Demikids to lighten, darken GBA

Newest installments in Atlus' series ships today.

Japanese publisher/developer Atlus is bringing dual versions of its popular title Demikids to America. Demikids: Light Version and Demikids: Dark Version, offshoots of the Shin Megami Tensei series, ship today and have long been favorites of Game Boy Advance players in Japan. The suggested retail price for each is $29.99.

The two games follow two 6th graders, Jin (Light Version) and Akira (Dark Version), as they defend their school from a demon horde. Their weapons? More demons, of course. Up to 350 demons can be collected, Pokémon-style. Eventually the action carries the pair all the way to another dimension where they must mix demon types to come up with the ultimate mini-monster.

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