Deus Ex Editor on the Way

Next week Ion Storm will release a set of user development tools for the first-person role-playing game.

Eidos and Ion Storm have announced that an SDK for Deus Ex will be released next Friday. With the new tool set, users will be able to create stand-alone missions for Deus Ex, build 3D maps with existing Deus Ex art, and modify the standard missions in the game. The SDK will contain a version of UnrealEd designed to work with Deus Ex, a conversation editor, a model editor, and extension documentation for the tools.

Warren Spector, project director of Deus Ex, said, "A Deus Ex mods community started growing even before the release of the SDK, and I think I can speak for the team when I say we're really looking forward to seeing what they do with our tools."

The tool set will be contained in a 4.5MB download, which will be available on September 22.

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