increased range mod. The holding cell contains an increased damage mod if you're willing to disable the beams (or suffer the damage of moving through them).

Proceed to Arcology Air by using the elevator. Exit the lift and speak with the Illuminati commando. Walk down the ramp and approach the holocomm on the desk. Saman contacts you and offers you a chance to join the Templars.

Primary Goal: Give Blood.

Saman asks you to give Dr. Todd a sample of your nucleoplasm. Agreeing to do this forfeits Paul to the Templars, this, by the way, eliminates your chances of assassinating or awakening him. Ava contacts you soon after and notes the pilot beacon needs activation.

Descend into the lobby and note that paladins are holding fire in anticipation of your decision to join their cause. Enter hanger bay 23 and speak with Leila Nassif (and receive a biomod canister). You can also use the repairbot nearby. You can also talk to the SSC chief. Enter the cargo storage bay and locate NG Resonance and her body guards (and her ample luggage). Don't forget to visit the suite overlooking bay 23 (using the vent to bypass the laser beams) cause you'll find a few medkits to make it worth your while. The pilot beacon is also in the back corner.

Save right before this if you want to try different scenarios.

Choosing to give blood to Dr. Todd is a big decision--it can sway your allegiance from one faction to another.

Enter bay 24 and speak with Dr. Todd. You can either choose "Take my blood" or "Go to hell". If you allow him to take your blood, you temporarily decide to join the Templars, which means they won't attack you (good thing) but you won't have access to Paul to complete the Illuminati or ApostleCorp objectives. If you tell him to "Go to hell" then the Templars attack you immediately. Be prepared for the assault, though you will have the help of the Illuminati and SSC forces since you shunned the Templars.

If you choose to give blood, then Saman contacts you and tells you to proceed to New York. Return to bay 23 and use the pilot beacon to call Ava. Paul is locked inside the containment vessel and can't be harmed or rescued. You can search the upper office to find Paul's personal footlocker but you can't get inside without jeopardizing your role with the Templars.

If you sided with the Templars, then the Elite Illuminati will try and block your access to bay 23. Another stands near the beacon. Watch out for their toxins upon death. Activate the beacon to proceed to New York.

Liberty Island, New York

Depending on your final choice in the hanger bay, this mission can play out a bit different because you’ll be allied with someone and an enemy to two other parties. For instance, if you helped the Templars than their troops will assist you and the Illuminati and grays (on the side of JC Denton) will attack you. But then again, perhaps you helped the Illuminati, which would then cause those Elite Illuminati to help you and the Templars and grays to attack you.

As the mission opens, you receive a map from Ava then word from your affiliated group. Your primary goal is the find the Aquinas Spec on the lower level of UNATCO. But the second objective will be completed depending on who you are currently choosing to help. You can even chose to go renegade once you hear from Leo.

Primary Goal: Find Aquinas Spec.

JC Denton’s helios uplink machine plays a key role in the endgame. Some factions want it destroyed!

If you're choosing to help the Templars, then they want you to upload the Aquinas Spec data to them then kill JC and Paul Denton and use their machine to disseminate a global nanite predator. Doing so will clense the earth of nanotechnology and bring the Templars to power.

Primary Goal: Templar Flood.

If you're choosing the help ApostleCorp, then they want you to upload the Aquinas specification to JC Denton then go to the Statue to merge with JC and Helios. Doing so will bring about a Great Advance for civilization and for humanity itself.

Primary Goal: ApostleCorp Great Advance.

If you're choosing to help the Illuminati, then they want you to upload the Aquinas specification data to the Illuminati, then kill JC Denton and destroy his machine. Doing so will bring about the Illuminati Age of Light, an era of carefully managed prosperity.

Primary Goal: Illuminati Age of Light.

If you're choosing to go renegade, Leo suggests wiping out the leaders of each faction and then destroying JC's machine. It will eliminate the possibility of any of their plans from being completed.

Primary Goal: Defeat Everyone (Leo’s).

Search the grounds for ammo, weapons, etc. There are grays, Templars, and Illuminati all around the grounds and they will battle each other on sight--and you depending on how you finished the previous mission. Saman, JC, and Tracer Tong all contact you attempting to gain your affiliation.

Follow the Templars

Find JC and his defenses at the base of the Statue of Liberty. There are turrets inside and even some grays. Don't destroy his machine if you're following the Templars. Doing so gets Saman irate and turns the Templar troops against you. When you have killed JC and the defenses, proceed into the east side of Liberty Island.

Enter Bunker K and speak with Saman to get an update on the procedure on Paul. There's plenty of ammo around and even a weapon mod. After the discussion, Saman will finish Paul off completing part of the task for you.

Return to the west side of Liberty Island. Enter the UNATCO area. Leo will send you a message urging you to follow his "destroy everyone" plan. He's in a small compound near the UNATCO ruins.

Secondary Goal: Talk to Leo.

Listen to Leo's offer and pick up the black market biomod canister and the refire rate mod. Proceed into UNATCO. Destroy or disable the bot then descend the stairs into the ruins.

If you’re friendly with the Templars, Billie Adams will assist against the Illuminati--that is if you kept her alive after your previous encounter.

Descend into the ruins. If you spared Billie Adams life, you'll encounter her here. As you're following the Templars, she's on your side and will assist you against the enemies in the area. Follow the markings to the Aquinas Control Room. You can search the lower floor for footlockers with various items, including a black market biomod.

Approach the holocomm and speak with Saman. Go down the stairs and use the Aquinas Hub. Select "Upload Spec to Templars". Now make your way back to the west side of Liberty Island. Expect to face some opposition as you leave UNATCO. As you approach the Statue, Tracer Tong and some bots will attempt to stop you. Make them pay then walk onto the Helios Uplink Machine.

This revives JC Denton to his mortal self. Face off against him one final time.

Liberty Island - cont.

Primary Goal: Kill JC Denton Again.

Defeat him in combat again then stand on the machine and use it again to complete the Templars ending.

Follow Leo

Leo has his own ideas on how to deal with the mess you’re in.

Approach the UNATCO compound to receive word from Leo. He wants to talk more about his plan. You can also pick up a black market biomod canister and a refire rate mod nearby. In order to complete his goal, you must defeat all of the leaders. This is JC Denton and Paul Denton, Chad Dumier and Nicolette of the Illuminati, and Saman of the Templars. You must kill them all.

JC Denton can be found at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty surrounded by several turret defenses. Paul is also there if you revived him at the end of the previous mission. If he isn't dead then he's under the care of the Templars and Saman in the east side of Liberty Island. Kill them both. You'll find Chad Dumier and Nicolette of the Illuminati inside the Illuminati Encampment.

The Templar Encampment includes some nice items, including this black market biomod.

The encampment includes a repairbot near the entrance and patrolling elite guards (as well as a hostile bot). Amusingly they can be killed by the toxins from the body of a slain elite. Enter the structure and raid its footlocker for ammo, a mod, and a canister.

After destroying the machine, JC Denton appears again. Defeat him in combat once last time. Next you receive a word from the Omar trader. Enjoy the ending--apparently you’ve been used for Omar gain.

Follow the Illuminati

To follow the Illuminati, find JC Denton under the Statue of Liberty and eliminate him and his defenses. If you revived Paul from the previous mission, he's here too. If you followed the Templars, he's with Saman in the east side of Liberty Island. Or you may have killed him in the previous mission. Regardless, Paul Denton must perish along with JC.

Proceed into the UNATCO ruins. If you spared Billie Adams life, you'll encounter her here. She's with the Templars so she will treat you according to your alignment. Follow the markings to the Aquinas Control Room. You can search the lower floor for footlockers with various items, including a black market biomod.

Go down the stairs and use the Aquinas Hub. Select "Upload Spec to Illuminati". Now make your way back to the west side of Liberty Island. Expect to face some opposition as you leave UNATCO. As you exit, expect Saman and a gang of power-armored Templars to greet you at the ruins exterior. As you approach the Statue, Tracer Tong and some bots will attempt to stop you. Eliminate the defenders then enter the structure underneath the Statue and destroy JC's machine. Enjoy the Illuminati ending.

Follow JC and ApostleCorp

Spare JC Denton's life. Don’t kill him in the chamber underneath the Statue of Liberty.

Secondary Goal: Rescue Paul.

Paul is being held in Bunker K on the east side of Liberty Island if you allowed the Templars to take your blood in the previous mission. If you already uploaded the Aquinas, then you won't deal with Saman here (he and some power-armored Templars will have tried to stop you as you exited). If you haven’t uploaded yet, then you’ll find Saman and some bodyguards protecting Paul. Defeat them and open Paul’s containment vessel to complete the rescue.

Find Tracer Tong on the north dock. He's in a storage room in the back left corner. He wants to restart the bots to assist JC.

Secondary Goal: Repair Bots.

Use the power boxes on each of the three bot storage facilities (each requires two multitools). After powering up each bot, return and speak with Tracer Tong. You can choose to use the bots on the south dock against the Illuminati, against the east side of the island against the Templars, and to defend JC around the Statue. If you select the bottom option ("Sorry, old man!"), Tracer Tong attacks.

Proceed into the UNATCO ruins. If you spared Billie Adams life, you'll encounter her here. She's with the Templars so she will treat you according to your alignment. Follow the markings to the Aquinas Control Room. You can search the lower floor for footlockers with various items, including a black market biomod.

Go down the stairs and use the Aquinas Hub. Select "Upload Aquinas to JC Denton". Now make your way back to the west side of Liberty Island. Expect to face some opposition as you leave UNATCO. As you exit, expect Saman and a gang of power-armored Templars to greet you at the ruins exterior and the Elite Illuminati aren’t a big fan of you either.

Return to the bottom of the Statue of Liberty and speak with JC Denton. Step onto the Helios Uplink Machine and use it. Enjoy the ApostleCorp ending!

Chapter 4 - Secrets

This section provides details on a couple secrets within Deus Ex: Invisible War. The first is a secret location called the Deus Ex Wrap Party. The second are the special weapons scattered throughout the game. They look like standard weapons but have unique names and generally different, and better, features.

Deus Ex: Invisible War Wrap Party

There’s a secret "wrap party" that can be accessed on the Liberty Island section of the game (the last stage of the game). Enter the UNATCO ruins and grab the standing flag in the first large room. Take that flag downstairs and into a bathroom with a single toilet. Drop the flag inside the room and flush the toilet to enter the secret wrap party area.

Visit the DX2 Wrap Party for dancing, good music, and humorous quotes.

Here you’ll find characters from the game enjoying some music. Datacubes scattered throughout the club offer some humorous (and occasionally raunchy) quotes from the Deus Ex: Invisible War team.

Be sure to save your game before entering the wrap party because it’s a one-way ticket. The way out is to reload a game. You can also save your game while at the wrap party if you wish to return later and read more quotes.

Special Weapon Locations

The following are specially named weapons that are hidden in the game. These weapons are more powerful or more useful than their standard counterpart.

Toxin Blade

Description: Prototype special forces combat knife. Microporous metal releases toxins on contact. Designed for political assassination.
Location: Under a pillow in the businessman’s suite in Emerald Suites. Use the vent shafts to enter the apartment.
Strategies: Similar to the combat knife but offers poison damage.

Red Greasel Hunter

Description: Street-modified 9mm, equipped with infrared stealth light. Used by mercenaries collecting sewer greasel bounties.
Location: Lying next to the dead Omar in the small sewer section in Lower Seattle (at the inclinator).
Strategies: Similar to the pistol but offers an infrared light that doesn’t attract attention.

Assassin Pistol

Description: A 9mm pistol, manufactured by Mako Ballistics, but modified by Omar Technosect for greater range and damage.
Location: In Trier in the Curio Shop above the Nine Worlds Tavern. While in the Curio Shop, search behind the boxes in the back corner for some ammo, mines, and the assassin pistol.
Strategies: Similar to the pistol but provides greater range and damage.

Hellfire Boltcaster

Description: A Black Market accelerator that launches an incendiary bolt.
Location: Inside the Nassif Greenhouse in Cairo. Enter the Hydrponics Control System at top and go left. Exit onto a balcony. Leap over the railing and onto the planks that extend from the balcony. Go to the right and jump to the small ledge. (Speed enhancement with its jump distance increase helps). Use the vent to the left and follow it into a secret room containing the Hellfire Boltcaster.
Strategies: Similar to the boltcaster but inflicts greater damage with its fiery bolt projectile.

Widowmaker SMG

Description: Rapid-fire submachine gun modified by Omar Technosect for accuracy. Its alternate firing mode launches a spiderbomb.
Location: In the nanoformer programming area of the arcology. When you reach the intersection after descending the ramp from floor 107, check to the left for a crawlspace that leads to some ammo (and another dead SSC guard) and a unique weapon, the Windowmaker SMG.
Strategies: Similar to the SMG but offers a spiderbomb instead of a flashbomb in its alternate firing mode.

Dragon Tooth Sword

Description: A product of early nanotech development, a non-eutectic solid blade that can slice the hardest materials.
Location: Found in the first "JC Memory" after using the Helios device the first time. Find the Dragon Tooth sword on top of the left bookcase.
Strategies: Similar to the energy blade but provides greater damage.

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