Deus Ex: Human Revolution taking up arms early 2011

Eidos Montreal's cyperpunk action-RPG sequel gets a release window, extended trailer for E3.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The Deus Ex series has been dormant since 2003's Deus Ex: Invisible War came out, but the series is finally ready to emerge from hibernation. In a trailer released today for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (see below), Square Enix revealed that the game has been set for an early 2011 launch window.

Here we see that Adam has equipped a level-3 dramatic lighting mod.
Here we see that Adam has equipped a level-3 dramatic lighting mod.

The third installment in the series, Human Revolution will return to the franchise's roots in a number of ways. The game's story will be a prequel set in the year 2027, just as "human augmentation"--enhanced abilities through technological implants--is starting to enter wide use.

As for gameplay, developer Eidos Montreal has said it is attempting to "stay true to the original game," allowing players to choose their own approach to each level. Depending on the augmentations players choose, they can go through each part of the game with a focus on combat, stealth, hacking, or even social interactions.

For more on Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution, check out GameSpot's Q&A with the game's director, Jean-Francois Dugas.

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