Deus Ex: Invisible War goes gold

Xbox and PC versions of Ion Storm and Eidos' paranoid role-playing game infiltrate the factory. Both are due in stores December 2.

It looks like Eidos will inject a little paranoia into gamers' holidays this year, now that Deus Ex: Invisible War has gone gold. The publisher announced that both the Xbox and PC versions of the dystopian sci-fi action RPG have been sent to production. Barring any meddling by Majestic-12, the Illuminati, or any other international cabals, the game should ship on December 2.

Like its predecessor, Deus Ex, Invisible War is set in a dystopian future where powerful forces hatch complex schemes for world domination. Developed by Ion Storm, the game follows another undercover operative as he uses his cybernetically enhanced abilities to unravel a high-tech conspiracy. GameSpot's preview has the full dossier on Invisible War.

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Deus Ex: Invisible War

Deus Ex: Invisible War



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